CRD and Virtual Card Balance Update

The first few tournaments of the year have come and gone.  Some exciting new decks have popped up that are pushing the power level of the game up.  We have spent the last month looking at evaluating power level of certain decks and cards.  We have decided to rework a handful of the virtual to re-balance to better reflect the current power level of the game.  Some cards toned down and others were reworked to help improve them.   If you are planing on  attending one of the tournaments next month be sure to check with that tournaments organizer on whither these updates or  any new virtual cards will be allowed for that tournament.

CRD Updates:

Double Whammy – (If this card is discarded from your life deck then at the end of the turn you may search your life deck for a level 1 Ally and place him into play.)

Virtual Card Updates:

Baba – will be receiving  re-balanced personality set at some point in the near future.  We suggest that any tournament organizers running events next month may want to suspend her personality sets from those tournaments.  Its completely up to the organizer.

Tapion Lv2 – will be receiving a reworked lever two at some point in the near future that will better fit with his other personality levels.


Watch List – cards that will be watched and could receive the potential listed changes if they prove to be overpowered or have a negative effect on the game

  • Krillin’s Concentration (Limit 1 per deck)
  • Piccolo and Heroes Gather (limit 1 per Deck)
  • Vegeta, Settled Down (??)
  • Hercule’s Amazing Technique (Limit 1 per deck unless your main personality is Hercule.  Or possibly only search for “Sensei Deck Only” cards)
  • Long Journey (remove from the game)
  • Black Weakness Drill (Either restrict, ban or Tuff Enough only)
  • Trunks Finds the Answer (Limit 1 or 2 per Deck)

6 Comments to "CRD and Virtual Card Balance Update"

  1. S. Dashy says:

    This is amazing.

  2. mcq26 says:

    i dont get lunar drill…that tuff enuff effect doesnt change a thing about it…its still just as beastly in regular format

  3. manic084 says:

    TE tag was already on the card. They removed the +2 modifier from it so saiyan power cant tutor it out. I dont think the change was all that necessary. Its pretty unplayable now, but still decent in the cs fg variants. Hurts saiyan mbs the most

    • I also thought Lunar was pretty awesome in MBS energy beats with Saiyan Power. With this change it will still be some gud in Broly/Goku/Gohan CS turbo anger. Otherwise I’ll be dropping it.

  4. mcq26 says:

    oh oh oh i forgot about the +2 mod…i was thinking about fireball drill that can’t be discarded if in te…my bad

  5. […] few months ago, while we didn’t issue an outright ban we asked tournament organizers to temporarily disallow using Baba in their events while we worked on some solutions to address a […]

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