Captain Ginyu Panini America Playtester Deck List – Blue Ginyu Force

Panini America Dragon Ball Z Playtester Joey DiCarlo was kind enough to send us his deck list for a Captain Ginyu Panini America deck, using the Blue Protective Mastery. Since his reveal, Captain Ginyu has been one of the most talked about personalities and many in the community are now trying to make their first decks with Captain Ginyu as their Main Personality. Combined with his Ginyu Force to do the attacking and the Blue Style to do the defending, this seems to be quite a powerful deck.

Do you have improvements or think you can do better? Not sure why some card choices were made? Think this deck would be cooler with another Main Personality or Martial Arts style? Let us know in the comments or on Facebook!

Captain Ginyu Main Personality with Blue Protective Mastery

Dragon Balls (2)

Namek Dragon Ball 2
Namek Dragon Ball 4

Allies (5)

Guldo – Ginyu Force
Jiece – Ginyu Force
Recoome – Ginyu Force
Burter – Ginyu Force
Nappa – Space Traveler

Event Combats (9)

Captain Ginyu’s Body Switch x3
Stare Down x3
Villainous Energy Sphere x3

Attacks (24)

Blue Draining Blast x3
Blue Lunar Ray x3
Blue Terror
Overpowering Attack x3
Blue Betrayal x3
Blinding Energy Move x2
Blue Head Knock x3
Blue Arm Blast x3
Blue Reverse x3

Defense (14)

Blue Shifting Maneuver x3
Blue Defensive Flight x3
Blue Guard x3
Blue Rest x3
Blue Farewell
Time is a Warrior’s Tool

Setups (6)

Villainous Visage
Visiting the Past x2
Blue Battle Readiness x3

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6 Comments to "Captain Ginyu Panini America Playtester Deck List – Blue Ginyu Force"

  1. Shannon says:

    Let the new era of Net decking begin!

  2. Mark G. says:

    love me some Captain Ginyu, this deck seems solid

  3. PJ Bolin says:

    Is Namek db 2 worth playing? Don’t have the fear of it being stolen and giving you a bad time?

  4. John Burke says:

    The only thing I might question is why Blue Round Throw didn’t make the cut for this deck, but I suppose it’s better to just keep losing power stages with as many energy attacks as possible. Again, I just personally like the card. Also, on the subject of other MPs for this Style, I would say maybe Goku with the SSG, but that’s just me

  5. […] decks seem to be the bee’s knees right now, particularly the good Captain Ginyu. Now I hope that the game avoids past Score mistakes where each new set seemed to just introduce […]

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