Dragon Ballin’ with a Frenchman 003: Tapion Orange vs Gohan Black

The Frenchman is back again battling it out with fellow Z warrior Joshua Merckle.

Tapion 1-4

Orange WGS

Goku Sensei

Orange Rapid Attacks x3

Gohans Kick

Orange Reflex


Black Water Confusion Drill



68 + 6 = 74

Physical Attacks 24

O. Sword Sweep x3

Gokus Power Strike x3

Gohans Kick x2

Gohan’s Sword Thrust x3

Gohan’s Sword Sweep x3

Gohan’s Sword Slash x3

Trunks Sword Position 1 x3

Trunks Sword Slice x3

O. Uppercut

Energy Attacks 7

Trunks Makes Himself Clear

O. Stare down x3

Trunks Sword Position 3 x3

Combat 9

Battle Pausing

Earth’s Demise

Trunks Thinking

Krillins Search

TES x2

Hercules Amazing Techniques x3

Blocks 13

Time is a Warriors Tool

Nappa’s Physical Resistance

Nappa’s Energy Aura

Vegetas Physical Stance

Tiens Block x3

Gohan’s Elbow Block x3

Energy Ricochet x3

Drills 8

Champion Drill

Orange Joint Restraint Drill x2

Gohan’s Swordplay Drill x2

Tapion’s Swordplay Drill x2

Victorious Drill

Setups 7

Fatherly Advice

Expectant Trunks

Trunks Finds the Answer x3

The Sword of Trunks x2

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2 Comments to "Dragon Ballin’ with a Frenchman 003: Tapion Orange vs Gohan Black"

  1. Mark says:

    Going to watch this later but great deck list for orange Tapion, thanks.

  2. braverymix says:

    Awesome Deck List Did. However, I was wondering if it would be possible for your friend playing the Black Gohan to post his deck list, I found his deck to look quite fun 🙂 I’m intrigued as to which lv 1 Gohan Personality allowed him to randomly discard a card from your hand by showing a Black Styled Card, the only way I see that possible is if he were using the Black Mastery + Gohan Lvl1 MBS. Any feedback would be great! Keep up the great decks!

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