Virtual Card Set 2014 – Twisted Personality

This is the last Virtual Card that will be legal for Gen Con. It was made and released based on fan feedback and a demand for a Majin Dabura that would make a useful ally, as well as one that could work well with the underrated Majin Dabura Lv. 2 MBS HT card.

This card was conceived, created and altered completely on our Official Facebook Group (it’s a private group but we accept ALL members). Join in if you want to take part in the fan card community.

Have fun with this one! Later, BroZ!

28 Dabura M Knigh

One Comment to "Virtual Card Set 2014 – Twisted Personality"

  1. Andrew says:

    Great card. I feel his lv 2 from Babidi is the one that is really underrated but both are very powerful.

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