An Angry God – A Kami Decklist From Gen Con 2013

So keeping with tradition, I of course built my deck for the Gen Con event the night before and played it based completely on theory with no playtesting to refine the deck (or even if it would work). I won one match. But on the plus side, I was never steamrolled and some of the other matches were darn close which makes me believe that the deck is at least close to a more optimal/playable build. But all in all, it was fun to play this fun combo deck with the Virtual Kami. Sensei Deck -3x Black Scout Maneuver -3x Black Energy Swirl   Non-Combats/Allies 3x Black Thought Focus 3x Krillin’s Concentration 3x Black Power Up 2x Goku’s Farewell Victorious Drill Where There’s Life There’s Hope Hero’s Lucky Break Fatherly Advice Kami Fades 2x Just Saiyan Yajirobe, Retired 2x Piccolo and Heroes Gather   Locations/Battlegrounds 2x World Tournament 2x Majin Babidi’s Ship 2x Gravity Chamber Sacred World of the Kais 2x Majin Buu’s New House Hercule’s Underground Training Arena Goku’s House Cell’s Arena King Kai’s New Home 2x City in Turmoil Majin Buu’s Stomach Capsule Corp   Combat Cards 3x Confrontation Dazed 3x Black Body Destruction 3x Black Parry Gohan’s Nimbus Cloud 3x Advanced Basics 3x Pikkon Leg Catch 3x Black Buffer Block 3x Black Recovery Energy Lob 3x He’s Safe 2x A Father Struggles Time is a Warrior's Tool   This deck has two win conditions: 1) Most Powerful Personality Victory through using Advanced Basics or 2) Kami's Lv. 4 power via Goku's Farewell. Once you get out five battlegrounds or locations, you can immediately start jumping levels with Kami's Lv. 1 power and repeat with Advanced Basics. If you catch your opponent with no energy blocks, you could easily jump to Level 4 with a single Piccolo and Heroes Gather or some Krillin's Concentration at hand. Because Advanced Basics removes itself from the game, you need to be absolutely sure that it's going to be successful before using it. This is where Majin Buu's New House becomes your MVP location. Confrontation, Black Thought Focus and a hand full of other hand disruption cards will help you get your attack off, but Majin Buu's New House combos incredibly well with Black Energy Swirl (made more effective since a good chunk of energy defenses have "energy" right in the title), which you should be sensei'ing in every game. I use Piccolo Sensei because you don't want to lose certain locations and/or any Advanced Basics. Fortunately all this anti-hand/block tech will serve you well should you need to win through Kami Lv. 4. To keep alive in the long run, Majin Babidi's Ship and Gravity Chamber will be your friend. World Tournament will also keep the ever popular ally decks at bay. Play City in Turmoil sparingly as it hurts you quite a bit, but you can live without Non-Combats in the face of a Dragon Ball or stasis heavy deck. Do not underestimate how game changing A Father Struggles can be, as it does catch many decks completely off guard. He's Safe is also really great to make sure you have the stages to make your big attack, and can help recur your lost Advanced Basics (as will Goku's House). Not a devastating deck, but a fun one that can easily catch your opponent in a random combat. Later, BroZ!

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  1. Mark says:

    Seems like a decent deck build. Way different from my kami deck mainly because I wanted to run dragon balls.
    The only thing I’d really add is some gohan’s elbow blocks which can return your nimbus cloud to net more locations.

  2. DBM says:

    I actually like this significantly more than other kami builds. Black will always be good with MP/Mastery combinations that have no inherent draw powers.

    • Joshua says:

      Yeah I like it more than the energy beats deck we were trying. I few weeks before gencon i was toying around with the possibility of a edq version, but i generally dont like using those types of decks.

    • Joshman says:

      The deck started as a Kami EDQ lock, but that didn’t make it out of the concept phase. Advanced Basics was a card in my “maybe” pile for the deck, so I just made it 100% AB after I realized Ball would either be unfeasible or mediocre and boring at best.

      I enjoy playing the deck, win ratio be damned.

  3. edison / shannon says:

    What about Entering the Arena as a tutor?

    • Joshman says:

      Honestly. I forgot that card existed. Looking at it though, I’m not sure if it would make the cut. More of my preferred cards are Locations over Battlegrounds (a conscious choice to minimize Land in Pain), with a lot of my BGs more tech than necessity (Babidi Ship is my main BG). Sure it could help in some places, but maybe not as much as thinning the deck. If it worked for Locations, it’d be an insta-add but as is the deck wouldn’t have enough options to make the card an effective and efficient choice.

  4. Shannon says:

    This deck was illegal at gencon. Goku’s Farewell is limit 1 per deck per errata.

  5. Joshman says:

    At the time this deck was made, it was not on the restricted list yet in the card errata we inadvertently left “Limit 1 per deck” in the text. We are going to clear that up in the next errata to eliminate future confusion.

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