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We’ve had all the images for a Dragon Ball GT TCG card list for quite some time, but have always debated putting it up. For starters, it’s not the most well loved period of the game and we did not want to confuse new players by having sets that are compatible with Retro DBZ but also not legal for play as well.

Well, love it or hate it the Dragon Ball GT TCG is part of our history and we have decided to include it in the image library. We have also decided to start organizing the cards by set, rather than by rarity and set like we did for Retro DBZ sets. Let us know what you think of the new organization format, I’ve been considering redoing the Retro sets in the same format.

Remember, unless they are a direct reprint none of these cards are legal in Retro DBZ CCG format events. Without further ado, here are the new image galleries for the Dragon Ball GT TCG!

Dragon Ball GT TCG Logo

Baby Saga

Broly: The Second Coming Subset

Super Android 17 Saga

Shadow Dragon Saga

Villain Invasion Subset

Lost Episodes Saga

Organized Play Promos

Dragon Ball GT League Promos

Dragon Ball GT Promos (Misc.)


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7 Comments to "Dragon Ball GT TCG Card List on RetroDBZ"

  1. grimlock64 says:

    I think it’s nice to have for people who simply wanted to check out all the cards and couldn’t find another resource online.

    Hopefully you’ll do the DBZ TCG in the future as well.

    Also, am I the only one who finds it hilariously awesome that Emperor Pilaf can be used as a main personality? I didn’t even know he had a level 2 and 3. XD

  2. Nick says:

    Sigh as much as I wanted to like GT I still can’t get over what it did to the game. However I will admit I did love the card style and they are nice to look at.

  3. Thomas Oates says:

    I know I’m in the minority but I loved GT. I’d be interesting in writing a piece in defence of it.

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