Goku’s Anger: Merckle’s Gencon Tournament Report

After the changes and new cards time was running out before gencon, so I decided to build an old classic. It seemed like a good choice since I wasn’t sure what the meta was going to be. I went back n forth between SSJ Goku lv 4 and King’s Pupil. I ended up going with Pupil cus I wanted to use my infamous pulverize/drill combo. I love the card so it ends up being hard for me to not to include it in my red decks.  After the tourney I realized the drills just bogged it down and hurt my draws. The drill combo works in beatdown, but in anger where you are going for speed they ultimately slow you down. It still performed well and take away a few misplays it would have been one of the top decks. So without further ado here’s my round by round report.


Lv 1 Goku, the Hero (CS)
Lv 2 Goku, the Saiyan (CS)
Lv 3 Goku, Earth’s Hero (CS HT)
Lv 4 Goku, the King’s Pupil (WGS)
Lv 5 Goku, Super Saiyan 3

Red TS Mastery


North Kai
1x Red Axe Heel Kick
1x Namek ball 4
1x Straining Spirit Bomb Move
1x Straining Jump Kick Move
1x Red King Cold Observation
3x Gohan’s Kick
1x Red Pulverize
1x Red Dueling Drill
1x You’re Invited
2x Red Annihilation

Physical Attacks:
2x Goku’s Physical Attack
2x Red Pulverize
2x Red Axe Heal Kick
3x Red Face Upheaval
3x Red Arial Force
3x Red Lightning Slash
3x Red Face Slap
3x Red Whiplash
3x Red Overbearing Attack
3x Red Double Strike
3x Red Eye Laser Assault
3x Red Back Kick
3x Majin Buu’s Fury

Energy Attacks:
1x Trunk’s Makes himself Clear
3x Red Energy blast
3x Captain Ginyu’s Energy attack
3x Red Commander Red’s Command

Physical Blocks
1x Vegeta’s Physical Stance
3x Red Blocking hand
3x Goku’s Super Saiyan Catch

Energy Blocks:
3x Energy Ricochet

Omni Blocks:
4x Goku’s Flight
1x Time Is A Warrior’s Tool

1x Super Saiyan Effect
1x Battle Pausing
1x Goku’s Instant Teleportation
3x Hercule’s Amazing Technique
3x Confrontation

1x Red Meditation Drill
1x Red Tactical Drill
1x Red Hunger Drill
1x Red Forward Stance Drill
1x Red Energy Drill

3x City in Turmoil


Round 1. ????? Piccolo Red TS  MF Anger
When I sat down and saw he was running piccolo anger I got a little concerned since he would out anger me if he got a PMF to combo off his lvls. Instead it was a pretty lame match as he cut me into a SSE and  I got to go 1st. So I enter and used SSE, get to lv 2 and put it back into my hand with goku’s lv 2 power. Next turn, I use it again and get to level 3 with a few anger. So now I’m at lv 3 with 2 anger before he even gets to attack. It was a huge handicap and I ended up winning the next turn. 1-0

Round 2. Shannon Black CS Baba
Never played against baba, so didnt really know what to expect. I sided in a few of my tech cards and dueling drill. On his turn he gets out gravity chamber and fangs, which I’m thinking wont effect me too much. Of course next turn i draw into laser eye, so it’s gonna cost me a whopping 6 stages. Ends up not matter as I also drew HAT, Red pulverize, battle pausing, and red energy blast. I enter and use pulverize so i get my drills out. With tactical drill and dueling drill out he cant lower my anger or use his allies so i am well protected. He ends up having to pass, with battle pausing and using Hat for red axe heel kick i manage to get to lv 3. Since he has no anger i kept my drills the entire time. The rest of the game I just keep the pressure on and get to lv 5. 2-0


