Panini America Dragon Ball Z 2014 TCG Preview: ChiChi Ally

Chi-Chi enters the arena of Panini America’s Dragon Ball Z. I personally love playing as ChiChi in Retro DBZ, she has a really unique feel and there are so many ways that you can play her. Let’s take a brief look at ChiChi through the various Premiere sets of Score Entertainment and Panini America.

86 Chi-Chi LV1

Wow! An ally that can stop a physical attack against Gohan and Goku! Let’s see what she did in Dragon Ball GT…

ChiChi Dragon Ball GT CCG

Oh, I’m sensing a theme starting to emerge here. At least this time she includes Goten, and she can actually stop a physical attack directed at her with her power this time. Gee, I wonder what she’ll do in the Panini America set…

Preview U069 ChiChi


Wow, I did not see that one coming.

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Preview C015 Black Corruption

Preview R124 Black Disorienting Blow

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Later, BroZ

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  1. Aaron says:

    Love the foresight to include Goten.

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