Virtual Card Set 2012 – Ghost Fixers

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This final Baba fix was the center of much discussion from the community, and as a result it’s re-release was delayed as we included a suggestion made on our discussion page that we feel changed it for the better.

39 Ghost Usher

Ghost Usher’s original function was to prevent a deck running a large number of Dragon Balls from winning against Baba by simply not playing their Dragon Balls. However, we felt the old card, which just indiscriminately removed cards from the top of the life deck, was just too harsh against Dragon Ball decks. A random removal and the game is over. So we set about to change that by removing Ghost Usher’s ability to directly remove cards from the deck.

As Baba’s right hand ghoul, he’s important to get into play as he still helps thin the opponent’s deck, just that now he causes a discard rather than a removal. However he gets an additional effect now where if the card discarded by Ghost Usher’s ability is a Dragon Ball, you can put it in to play immediately (preventing your opponent from allowing himself to go into a Dragon Ball loop). Originally Baba could use the Dragon Ball captured this way, but after some community feedback we nixed that part and made it so that Ghost Usher just lets you play a game of “Keep Away” with your opponent’s Dragon Balls.

Later, BroZ!

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