Dragon Ballin’ 004: Baba Black vs Vegeta Blue

A few weeks ago after playing all day in the North Kai tournament and then drinking all too much, the only thing on my mind was recording a DBZ match with my friend Chris Smith. Witness as we unquestionably cause Chris’ wife to wake at 2 am as the clash of Baba vs Vegeta unfolds. Enjoy. MISPLAY!!!!one 


2 Comments to "Dragon Ballin’ 004: Baba Black vs Vegeta Blue"

  1. S. Dashy says:

    and i was laughed at when i told chippy that Baba was OP as ____ and needed to be nerfed immediately (especially in Tuff Enuff, where she is exceptionally broken).

    is it futile to hope that baba is nerfed before gencon?? after all, they did say they were going to tone her down.

    • Brewster says:

      She’s banned until further notice (for retuning/restructuring), so she’ll either be nerfed or banned for GenCon.

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