2014 East Kai Championship Emmaus, PA

Now that the North Kai Championship has come to a close and the smell of Gen Con is in the air, it’s time for the ladies to have fun.

Come join the current 2014 DBZ CCG #1 Loser Ryan Lewis and myself as we dance, party, and have a blast…literally. We’ve got a bunch of top tier players coming just like last year including Geoff Brewster, creator of the super cool and unique Janemba. Step inside the DANGER ZONE and join us on May 17th!


Place: Emmaus Fire Co #1. 50 South 6th Street. Emmaus, PA 18049.

Date: May 17th

Standard Tournament – Begins at 12:00pm

Rules: Following all RetroDBZccg.com rulings and erratas. Virtual cards made on Retros site are legal. Printed image proxies are legal. No hand written proxies.

Cost: 10$


  • First place: A new kind of prize, it will ‘Mist’ify you
  •  Top Cut: $$$ based on attendance
  • East Kai’s Party Time Drill

Special Are You Tuff Enuff – Begins after standard tournament ~5/6 pm

Rules: Standard retro rules, but you are only able to win by Ultimate Survival Victory (No MPPV, Dragon Ball Victory, or Dragon’s Victory – although Dragon Balls are allowed in decks).

Virtual cards made on Retros site are legal. Printed image proxies are legal. No hand written proxies. All Tuff Enuff and/or League cards are legal. East Kai subset cards are legal.

Cost: 10$

Should you be there? Yes, you should. You’ll see a lot of:

  • Dancing. Fusion Dancing that is.
  • Prizes. We know what you want.
  • Cameras. Get your 15 minutes!
  • Personalities. Sometimes we have too much.
  • Dragon Ballin’. All day, err day.

I’ll be awaiting your arrival, Saiyans.


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10 Comments to "2014 East Kai Championship Emmaus, PA"

  1. S. Dashy says:

    just a couple questions that you guys would answer more quickly/efficiently than google:

    how’s the parking? food places near by (this even includes Wawa’s)?

    will an alt art you’re invited / victorious drill (or something like this) be given out to attendees as with other Kai championships this season, or is it just this east kai’s drill thing? and is that a new, previewed card?

    damn, i’m a scrub.

    • There’s tons of parking and space, last year there were I think between 10-15 that attended and we were able to spread out and only take up 1/3 of the room we were given.

      There’s lots of fast food (McDonadls, Wendys, Taco Bell, KFC) all within a short drive, Chinese, pizzerias, and a few locals gems too.

      The East Kai’s Party Time Drill was given out last year for the Tuff Enuff event. They’re legal again this year for the Tuff Enuff as well as (hopefully) another East Kai subset card. I have some left over Drills so I’ll be throwing them in the prize pools.

      Main prizes include a cash split based on attendance, an alternate art card as you mentioned, and a special prize.

      I hope this means you’re coming and we’ll get a rematch 🙂

      • S. Dashy says:

        me and a “few” others will be going to this event. 99.999% sure, since it’s at a great time in the year. so it appears you will get a rematch LOL

        what does east kai’s party time drill do?

        • Chris S. says:

          If I remember correctly, you get the when entering combat of android 18, for the cost of taking a drink of alcohol.

          • It’s been errata’d per Score fashion to be announced at the tournament!

            Things got a little crazy last year thought there not be a repeat; good clean fun here 🙂

            I’m so excited you guys are coming!

      • My apologies Dragon Ballers, but due to vast misscommunications and large penises, the location of the tournament has changed.

        It is now located just 10 minutes drive from the previous:

        7125 Scenic View Drive, Macungie PA.

        This location is much bigger than the previous and is completely secluded with its own parking lot. I have the key to the 12 hour DBZ palace folks.

        We’re getting close to the throw down on May 17th. Get ready to Rock the dragon!

  2. Deltree5 says:

    Why no mppv or ball? :/

  3. Chase says:

    Would anyone like to sell a competitive deck with original cards, like a Trunks sword deck, Vegeta or Broly Sayian deck, Cell or Piccolo Namekian, or a Trunks saga black deck with any personality Bojack or Buu? Something like that I’d be really interested thanks!

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