Your Wish Has Been Granted

Its  hard to believe that what started as a casual lunch conversation at last years Comic Con has turned out to be one of the most exciting announcements to come out of this years Comic Con. We here at RetroDBZccg are proud to announce that Panini America will be releasing the game we all know and love late this summer/early this fall.  This would not have been possible without the support the community has given the game over the last five years and for that we thank you.

Now lets get into the meat of this relaunch with all the information available at this time.

  • Booster boxes will cost $96 with 12 cards per a pack at a $3.99 price point.
  • The Booster Base set will be 160ish cards and be exclusive to the booster boxes.
  • Ultra Rares will drop 1:72 packs
  • Starter Cases will feature 6 different characters and have 8 starters per a box at a $14.99 price point with most cards being exclusive to starters.
  • Foil cards will drop 1:3 packs.  With a full foil set.

Rule Variations

  • All cards work with original cards
  • The deck size under the new rules is 60 cards
  • The first set is a mix of reprints and new cards
  • Reprint cards have been updated with new “Hit” keyword text to make if successful effects easier to understand.  Ex Hit – Your opponent cannot preform energy attacks.
  • New Banish keyword text replace “remove from the game”
  • New Critical effects have been added to the game.  Whenever your opponent discards five cards of damage from an unstopped attack you may to choose to do one of the following effects: 1.  Capture a dragon ball, 2.  discard one of your oppents alleys in play from the game, 3.  Lower your opponents anger by one.
  • Main Personality and Allies are not two separate card types.

This is all exicting news and as more information is made available about the game we will we keep everybody updated.


9 Comments to "Your Wish Has Been Granted"

  1. sovietprince says:

    only thing i hate is the 1-72 ur ratio, 1-24 would be rare enough

  2. Darryl Fisher says:

    Is it true that Sphere is a Ultra Rare? Thats what the rumor is.

  3. Matthew Shrum says:

    Many mixed feelings honestly. Easy one is don’t care for a 60 card limit. 50-85(90) was something that made the game unique. Made some decks work that would not have otherwise.

    Really though, not sure how I feel about spending money again. And searching for expensive promos again(several of which I didn’t know existed until retro’s database). And the 1/72 UR? Ouch again. Part of what I loved about retro and the format was escaping the buy-to-play model for a free-to-play model. At the very least, it cut out the gambling so I could just build the damn decks I wanted. Be fine if I collecting wasn’t a chore.

    But people going back to prime with support doesn’t kill me… *sigh* Mixed feelings. Apprehensive mostly. I want to be excited! I do!

  4. Kamiccolo says:

    Have they said anything about organized play and what kind of tournament support the game will be getting? Will it be international or are they keeping things small?

  5. Ozma says:

    The deck size under the new rules is 60 cards with this rule destroys most decks and favors to certian ones *cough* dragon ball decks. with the limit of cards makes it so the crazy amount of cards that end combat, stop all energy attacks, stops all physical, and stops everything makes it a little unstable. you have a deck of 60 cards and all defense no attacks and dragon balls thats 7 cards for dragon balls and like 13 for cards that stop all attacks and end combat. so that leaves you 40 cards compaired to the 65 you would in a the old deck size. so you would be able to shutdown alot of decks just from defense cards and slowly get the dragon balls out or raise your anger. the 60 card limit hurts decks that beat people down cause card for card the turtle decks will win cause you will rarely get anythign through GG lord slug decks regen/ dragon ball decks.

    • Shane Steinhauser says:

      Exactly. Dragonball Victory shouldn’t even be a thing in the game. Hopefully they bring back Tuff Enuff because that is the only fun way to play.

  6. Lucas Greif says:

    Ultra Rares will drop 1:72 packs @ $3.99 price point. How many ultra rares are in the set, 4? 8? this ratio is way to high to support a competitive environment. One of the down falls of the original game was the availability of specific cards. I hate to sound so negative but this is a reality that needs to be corrected. If I’m doing the math right each ultra rare will have a hypothetical value of $288 (72*$4).

  7. Ian McDaries says:

    Are the old cards going to be allowed to play in tournaments or is that still tbd?

  8. Shane says:

    I’m assuming that there won’t in depth organized play until a few sets have released. 60 cards seems fine as long as too many cards aren’t printed of certain types but enough to make the archetypes playable. 60 cards will also help improve match times and the amount of cards you need to fill a deck. As much as I like what they have done to help balance the game the 1:72 ratio with spheres is horrendous. 1:13 should be the ratio. They also need to be cards that you are excited to pull and not a standard staple. Maybe a staple for a certain archetype but a card as playable as Sphere is good enough reason for me to spend less money on this game than originally anticipated. For casual play I could care less how many cards I have but I’m not going to play competitively if I have to dish out $100+ for a playset of cards.

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