Round 3. Fresko Buu Blue MBS Trapped strike beats
You will be able to watch this match since it was featured, and it’s one hell of a fun match that comes down to the wire. I win the die roll and enter 1st turn, but i end up with crap and draw cit from my power. Fresko i think gets a stare down and kills my cit so my dcp is already screwed even if i get to lv 2. That combat ends and I’m still on lv 1. Turn 2, I think he drops 2 ball tutors, and I invited him into battle even tho it looked like he was gonna pass. In high sight i should have let him pass, but I got too over confident. I draw shit in my top 4. He ends up having a HAT in hand, so hes able to tutor out goku’s farewell and get to kid buu lv 5. He uses his ball searchers for namek 3 and 4. I get smashed pretty bad this battle. Im able to recover somewhat and get to lvl 4 pretty. Last combat comes and I should have counted my life deck before I made my move. This was a bad call on my part, a simple life deck count and quick look into my rfg/dcp to see what I had left would have done wonders.  He enters and hits me with a physical that would kill me if I had no endurance. I was at 2 anger and had a goku’s flight in hand. So my 1st thought is to use my block as an attempt block to put me at 3 anger and would also put a card back in my life deck. I go with my 1st instinct and take my chances, and I have end up having a energy ricochet  left so the attack won’t kill me . Now all that’s left is to hope a red card hit my dcp so I can use my mastery to win the game. I take the rest of the damage but alas a freestyle card hits my dcp. I pretty much Fucked, cus I dont have any blocks or attacks that will raise my anger 2.  All I can do is to hope he over thinks the situation and passes out of fear I block to raise my anger for the win. I can see by his expression he isnt sure what to do. He ends up doing an energy attack for 3 life which ends up killing me. In hindsight, I should have not blocked the attack and took it. That way Im at 2 anger, but still alive and left with my omni block. I then can use one of my attacks to put me at 3 and puts a red card on top of discard. Doing this id win unless he had a focused attack which blue doesn’t run much anyway. It was a great game though. 2-1

Round 4. Chris Baker NTW Yaj ally
I basically figured he was an ally deck, so I side in my tech. Unfortunately I lose the roll so he goes 1st. he gets a great top 3 and enters. I draw a decent hand too, just wasnt good enuff. He uses KC to get HAT, then uses LOB for ZWG. I wasnt too worried as i had red annihilation in hand, so I put zwg in his side deck. Too bad for me he get krillin out, I cant remember how I just remember it’s in play. So he uses the energy attack and gets ZWG in his dcp. So I can’t do anything about this one. He gets 7 allies out 1 of which is jewel. Lucky for me a red lightning slash is my bottom discard. I manage to get to lv 2 and get it, unfortunately I totally forget that jewel protects his allies from being discarded. I got a bit excited thinking I was turn the tide in this match and used slash. I knew he didnt have a black so it hits, but yeah i got jewel’d. So yeah… I end up just hitting jewel and continue to get smash in the face. It was a terrible misplay, if had I not done that i prolly would have won the game. Next turn I drew some decent cards, but nothing that could sweep his allies to save myself. I did manage to get 4 of his allies off the table with an annihilation, but I took too much damage the combat before. I also couldnt get to lv 4, draw into Pulverize/dueling drill, or faceslap to buy me a few turns. If any of those would have happened I most likely get the win, but I just didn’t have the heart of the cards this game. 2-2

Round 5. Andrew Red CS Tapion
This game ends up being the same as my 1st round win. I sack into SSE and lv to get it back in hand. So I’m at lv 3 again before he can even attack me. It’s lame, but its a win. 3-2

Round 6. Chris Smith Black CS Baba
After playing Shannon in round 2 I had a better idea of what to expect in the matchup.  Chris ended up making a few mistakes early on. He cogd’d my red dueling drill, and a turn later he used a black searching technique to remove my CITs instead of my dueling drill which came back to bite him. That next turn I red energy blast his cogd away and also had red pulverize in my hand to get 4 of my 5 drills (meditation drill was in discard at this point). He also had heroes lucky break, but searched out PAHG instead of his mind control device which would have stalled me a bit. Ultimately I think not removing dueling drill is what lost him the game. Nothing much else exciting goes on in the match, and I eventually lose my drills from leveling up without meditation drill being out. So he was able to get some damage, but at that point its only a matter of time before I got enough anger to win.

I finish at 4-2 with a shot at top cut.


I end up not making cut, I think me and 3 other 4-2s dont make it. Fresko must have used up all his Mojo to get the win against me as he went on to lose his next 3 matches. So my loss to him ultimately cost me top cut, but that’s how it goes. It’s a bit of a shame since there were only a few decks in top cut that scared me and they were those speed ball decks. Games would have been decided on if i could have draw into kicks/fury to keep em in combat long enough to anger out or kill em. Not sure how i would have done vs Joels namekian deck either. I was a bit disappointed with my performance but 4-2 isnt something to be down about. I think red anger was a great call, but keeping my 5 red drills with the kings pupil lv 4 ended up being a bad decision. Alot of my 1st turn draws were hindered by the drills and ended up costing me games. I also rarely used lv 4. So if I had to do it over again,  I definitely would have used Frieza Saga SSJ goku lv 4.


