DBZ Backyard Brawl 2014 is Coming to Ohio

Joshua Merckle is bring the back yard brawl to Ohio

When: July 12

Where: 80 Oakcrest Dr. Woodsfield, OH 43793

For directions or problems call my cell @ 1-740-579-1830 

Time: Shooting for a 12ish to 1 PM start if you call ahead of time saying you will be late will can postpone the start for a lil while.

Standard Tournament Format

– 4-5 rounds of Swiss (depending on number of attendees)

– rounds are 40 minutes each with 10 minutes in between for pairings. I will be using the UFS tourney program for pairings and top cut results.

– top cut is based on number of attendees: 2-10 (cut to top 4) 11-20 (cut to top 8) 21+ (cut to top 16)

Following all RetroDBZccg.com rulings and erratas.

Any virtual cards released 30 days prior to the tourny date are legal. This means anything released after Eternal dragon sensei and whis sensei are not legal for this tournement (Sorry bulma fans).

Printed image proxies are legal. No hand written proxies.

Cost: $10 Prizes:

1st Place: $$$$ Custom isolated foil (android saga) of Tapion 1-4 with the new lv 2.

2nd place: $$ Set of custom foil Hercule’s amazing technique.

Top 4 :
Will get choice of 1 custom foil mastery (Ts Red, TS Namekian, TS Black, MBS Orange, and Cs Blue) and 1 HT lv 5 in frieza saga foil ( Gohan FUS, Goku MBS, Vegeta CS, Trunks CGS, and Piccolo CGS).
The other customs that are not picked will be given out in a drawing at the end of the tournament to those who were not in top 4.

Attendees: Custom art HUH???

* Prize money is dependent on the number of attendees
* Hot dogs, sloppy joe mix and refreshments will be on hand. 1st come 1st serve.


5 Comments to "DBZ Backyard Brawl 2014 is Coming to Ohio"

  1. Brandon says:

    Id love to go but i live in TX and dont have a deck or collection anymore

  2. Rueggy says:

    So how did this go?

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