Kevin Bock’s North Kai 2014 Tournament Report

I was considering this deck and Baba Black CS (which I ran at Gencon) for the entire week and even hours leading up to North Kai. I know Baba is a much stronger deck, but for the sake of running something new and different, I chose to roll with Bardock. Here is the deck list:

Bardock 1-3 (CCPP 1 and 2 Retro 3)
Orange MBS Mastery
Piccolo Sensei

Sensei Deck:
You’re Invited
Black Scout Maneuver x2
Gohan Spots The Imposter Drill
Breakthrough Drill

Non Combats:
EDB 1-7 (Alt 3)
Winter Countryside x3
Powerful Followers x2
Krillin’s Concentraion x2
Hercule’s Dream Sequence x2
Watching From Afar x2
Android 20’s Search Pattern x1
Mommy’s Coming Dear
Releasing the Sword
Don’t You Just Hate That
Teaching the Unteachable Forces Observation
Hero’s Lucky Break
Long Journey
Where There’s Life There’s Hope
Namek Dragon Ball Wish
Fatherly Advice
Vegeta’s Smirk

Victorious Drill
Caught Off Guard Drill x2
Goku’s Capturing Drill x2
Android 20 Absorbing Drill x2
Red Kaio-Ken Drill x1
Orange Destruction Drill
Orange Lifting Drill
Orange Haulting Drill
Orange Joint Restraint Drill x2
Orange Focusing Drill x3

Physical/Energy Combat:
Orange Vegeta’s Assault x3
Orange Stare Down x3
Supreme Kai’s Power Hold x2
Earth Dragon Ball Capture x2
Lamenting the Future x2
Carpet Attack Technique x1
Energy Lob
Nappa’s Physical Resistance
Gohan’s Nimbus Cloud

Pan’s Victory x2
Land in Pain x1
Dream Fighting x2
Brothers in Training x1
Confrontation x1
Pure Defense
Super Saiyan Effect
Time is a Warrior’s Tool

Round 1
I played Orange Hat’s Goku CS Freestyle Deck. Sadly, I playtested Nick the night before with the deck I was running so he knew a little of what it was (plus it’s Bardock Orange, everyone knows what this deck is, right?) I get a little board control out, we pass back and forth a bit, he enters once and I end it with Dream Fighting. I go, I drop Teaching and a couple more drills or something out. His turn, he has 4 cards in hand, and I choose not to use Teaching because he has no Gohan’s Kick and I have TIAWT in my hand. He enters, and with Goku’s power draws a Gohan’s Kick. Well shit….He does a ton of damage to me that I can’t stop. I have about 8 cards left, and I am unable to ball out.


Round 2
I played Ramiro Perez and his Trunks the Weaponmaster Freestyle Deck using West Kai Sensei. He had no idea what my deck did. None whatsoever. He goes first, and drops a COGD naming Majin Buu’s Fury. Yea sure, that’s cool. I go, drop some Nons and pass. His go, he drops another COGD this time naming Confrontation. Again, yea sure that’s cool. We pass back and forth for several turns all the while I am building up my Drills and whatnot. Anytime he decides to enter, I either COGD his cards in hand, Dream Fighting to end combat, stop all his attacks, or something of the like. Eventually I get enough Drills out with an OVA in hand and drop my OVA. He didn’t know what it was, I showed him, and he immediately scooped.


Round 3
I drove up to this tournament with Rob Turner, whom I played in this round. I felt bad, because just looking at his MP/Mastery, you weren’t 100% sure what his deck was. But I playtested the deck literally right before the tournament started, so I knew what I had to do. He ran Piccolo HT SS Freestyle Mastery with Piccolo Sensei We both pass for a bit and I eventually get an ODD out killing his Non-Combats (not the drills obviously). I end up either HUH’ing a ball or Capping it (don’t remember) and that was game.


Round 4
I drove up with this dude too, and also watched him playtest his deck against Darryl right before we left for North Kai. Joe Tourville was running Goku WGS HT Freestyle (yes, this is my 4th Freestyle deck in a row) with South Kai Sensei. He gets to go first, and grabs Chi-Chi with South Kai Sensei and passes. I know his deck is Dende Balls and I know what I need to do. He’s running at like 55 cards or something, so I’m hitting him with random attacks like Stare Down, Lamenting the Future, and Power Hold just to do a bit of damage. I have HUH??? on the board and it’s his turn with like 8 cards left in his deck. He plays 2 Dende Balls and intends on passing. I use You’re Invited to force him into Combat, he passes, I use HUH???, and he scoops.


Round 5
FINALLY!!! My first non-Freestyle deck. I play Ryan Lewis’ Cell Android Retro 1 Namekian TS Mastery Roshi Sensei deck. I sat there looking at my life deck for like 5 minutes trying to decide what to Sensei out, eventually taking out my only Confrontation and other stuff that didn’t matter. Took me 6 or so turns to finally get an Orange Drill out. In that time he managed to Kami Fades me. So I knew I had to win by beats (OVA/Carpet). This report isn’t going to be long, but this was by far the closest game I played the entire tournament and we both said good game like 10 times each or something afterwards. Anyway, we keep going back and forth, I’m getting a good amount of drills out, I have x2 COGD out naming CIT (I got one first turn and he draws CIT immediately afterwards) and Aura Clash (I saw he had it in his hand so I Mastery’ed for COGD). We go back and forth for a long while, but the fact he has Android 17 Smirks in hand is preventing me from using OVA or Carpet. At one point all of my OVAs were discarded but I Pan’s Victory’ed them back in. The fact I don’t run any Spheres and that I Sensei’ed out my only Confrontation, and both my COGD’s were already in play, I knew I was doomed to lose. Nothing I could do until he gets rid of his Smirks. I have 1 card left, and Carpet for 18 life. He has 20 or so left, Smirks, and good game.


Round 6
I played Thomas Lynn’s Gohan Red TS deck. He was using Bookworm 1, CS 2, Retro 3, and Fusion 4/5. I go first and draw a Scout Maneuver and 2 useless cards. I decide that I need to enter and kill off his Immense Power, and assume I will be taking a slight beating. I do, Immense Power is gone, and I take a slight beating (12 or so cards). He enters with Axe Heel Kick and other Red stuff and I draw a hand full of Non-Combats. He hits me for like 35 or so and gets to level 3 and ends the combat with a Prepped Crash. I was screwed after the Prepped Crash. I drop a Countryside, and that plus Vic Drill kept him at Level 3 for the rest of the game. But due to 40 or so cards of mine gone, and all removed, I was unable to recover. He won by beats a few combats later.


I ended up scrubbing out with a 3-3 record and making 18th place. In hindsight, I should have ran Spheres/More Confrontations/More Stop Alls. I didn’t even realize I had no Spheres until the 3rd round. But also, I should have just rolled with Baba Black CS and I’m certain I would have top-cut. Regardless of how I did, I had a blast, and am looking forward to the next tournament. Thanks for all the fun guys.

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  1. allan says:

    Sure you may have placed 18th, but it would have been easy to use the broken baba deck and you didn’t do that, you went different. Mad props for that.

  2. deltree5 says:

    Thanks for the props, definitely had a blast.

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