Gencon 2013 Top 4 Feature Match – Trunks Freestyle Sword vs Broly Saiyan

We are getting close to the finals…….  In this Top 4 feature match Mike Ingersoll (Trunks Freestyle Sword) battles Scott Dashy (Broly Saiyan).

13 Comments to "Gencon 2013 Top 4 Feature Match – Trunks Freestyle Sword vs Broly Saiyan"

  1. S. Dashy says:

    what was worse: this match or superbowl XLVIII (broncos v. seahawks 2014)???? i went straight to shake ‘n steak after this match to drown in a reese’s shake.


    mike had an amazing deck; broken even. i was raging all weekend. Baba OP, Krillin’s Concentration / Piccolo and Heroes Gather OP, and Trunks OTK OP…

    Trunks Sword Slice needs to gain “Remove from the game after use.” “Broken”. Seriously -_-

    • Chris S. says:

      OTK? I’m missing an acronym.

    • I lived the dream in this game. Perfect draws two turns in a row. Watching your previous game, your deck was also impressive as was you skill in playing it. Too often do I see players simply take advantage of a broken character and not truly know how to handle their deck. It inspired me to build a Saiyan Broly deck and I have enjoyed it since.

      • S. Dashy says:

        Mike, I’ll be back with newer decks for Gencon 2014 to have a rematch of destiny with you… but this time it will be in the finals. I hope. lolol A lot of my decks underwent significant changes as a result of Gencon 2013.

        Congrats on the win, you deserve it for breaking Trunks

  2. Nikki says:

    Wow that Trunks sword deck is so close to my build it’s not even funny. Omg….
    I’d love to get a deck list

  3. I meant to put up the deck list for sometime now. School and work have kept me busy. I plan on doing so this weekend.

  4. Charlie says:

    Does sword slice go into the discard after HAT? I just assumed whatever you chose with HAT went back into the Sensei deck…

    • Shannon says:

      A card follows it normal rules of text. If it says remove from game after use, you remove. If not then discard as usual. Does not go back to Sensei deck

  5. Nikki says:

    The only thing I’m confused about is how the sword slice was played out the sensei?? Is it from the virtual set bc I didn’t recognize the card that let him play it

  6. Shannon says:

    You beat me in a close game in swiss Mike.

    Congrats on the hard fought Gencon win! Very good, solid build of your deck.

  7. Ah…Speedy Flight. Trunks the Answer is indeed extremely powerful; six attacks at best.

  8. Mark G. says:

    great match, but why was sword slice in his sesnei deck was it because HAT would give it one extra use, or some other reason?

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