The Prince of All Saiyans Returns! Vegeta Arrives in Panini America’s Dragon Ball Z CCG

After reviewing the footage from San Diego Comic Con, we were able to find some clear-ish pics of the Vegeta personality set and added them to the Panini America DBZ Card Library. We will add clearer pics as soon as we are able, but we thought some of you might appreciate the spoiler now.

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Later, BroZ

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6 Comments to "The Prince of All Saiyans Returns! Vegeta Arrives in Panini America’s Dragon Ball Z CCG"

  1. Rexx says:

    Saiyan vegeta beatdown! Been thinking about a vegeta deck for a while, seems a good way to start haha.

  2. Level 4 power is nuts. Basically an attack that can give you an extra card every turn.

  3. SaiyanWithStyle says:

    Have they released the PAT yet for these new cards? I’m interested to see how they Panini out.

  4. Darryl Fisher says:

    Vegeta seems to be one of the worst mps. I would say that goku, gohan, piccolo are better than him. Frieza might be and krillin probably is.

  5. Eradu says:

    Honestly, Id have to say out of all these personalities they’ve shown so far, none of them are remotely terrible in the Panini version all its own. In the Vacuum that is DBZ CCG, some feel very pigeon-holed into specific deck archetypes. But even then, I dont see that as a bad thing. All things considered, this personality stack for Vegeta seems very fitting given his character, not to mention most of these newer masteries inately give you a way to gain anger (which in and of itself is a great improvement)

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