14 Comments to "Goku’s Anger: Merckle’s Gencon Tournament Report"

  1. Sad I didn’t play you. Actually strike that, anger decks scare me.

    If the drills slowed you down, why not play Meditation, Tactical, Knee Pick, Coordination, and Joker instead?

  2. W. Logan Dyer says:

    Hey there. I just wanted to jump in, as I was the one playing Piccolo Anger. I understand you forgetting my name though, because that was such a short match. Still, it was well played and I had more fun losing to that than EDB in Round 3.

  3. Mark says:

    Nice match ups, great deck, made a great piccolo red, tapion red, krillin red, and even a Vegeta red never even thought of using goku but it seems so right.

    • Josh says:

      Yeah Goku is really nice, his lv 1 n 2 combo off each other nicely and you get some nice effects from his named cards. Super saiyan catch gains a potential 2 anger and along with flight goes back into ur life deck after use, you also get access to Straining Spirit Bomb Move which nukes the field, and last but not least goku’s physical attack. While GPA isn’t an anger card it potentially gives you great hand advantage and more anger cards.

  4. Josh says:

    It wasn’t really the combination of the drills, it was just drawing them when I was either being attacked or id draw one of the useless ones during my turn. It really hurt me in the 2 games I lost.

    Haha sorry about that Logan, don’t feel bad I didn’t know 3 other opponents names either and had to look em up. Hope ya had some fun at least.

  5. Garrett says:

    If you ran this deck in another tournament would you keep the drills? I’m thinking about putting together a Broly anger deck.

    • Josh says:

      haha i honestly looked at broly the other day. Being able to get might is pretty enticing. To answer the question, i wouldn’t keep the drills and i actually already changes.

      • Garrett says:

        Paragus seems like he could be useful. Plus you can set up his levels so that Goku’s Super Saiyan Catch will almost always go off.

        • Sayjin says:

          But after level 2, would you even be getting anything worthwhile from his powers? You’d get, at most, 3 anger from level 1. His named cards don’t grant him any anger either, since you’d only really get Might and Supreme Defense.

          Just seems to me that, if you didn’t want the hand advantage from Goku, that the best bet would probably be Majin Vegeta (or Vegeta, if you didn’t care for Majin Buu’s Energy Spray).

          • Josh says:

            most logical setup for broly id say is South kai for paragas, Run his lv 1 from kbs so all ur anger is doubled so even with just ur mastery you net 4 anger. Movie lv 2, buu lv 3, then kbs 4 cus its a double attack that isn’t saiyan based, and who cares about the lv 5. So ur really only not getting much out of ur lv 3.

            id only run broly in anger if I thought I was gonna run into a lot of control decks, which at gencon there was.

          • Sayjin says:

            Problem with doubling is it won’t carry over to the next level. “Gain 2 anger. Gain 2 anger.” while at 4 anger will allow 2 to carry over, but “Gain 4 anger.” will not.

            And even if you get “attacks” at level 3 and 4, they aren’t helping your primary win condition, nor are they really hampering your opponent’s (like, for example, Trunks level 4).

          • Fresko says:

            Just like Josh said, it’s really about beating control is the reason to run Broly in TS Anger. The addition of Might is that big of a deal. While his lv 3-4 dont do much but attack, he gets to them lightning fast. Draw a ball 5 while lv 1? Go grab Paragus and accept hitting lv 2 with your first card play, and pretty much guaranteeing getting to at least lv 3. Goku only gives you one extra level of use, which also doesnt always come into play. If you end up at lv 2 with X anger, you can often times end up at lv 4, never having used his lv 3 since it’s WEC.

  6. Fresko says:

    I drank too much, and it hit me after our match. The next matches were Baba (Didnt eve know what she did, or that they ran infinite combat enders), Broly Saiyan (Misplay from alcohol led him to ball out in two turns) and Goku Orange MBS (Another misplay leading to a loss). So yeah, too much alcohol leads to losing games and missing cut. If I want to drink that much, I should play decks I actually know, and not built the week of GenCon.

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