Gencon Player Interview: Didier Greenleaf

Its taking me awhile to go through all the video footage I recorded at Gencon this year.  But Im almost done.  Im going to kick the videos off a player interview Didier Greenleaf.  Match, panel and more player interviews with be post over the next couple of weeks.

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  1. Joshman says:

    The full (preliminary) text of the Krillin powers were in a story I linked below, which Didier even commented on while the poll was still going. We couldn’t fit them on the Facebook poll, which is why only loose descriptions were used there.

  2. mcq26 says:

    you suck dda and you need to look at the camera more…btw was that joey behind the camera…? lol…you didnt mention me…so you’ve top 8’d twice now…i’ll have to top 4 next year just to prove a point…i guess that starts with first attending huh…i’m goine to sell my soul to demon king piccolo in order to win now…if only i could use my powers for good…i’ve been drinking too…

  3. Davet says:

    Great start with this interview. Now if only the rest of the Gen-Con stuff could be updated that would be awesome!

  4. ryan clark says:

    when are the rest of the video going to be posted??

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