Goku Infinite Orange – A Panini America Expanded Deck

At this point we still haven’t seen all the cards for Panini America’s Dragon Ball Z, but the imagination is flaring for the possibilities in expanded. We still don’t know how we will integrate Panini cards into an expanded environment, but for fun I decided to see what I could whip up with what we have available. One of the first things that I noticed is that the Orange Adaptive Mastery let’s us combine two win condition cards that were previously mutually exclusive into one deck: Orange Vegeta’s Assault and Orange Rapid Attack.

Main Deck Size: 56

Primary Win Condition: Most Powerful Personality Victory

Secondary Win Condition: Survival Victory

Sensei Deck

-3x Orange Rapid Attack

-Energy Lob

-Breakthrough Drill

-You’re Invited


Drills (11)

3x Speaking With The King Drill

2x Caught Off Guard Drill

Champion Drill

Victorious Drill

Physical Defense Drill

Orange Haulting Drill

Orange Conversion Drill

Orange Guardian Drill


Setups (2)

Where There’s Life There’s Hope

Fatherly Advice


Physical Combat – Attacks (13)

3x Orange Truck Lift

3x Orange Car Push

3x Orange Vegeta’s Assault

2x Goku’s Physical Attack

Cell’s Backslap

Orange Uppercut


Energy Combat – Attacks (7)

4x Goku’s Power Strike

3x Orange Staredown


Defense (8)

4x Goku’s Flight

Time is a Warrior’s Tool

Nappa’s Physical Resistence

Vegeta’s Physical Stance

Frieza’s Force Bubble


Event Combats (13)

3x Confrontation

3x Hercule’s Amazing Techniques

3x Champion’s Aura

3x Majin Buu’s Smooch

Battle Pausing


Battlegrounds (2)

2x Tree of Might


The object of the deck is to win by Most Powerful Personality using Orange Rapid Attack and traditional elements of the Goku Infinite deck while combining some Drill juggling for more card draw and fuel for Orange Vegeta’s Assault. The wonderful new Orange Adaptive Mastery lets you finally utilize drills effectively in a leveling deck machine. There’s actually a lot of neat things you can do when you have the ability to discard your own drills, unlike the fairly inflexible Majin Buu Saga Freestyle Mastery. And sorry Orange Focusing Drill fans, this is one Orange Drill deck that it’ll do more harm than good in.

078 Orange Truck Lift

One of the awesome new tools you get for Drill juggling is Orange Truck Lift. Since the card searches the top of your discard pile, You can easily manipulate what ends up there with an Orange Vegeta’s Assault, Physical Defense Drill or Orange Conversion Drill. Ideally, you are going to be aiming to use your Champion Drill or Speaking With The King Drill, discarding it during combat, then scooping it back into play with Orange Truck Lift for another use and yet another card draw.

Yet another neat trick you can use is Majin Buu’s Smooch. With that card you can use all of your card drawing drills, feed them to an Orange Vegeta’s Assault and then Smooch them back into play by discarding your other drills and then use your draw engine all over again. Even if all your attacks are stopped, you should be gaining a lot of anger from all the attacks you are throwing after an Orange Rapid Attack. The new Goku – Super Saiyan Lv.4 power gives you enough fuel to level after a single Orange Rapid Attack with an Orange Vegeta’s Assault.

08 Goku 4

The new Panini America Goku set works so well with this deck. The only reason why I don’t use Goku – Protector of Earth Lv. 1 in my Main Personality stack is that I don’t run many styled drills for him to target with his power, and none that are imperative to get into play. I could run the World Games Saga Hi-Tech Goku Lv. 1 over Goku – Super Saiyan God Lv. 1, since he does have a useful power for the deck and combined with the small deck size and Piccolo Sensei, it might lure some players into siding in anti-Dragon Ball cards thinking that’s my victory condition. In the end, I just went with the massive top power stages and extra card draw.

Piccolo Sensei is my choice for Sensei, just so you don’t lose any of your card draw drills. Since I run three Hercule’s Amazing Techniques, I would just sensei in two of the Orange Rapid Attacks and stick an Orange Vegeta’s Assault and what ever other attack back in your sensei so you aren’t completely ruined by a Black Scout Maneuver. My next alternate choice would be Supreme Kai Sensei, since all of your win condition attacks are styled (though really most any Sensei will work in the deck).

This is the leveling version of the deck, but it could easily be built as a non-leveling version where you just do all the same tricks minus the Orange Rapid Attacks. Alternatively the deck could also be made into a pretty wicked Piccolo’s Multiform deck, really abusing the Orange Truck Lifts.

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Later, BroZ

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6 Comments to "Goku Infinite Orange – A Panini America Expanded Deck"

  1. Bryan Hayden says:

    The “keep your drills while advancing or lowing a level” on the orange adaptive mastery already exists in old z, but it is a for the remainder of combat effect on the fusion saga card orange energy break. I run it with ova and rapid in orange mbs Janemba. I tried other MPs, but he’s the only one that I’ve found who can combo these three reliably by using his ccp and exclusive cards to stash, retrieve, and recycle key cards. All the while spamming orange drills and speaking with the king drills to keep up with saiyan and namekian decks. I run Just Saiyan in the sensei and have used it to successfully MPPV against 1-5 anger on multiple occasions.

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  3. Thomas Oates says:

    the two sets where never meant to be compatible. there are so many broken expanded combos now with the level 2 and 3 Goku.

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  5. Jason says:

    unsure of the new rule change for this,i know it says any named card in your deck now has to match your MP,but does that apply to just freestyle named cards or colored named cards as well?such as orange vegeta’s assult?either way if this rule is implemented in expanded decks since they use the new cards,than this deck would not be valid as you do have some non colored named cards that dont match your MP.

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