Black Style Piccolo Panini America Playtester Deck List

Earlier this week I was able to free up enough time from my busy work schedule to go play in a local tournament with my nephew.  It has been over ten years since my nephew and I had played in a DBZ tournament in San Antonio together.  So the nostalgia factor was high.  I ran Piccolo Black and he ran Trunks Orange.  The nostalgia factor went even higher when we got to the tournament and everybody playing had played at the same local store we did way back in the day.  We both did pretty well in the tournament. I got 3rd with my only defeat coming at the hands of a Piccolo Namekian player.  My nephew piloted his Turnks Orange deck to a 4th place finish.  I am more than excited about the game coming back and that people are playing it.  I look forward to being able to play in many more PanZ tournaments soon with this Piccolo Panini America deck.

R122 Black Devious Mastery


Piccolo, Stoic

Piccolo, Combat Stance

Piccolo, Unleashed

Piccolo, Fused


Attacks: 18

Black Defensive Burst*3

Black Energy Web*3

Piccolo’s Special Beam Cannon*3

Black Swirl*3

Black Disorienting Blow*3

Black Interceptor Barrage*3


Drills 2

Black Smoothness Drill*2


Setups 8

Black Searching Technique*3

Visiting the Past*2

Black Power Up*3


Blocks 16

Black Swipe*3

Time is a Warriors Tool

Black Adaptation*3

Black Corruption*3

Black Delay*3

Black Knee Catch*3


Event 14


Piccolo’s Weighted Clothing*3

Black Command*3

Black Scout Maneuver*3

Heroic Energy Sphere*2


Dragon Balls 2

Namek Dragon Ball 4

Namek Dragon Ball 6

4 Comments to "Black Style Piccolo Panini America Playtester Deck List"

  1. Mike2 says:

    Cards and Crafts just went under right? Where did you play at?

  2. jowzer says:

    What were the important cards to strip with your life deck destruction cards? Also when you played an event of your opponents, are the restrictions still in place for what you can play?

  3. grimlock64 says:

    This looks like a sweet deck. Any chance you’ll post your nephew’s Orange Trunks deck? I’m curious as to what he was using. Congrats on making it to 3rd and 4th place btw!

  4. This is the second black deck I was going to make. It can really beat some decks like Ginyu or Goku by removing key cards.

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