Gencon 2013 Feature Match – Blue Majin Buu vs Red Goku Anger

Its taken a long time but the first feature match from Gencon is up and ready for your viewing pleasure.  This match is between Fresko (Blue Majin Buu) and Josh Merckle (Goku Red Anger).  Be sure to keep checking back in because more match videos will going up all week.

16 Comments to "Gencon 2013 Feature Match – Blue Majin Buu vs Red Goku Anger"

  1. Tim C says:

    What is that card they both started out the game with?

  2. Are play mats a thing now? I dont remember those being a thing years ago.

  3. Darryl Fisher says:

    Pretty good game. I enjoyed it.

  4. deltree5 says:

    Awesome job with the upload, get the rest up Garrett 😀 Also, really hard to hear with all the background noise imo. Still, nice work though.

    • Sayjin says:

      To be fair, not much can be done about that without miking up the two players or getting a separate room for them. The latter definitely cannot be done, the former would be beyond annoying, both physically and logistically.

  5. Always happy to see another Blue style advocate!

  6. S. Dashy says:

    two amazing decks. great featured match.

  7. Manic says:

    ironically neither of us made top cut haha, fresko i think ended up losing his next 3 games, and i lost my next match then won the next 2. Finished 4-2 but there were so many 4-2s that 3 didnt make cut. That was a hell of a game, my 1st 2 turns were ass draws .

    • Manic says:

      ugh watched it. Some bad luck hitting like 1 of like 18 freestyle cards in my full size deck FTL

    • Fresko says:

      Yeah, I played against Saiyan Beats next round, crushed him in one turn, then he proceeds to ball out right after. Lose to Baba, which Id expect this deck to do. Farewell cant really deal with combat enders. Then I played against Billy’s Goku Orange. I proceed to misplay with Trapped Strike, not discarding his Farewell. He then goes to Goku 5 WGS… and punches for 22ish life cards. I was a bit inebriated by that point…

      • Fresko says:

        I also realized I said, “Cut to your doom?” whjen I offered the cut to my deck when I searched for ball 5. I think you technically did since you hit a Blue Round Throw, and that 1 anger kinda mattered <_<

  8. Fresko says:

    A buddy also just pointed out that you didnt draw for Goku’s power when you invited me.

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