Official Panini America’s Dragon Ball Z CCG Rule Book With Spoilers!

Panini America has posted up the new rule book for the game, complete with some spoilers for Captain Ginyu, Bulma and some named cards.


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7 Comments to "Official Panini America’s Dragon Ball Z CCG Rule Book With Spoilers!"

  1. Gohan Can play Namekian style it is official!!! EST DAY EVER!! XD

  2. Under the ‘Anger’ Section, it mentions lowering a personality to 5 above 0 twice. Typo?

  3. Envision says:

    Deck Size only 60 cards :/

  4. Mj says:

    Can you use the old Dbz cards and gt cards?

  5. Jason says:

    “main personality must be lvl 1-4” LAME. A lot of playable personalities from the old game only have 3 levels.

  6. Steve says:

    I heard the game was making a return and the old cards could be used so I got excited, dusted off the binders and shuffled my decks while reminiscing, but then I saw this and has some concerns:
    A) the level 1-4 MP rule.
    B) I see no mention of the rogue personality rule
    C) I like the critical hit rule
    D) knocking deck size back down to 60
    E) Named cards must match your MP !?! Really?

    I’ll approach this cautiously for I fear it isnt the triumphant return I had hoped it was…

  7. jason says:

    it would been cool if you if the deck size was the same as it was and really you have to have the name cards that match your mp thats no return and was thinking to play again until I heard that and the new mp rule is no good

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