Bardock: No Hero

With all the hype around Bardock this week, we come back to a question that has been asked since Score first released the Capsule Corps Power Pack: Why is Bardock designated a hero and only a hero? At the time that the Power Pack was released, the only media with Bardock in it was “Bardock: The Father of Goku” TV special, so his actions and behavior from that episode are the only things we have to go on in determining whether Bardock could be called a Hero, a Villain or a Rogue. Years later, well after the Score game ended, we got the Episode of Bardock, where the character eventually does some heroic deeds. However, since Bardock is already classified as a hero personality, for this article we are just going to use the original Bardock OVA to argue whether Bardock should become a Rogue personality. While an argument exists for Bardock to be a pure Villain, out of respect for the original designers I am taking that option off the table.

Like the Rogue Vegeta, Bardock is introduced to us as a servant of Frieza. The very first thing we see him do is commit genocide and completely wipe out a sentient alien species on their own planet. While Vegeta later implied he was forced to kill for Frieza, Bardock and his crew seem more content with rising through the ranks of Frieza’s army than overthrowing the warlord. Indeed, throughout the whole special it is only Vegeta who openly discusses killing Frieza, Bardock only does so after his crew is betrayed an killed. Even Bardock’s crew pledges their loyalty to Frieza in front of his elites, despite facing their own betrayal and demise, to give you an idea of the mindset of Bardock’s squad (presumingly including Bardock in his fervor). In fact, Bardock and his crew are excited to hear when Frieza takes notice of them and assigns them to a “special mission”.

Oozaru Bardock

Pictured: Bardock heroically making orphans.

I would presume that the main argument for Bardock being a Hero is that he stood up to Frieza, but to me this is a shallow bit of rationalizing at best. As mentioned before, Bardock and his crew seemed to be loyal and willing members of Frieza’s forces. It wasn’t until AFTER Frieza betrayed him did Bardock go after him, and this mostly in the name of revenge. Revenge of course being the main motivation of Android 20 and his creations, Garlic Jr., Cyborg Frieza, and Broly.

So does just rebelling against a more evil personality make you a hero, despite your motivations? Well, in later sagas Android 17 rebels against his cruel and more villainous master, even killing him, but he is not even considered a Rogue for that. Heck, to even use the card Rebellion you have to be a Villain. Even in one of Bardock’s visions, Goku turns his back to Bardock and pretty much puts him on the same level as Frieza.

Pictured: Bardock heroically not telling Goku about their family's history of heart disease.

Pictured: Bardock heroically not telling Goku about their family’s history of heart disease.

Taken together, Bardock is no hero. He might not be 100% evil, but until the recent Episode of Bardock, he never fought for any noble cause. I think going forward, Bardock should be designated as a Rogue. It makes more sense for him to be called a Villain after committing genocide than King Yemma brainwashing you into being a Hero.

Later BroZ!

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16 Comments to "Bardock: No Hero"

  1. Dfisher says:

    I would concur with these statements. Should we expect to see a change in the crd soon?

  2. Edison says:

    Agree. Rogue all the way.

  3. Mark says:

    I agree, becoming a rouge personalty would open up so fun new deck builds. Plus I can see using the other saiyan personalities retro made (king Vegeta, raditz, nappa) in a saiya ally deck.

    On that note I would also like to see bardock’s crew get personalities made.

  4. shannon says:

    This will be an unpopular opinion, but I personally never saw any reason for Piccolo to be a Rogue. Sure he was a douche in Dragonball, but even in Saiyan Saga never really did anything that villainous. I would be in support of not only making Bardock rogue but.remove Piccolo’s rogue status.

    *flame suit on*

    • Maverick says:

      Piccolo had a rogue status since the beggining of the game, or got one after Trunks (gallick Jr.) saga?

      • shannon says:

        He got it in Trunks Saga with the excuse being “well he wasn’t really a good guy yet at the beginning of Z, he was just less bad then the other villains”.

    • Joshman says:

      In my opinion, it’s arguments like this that makes me wish their were “factions” over alignments. Piccolo started Z as evil, but it wouldn’t really make sense having him be an ally of the Saiyans in that first set.

  5. John says:

    i think he should be built on the ideas of Hercule a villain who can use “hero only” cards, but also have the text of (Bardock can use any saiyan heritage personalities as allies)

  6. allan says:

    I think the whole killed thousands of innocents should really kill the whole “hero only” discussion. Let’s be true to the show folks.

  7. Bryan Hayden says:

    I’m okay with Bardock going rogue…that IS what he did to Frieza, right?

  8. Blackblade says:

    You know, I said this from the time I was told my Villian Ally deck wasn’t legal because Bardock was a hero.

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