Gen Con 2014 Preliminary Events Schedule

It’s that time again already for the planning to start for Gen Con 2014. The event schedule is already live on the Gen Con website, so let us point out some of the events we have that are already on the schedule. Anime events have not been added to the schedule yet, but we anticipate our Dragon Ball panel to be held on Thursday.


Thursday August 14th, 2014

4:00 PM – TCG Proxy Pride: Fan Art and Beyond – SEM1455750 – Crowne Plaza : Grand Central C – Games are already a work of art, but with a little alteration they can become something even more unique. Learn how to customize your TCG collection into a masterpiece – Hosted by Nick Glaser

11:00 PM – The Drinking Games Panel – SEM1455752 – Crowne Plaza: Grand Central D – Sometimes all you need is your beverage of choice and a group of pliable friends and strangers for a night of great gaming. A how-to guide for a fun and safe time. – Hosted by Joshua Morris and Nick Glaser


Friday August 15th, 2014

11:00 AM – Retro DBZ CCG 2014 Championship – TCG1458418 – TCG Hall – We are proud to bring Score’s classic game back to Gen Con for a 4th year. – $10 Entry Fee


Saturday August 16th, 2014

2:00 PM – Saturday Afternoon TUFF ENUFF – TCG1458419 – TCG Hall – Due to popular demand Retro DBZ CCG is bringing the TUFF ENUFF format back to Gencon. – $10 Entry Fee

4:00 PM – The Fantasy Football Panel – SEM1455753 – Crowne Plaza: Grand Central D – Jocks and nerds collide in this interactive competition that has swept the nation, from friendly office pools to the high-stake floors of Vegas. Get ready for the 2014 NFL season! – Hosted by Garrett Wilkinson and Joey DiCarlo

6:00 PM – Social Media and Gaming – SEM1455754 – Crowne Plaza: Grand Central D – Anything loved never truly dies, and that goes for discontinued games as well. Learn how social media is changing the landscape for games both in and out of print. – Hosted by Joshua Morris and Garrett Wilkinson

4 Comments to "Gen Con 2014 Preliminary Events Schedule"

  1. mcq26 says:

    a few things:
    -awesome having the tuff enuff earlier, so as not to impede on any nightly outings
    -the proxy panel is cool, although i wish it was later in the day so that i could attend as we aren’t getting in til after dinner thursday
    -the drinking games panel…is it actually a panel?…or is it just people hanging around mingling and playing random pickup games (and if so, how hard is it to enjoy our beverage of choice at the con?)

    • S. Dashy says:

      mcq and didier (if you’re reading this), i will unfortunately not be able to attend the east kai event next weekend. i was going to go with many others, but they all pulled out at the last minute leaving me on my own and it’s not feasible to go by myself when i’m 100% going to gencon this year anyway. y’all probably don’t care -_- but lol i just wanted to let you know how sad i am that i cannot be there. however, i will see you guys at gencon. i am excited at the timing of the events this year as well.

    • Joshman says:

      The drinking games panel starts off as a panel, but we like to let it take on a life of it’s own as it goes on.

      As for drinking at the panel, we of course cannot condone that. Unfortunately we do not have the manpower or authority to stop people from doing this at the panel, and the convention did not police our panels. Last year I think there were some people drinking in our panel and no one said anything to them and they didn’t get in trouble and it was the worst. I sure hope no one tries to drink at this years panel because there is nothing we can do to stop it at all. Nothing at all, so we won’t even try to stop it. People will pretty much get away with it with no consequences at all. It’s crazy how you can just drink at panels like that and not get in trouble, but there is nothing we can do but ask politely to not do it.

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