Grand Kai Ineffectual

When it comes to Senseis, there are usually two viable choices: North Kai Sensei or Master Roshi Sensei. Sure, if you have a valuable ally you can use South Kai Sensei or if you’re Ball you can run Piccolo Sensei. Those of us who like to play for fun have been known to pick up Goku Sensei from time to time, but after that you are hard pressed to find a decent use for East Kai Sensei, post-errata West Kai Sensei and Supreme Kai Sensei.

After that, there is one Sensei that sorta stands out, not because he’s useful but because he’s about two fixes away from being a decent tech choice in a beats heavy environment.

LV4 Grand Kai SenseiFirst of all, Grand Kai’s sensei deck size of one is completely absurd given the incredibly mediocre power. Right off the bat, I’d pump this up to at least 10 or so. North Kai Sensei has a ridiculously high sensei deck size with an awesome power and (the later introduced) Master Roshi Sensei has a constant power of reducing attacks by one life card. I think the first step to making him better is definitely giving him a realistic sensei deck size. In World Games Saga, all senseis had a “Once per game…” effect (except the “Twice per game…” North Kai Sensei), so a sensei that had an effect every turn might have seen as a bit much that set. The power is still a bit lacking.

I’m kinda torn on what a balanced power would be for this sensei. My first thought would be, instead of “Once per combat” just be an “always on” power. This would definitely shoot Grand Kai up there in usability, and be a great counter to the physical beats that are popular these days. The issue is combining this card with any Majin Buu, with his high power stages it would make him nigh invincible to physical attacks without the need of additional defenses.

The second thing you could do is just up the amount of times the power could be used a combat. You could up to three, though with some combats that may as well just be an “always on” power any way.

That leaves us with upping the power stages Grand Kai Sensei could prevent. You could jump the usage to twice per turn, and the prevention to three. Then it’s like having two Trunks Defensive Crouch per combat. Not the worst thing in a beats heavy environment. Or you could just keep it once per turn and up the stage prevention even more, to five or six stages, which at that point it practically becomes a block.

So what do you think about Grand Kai Sensei, BroZ?


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23 Comments to "Grand Kai Ineffectual"

  1. shannon says:

    Honestly, I’d rather see new sensei’s altogether. Korin, Android 20 and Majin Babidi would be great starts. Korin to support the weakling (in regards to the anime) earth fighters like Yamcha, Tien, Krillin, Yajirobe. Android 20 and Majin Babidi to give some clout to Android ally and Majin ally. Majin Ally is probably the weakest of all ally deck types.

    • shannon says:

      Fail for no edit.

      Maybe it’s just my play style, but I think South Kai is maybe the second best sensei behind North Kai.

    • wnderjif says:

      How could one consider any Spopovitch/Yamu, or Majin Minion team deck if there will always be a Buu that totally dwarfs them? II would be interested in hearing what you think could be done to make it possible.

      In other news, take a look at some of my fanset Sensei cards. I have a brickton more about to release

    • miyamoto1 says:

      I think Babidi sensei could open possibilities for majin allies deck by working like ,, If your main personality is majin you can have non-majin personalities as allies in play. Those personalities are counted as majin allies for card effects” this sensei could mke useful a lot of cards and make majin allies deck playable. As for West kai sensei i think it should be errated to remove 1 drill once per game or once per game you can discardthe top 6 cards from life deck to remove 2 drill in play from he game.

    • Matt Gette says:

      A Majin Sensei would be great, most of those characters, aside from Buu, are hard to use on their own or, have personality powers that down’t work well as allies.

  2. Mark says:

    I think he would be fare to say sensei deck size of around 7 or 8, and his power used once per combat prevent 6. And as a added affect if your main personality is a Celestial Fighters his power can be used twice per combat, to maybe boost their use a bit.

    • Joshua says:

      It would be kinda cool to see this sensei be boosted for the celestials. An always on effect while having a celestial mp might be pretty balanced and promote using celestial characters which got no love.

  3. Chipmunk says:

    He’s fine. You are underestimating the power of being the only Sensei w/ a bitchin’ BoomBox. =P

    Grand Theft Bullion

  4. Leo says:

    The best sensei is south cuz it allows u to redirect stages therefore keeping ur powerstages

  5. S. Dashy says:

    i have never seen anyone, in the history of me playing this game for 10+ years, ever use this card. not even with a “fun deck”. this card is worse than supreme kai sensei (which also has hardly any playability).

    how about some new senseis in the next virtual set!!? :))

    • Mark says:

      Sadly when I started learning to play I thought he was the best (using cards I had on hand at that time) I was like what once every combat I can reduce two power stages that’s awesome.

      • Matt Gette says:

        I used this sensei for a long time with my Trunks the Weaponmaster, freestyle sword deck before the virtual cards and updated rulings just because that deck had virtually no blocks and about 75% of the cards I was running put additional cards in my hand.

  6. Axlotl says:

    I’d like to see a lot more senseis, giving boosts to niche archetypes not specific to any particular style. Like a 2nd, weaker, styleless mastery.

  7. Joshua says:

    Id rather see west kai changed to remove 2 drills or discard 2 non-combats. Then Id like to see East be split into a twice per game during combat gain 5 stages effect. Both would be vastly improved and see play. Grand kai sensei can stay in the rubbish

  8. Shane Steinhauser says:

    I always liked Piccolo Sensei. It allowed me to take cards out of my deck that wouldn’t be effective against a particular opponent, and replace them with useful cards.

  9. Valdez says:

    Frieza Sensei would be sick

  10. Matthew says:

    For Grand Kai I like boosting the deck size, but I think a (mostly) block of 5-6 power stages could get annoying. Do we really want to see Blue Cell Mastery alongside this for essentially two blocks every combat? Plus, Grand Kai’s (mostly) block would have no cost at all every combat?

    Constant Combat effect I like more. It could still add up well overtime. No for characters that have high power ratings, a line like “Reduces all power stages by 2, to a minimum of 1-3.” or “If your main personality is over X or has Z power stages, reduce damage by 1.” could help there. I don’t like singling out cards so specifically, but keeping it so high power characters could still use it just much less inclined to is alright. Just spitballin some ideas.

    So… sensei talk, huh. Can I have some hope for a Whis sensei?

  11. TuffEnuff says:

    Prevent 2 constantly > Prevent 3 twice per combat.

  12. Kolzi says:

    You totally left out the greatest of them all, elder kai sensei! Also supreme kai, I guess.

  13. The big thing that kills this is the SD size. A constant effect would be nuts with Majin Buu or ally decks. I wouldn’t increase this to twice per combat even, really punishes decks that have no draw. I’d say a buff to SD size or maybe a light buff to the amount of stages blocked would be all this needs.

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