Virtual Card Set 2014 – Rainbow Convention

Only 30 days until Gen Con, so we are pushing out the last legal cards ASAP so you can get to building your decks. These are the cards that were worked on and even changed by the community after receiving their input on the official Facebook group for Retro DBZ (we accept all members, just ask to join). These cards are all legal for Retro DBZ’s event at Gen Con, and we’ll have one more community card thats legal for the event posted tomorrow (the last until Gen Con). Enjoy!

Later, BroZ!

29 Black Godly Parry30 Blue Double Sunday31 Namekian Ass32 Orange Rundown33 Saiyan Solidarity

3 Comments to "Virtual Card Set 2014 – Rainbow Convention"

  1. Off I go to make Tapion Black and Goku Saiyan MBS!

  2. Derek Lad says:

    Assimilation Assault is something something. Double Sunday is fun solely because it gives Blue two really good Remain 1 energy attacks.

  3. Wiktor says:

    Too bad Blue Raditz Double Sunday does just 3 life cards of damage. Even with my favourite WGS Blue Style Mastery it’s not enough, for instance to capture a Dragon Ball. :/ :/ :/

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