Gencon 2013 Top 16 Feature Match – Cell Jrs vs Yajirobe Non-Toku

Behold the first of the top cut matches.  Joel G piloting his Cell Jr Namekian deck versus Chris Baker and his Yajirobe Non-Toku deck.

4 Comments to "Gencon 2013 Top 16 Feature Match – Cell Jrs vs Yajirobe Non-Toku"

  1. Not too sure on that call on Goku’s Quick Save. I always thought it worked as Joel said, ending combat before damage since it’s a secondary effect. Similarly, if you played an attack that read “End combat.” they wouldn’t take damage. It’s such a good card, ally savior and godsend in Hercule Freestyle 😉

  2. Mark says:

    I watch this on my phone at work so I couldn’t see it the best but how did so many dragon ball get removed I think there were five of them to power up namekian punisher?

    Great match.

  3. Alfredo says:

    were i can get deck list for Yajirobe ?

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