Virtual Card Set 2013 – Slay Balls

It’s the time you’ve all been waiting for! Frieza Level 5 is finally here! This was the card I wanted to make if I won the Grand Kai Invitational all those years ago. The power I had in mind for him was reused in one of our very first Virtual Cards, Tapion Level 4 (though not so much of the Sword stuff, Frieza’s not a fan of that). So we continue with the Dragon Ball theme started by the Virtual Level 4 from last year, something that we felt made sense for Frieza. This new personality level lets Frieza gorge himself on a whole buffet of Dragon Balls!

36 Frieza the Emperor

When it comes to Dragon Balls, Frieza means business. He’s either gonna get them all, or kill you for getting in his way. He won’t let stuff like Huh??? of the death of Guru stop him from his goal. Any balls in play, in your deck or removed from it are property of Frieza!

You can run with good old Earth Dragon Balls, and while you can’t search for three of those balls due to Frieza’s restrictions (we couldn’t let you just keep entering at ending combat), you can turn Frieza into a de facto Trunks the Battler by popping out Earth Dragon Ball 3 every turn.

Flip over to Namek Dragon Balls and you can also have an awesome Draw Engine or a devastating board reset every turn! Add in the control aspects of Alt. Namek Ball 6 and Alt. Namek Ball 7 and Frieza will start to dominate the game. Woe be to an opponent who needs to rise to higher levels against a Frieza with Namek Dragon Ball 2.

Even Dende Dragon Balls have some tricks with card drawing, as well as having it’s own board clear techniques and some of the best free card recursion in the game.

We hope these new additions stoke your interests in the multiple possibilities of Frieza. He is finally getting the respect he deserves. Later, BroZ

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8 Comments to "Virtual Card Set 2013 – Slay Balls"

  1. Awesome power and fits Frieza. Good to finally have a personality to abuse the Dragonballs power rather than outright collecting them.

  2. Shannon says:

    Cool. Good work. Long overdue.

  3. ZY says:

    Pan just might have been replaced for BeatBall. :'<

  4. D says:

    At first when I read this, I was like ewww kinda disappionted :/ then i read the “in play” as well and flipped. Thats insane!! And really cool! Thumbs up!

  5. Brandon Maupin says:

    If only there was a expanded retro format, because this would be highly abusive with the Black Star Dragon Balls, ( especially with black star dragon ball 5 )

  6. The PUR on the Virtual Level 4 of Frieza is 5, then the PUR of the Level 5 goes back down to 4? That has got to be the weirdest. Would think it would just stay at 5 lol.

  7. SaiyanWithStyle says:

    Frieza is finally the villain he deserves to be. Good job!

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