BUNOBLOCK! – A Majin Buu Hero Deck

This is just a silly idea that I ran with to see if it would be possible/feasible to run a deck with absolutely no blocks. I made it as a Dragon Ball deck, but I bet it could be made into a decent beatdown deck as well. In use, there are some decks it does really well against but I’d say it’s at the low end of the middle of the road (focused attacks go right through your defenses for one). But who knows, maybe it’ll inspire you to make one better! I run this deck as a Hero, just for the hell of it.

Sensei Deck

9x Whatever you feel like cause you will never sensei anything in


Dragon Balls

Earth 1-7 with Alt. Earth Dragon Ball 3



Victorious Drill

Orange Destruction Drill

Orange Haulting Drill

2x Orange Hiding Drill

2x Orange Conversion Drill

2x Black Groveling Drill

2x Caught Off Guard Drill



3x Earth Dragon Ball Capture

3x Trunks Energy Sphere


Majin Buu’s Invincibility



2x Android 20’s Search Pattern

Where There’s Life There’s Hope

Eyes of the Dragon

Vegeta’s Smirk

Vegeta’s Plans

Goku’s Lucky Break

Bulma’s Scouter

Bee Lv. 1



3x Orange Staredown

Orange Uppercut

Energy Lob



2x Winter Countryside

City in Turmoil


The premise of the deck is to have Majin Buu soak up damage while you ball out. Right off the bat, Majin Buu will prevent two life cards of damage from all attacks and Master Roshi Sensei will reduce an additional life card from energy attacks and physicals with a life card damage modifier, taking 3 life out of most attacks. If you up the ante with Orange Hiding Drill and Black Groveling Drill, you could be stopping up to seven life cards of damage per attack!

As mentioned before, this won’t do anything against Focused attacks nor will it stop you from losing power stages. And that’s where Bee Lv. 1 comes in. Not only does the little dog have a useful power for this deck, you can do some pretty manipulative power stage management with him out. For instance, you can use Majin Buu’s monster power stages to calculate damage and then redirect it all to poor little Bee. Majin Buu is still in control of combat, so you can then apply all his prevention powers to the damage Bee is taking. Master Roshi Sensei doesn’t work with power stage damage converted to life cards, but Majin Buu and the two prevention drills that you run sure do. Having Bee out really takes the bite out of physical attacks and maintains your power stages on your main.

I bet a big question you have is “Why run the Cell Saga Orange Mastery?” Well, the answer is that it was the most sensible mastery to run for me, since I have a distaste for the Majin Buu Saga Orange Style Mastery. First of all, the deck pretty much needs to be Orange, since you want to run Orange Hiding Drill. After that, as I alluded to earlier, physical beats could present a problem for the deck and this mastery helps stymie that. With Orange Conversion Drill out, any dead Non-Combats you draw during combat (and you run a lot of Non-Combats) can now become an attack. And since you’re performing the attack with an Orange Style card, Orange Conversion Drill can trigger your mastery. It’s a neat little trick that works in a small deck.

The rest of the cards should be self-explanatory. Tell me what you think, can a deck with no ability to block work?

Later BroZ!


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7 Comments to "BUNOBLOCK! – A Majin Buu Hero Deck"

  1. shannon says:

    I honestly don’t like this at all, to put it nicely. Just by over looking that fact that focused attacks will rip Buu a new pink hole, if successful effects of your opponents will be basically at will for them. Black beats would rip you apart in a turn or so for a free win. And outside of prevention you have no way of keeping your Dragon Balls from being stolen (either from focused energy attacks or “if successful” effects).

  2. mcq26 says:

    shannon makes a very valid point about protecting your balls…the deck needs 1-2 goku’s capturing drills…if nothing else but to help against another speedball deck…with that being said…this deck is crazy…and I LIKE CRAZY…good job, way to think outside the box josh! (I mean that sincerely…if we don’t get creative, we don’t find the games hidden gems or treasures…playing around with crazy things makes us better…)

    • Joshman says:

      When the deck encounters one of those decks that can’t do anything to it, it just gets real stupid how funny it is.

      As for Capturing Drill, I tried to run this one close to the chest and unlike most other Dragon Ball decks this one can be bold enough to start playing out your Dragon Balls on turn one (provided that your confident a Caught Off Guard Drill or A20 Search Pattern can neutralize a Huh!?!?!). At that point Capturing Drill becomes more of a luxury that you can cut: Really great to have, but not necessary in the overall scheme.

      Granted that effects that straight up capture balls will be unopposed, I feel that the amount of “capture” effects this deck runs on top of the ability to keep recycling Orange Staredowns with Buu’s power (the most likely target you’ll have in the discard), as well as all three of your energy attacks doing 6-7 life cards of damage (within capture range) gives the deck at the very least a fighting chance against other Ball decks.

  3. Matt Gette says:

    I’ve seen a similar deck, same Buu stages, with the blue beat down mastery that allows you remove blue style cards to prevent more but shannon is right, focused attacks took it to the mat. A red style version of this with supreme kais push, and a few other things, he hit lv 4, healed, leveled up to 5, healed, then leveled himself down again to heal and even then it was breaking even at best.

  4. Bryan Hayden says:

    Why on Earth have you included a City in Turmoil?

    • shannon says:

      To shut down drill decks that have dropped nastyness like black water confusion drill

      • Bryan Hayden says:

        Given Buu’s innate durabillity, wouldn’t it be better to run Piccolo in place of roshi to make use of the sensei deck? Piccolo guarantees your ball deck won’t neuter itself by mistake, so you could sensei two cit, energy lob, a goku’s blinding strike, and two other tech cards to your taste, and the cit and lob you’re pulling from the deck would give you two slots for some amazing techniques. The meta is beat, so unless you see your opponent lay down Baba, Roshi, an Orange MBS, Freestyle MBS, or occasionally a non-TS Red mastery that cit hurts you FAR more than the opponent. It just doesn’t make a lot of sense to me, is all.

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