The Dark Force: A Black Style Captain Ginyu Community Deck List

Submitted by Will Jonathan
I have a small play group where I live here in Florida that plays the Panini Z card game (We’re all vets of the old game as well!), and we created this neat deck idea that I thought I’d share with you.
R122 Black Devious Mastery
We call it The Dark Force. It’s a Black Beatdown deck based around Captain Ginyu and the Ginyu Force allies (Plus Nappa). Here’s the list below:
1x Black Devious Mastery
Main Personality
LVL 1 – Captain Ginyu, Leader
LVL 2 – Captain Ginyu, Energized
LVL 3 – Captain Ginyu, Body Change
LVL 4 – Captain Ginyu, Frog
Allies (5)
1x LVL 1 – Jeice, Ginyu Force
1x LVL 1 – Burter, Ginyu Force
1x LVL 1 – Guldo, Ginyu Force
1x LVL 1 – Recoome, Ginyu Force
1x LVL 1 – Nappa, Space Traveler
Dragonballs (2)
1x Namekian Dragonball 3
1x Namekian Dragonball 5
Drills (3)
3x Black Smoothness Drill
Event Cards (12)
3x Stare Down
3x Black Scout Maneuver
3x Captain Ginyu’s Body Switch
3x Villainous Energy Sphere
1x Time Is A Warrior’s Tool
Physical Attack Cards (14)
3x Black Lunge
3x Black Hug Maneuver
3x Black Defensive Burst
3x Black Disorienting Blow
2x Black Side Thrust
Energy Attack Cards (6)
3x Overpowering Attack
3x Energy Web
Physical Block Cards (7)
3x Black Finger Block
3x Black Knee Catch
1x Black Delay
Energy Block Cards (11)
3x Black Adaptation
3x Black Corruption
3x Black Swipe
2x Black Speedy Dodge
The idea behind the deck is simple:
Use Captain Ginyu’s LVL 1 ability, along with Overpowering Attack, to race out the Ginyu Force as fast as possible and beat away. Searching for Burter first is great because, in conjunction with your Black Mastery, adds an additional +3 to stages and +1 life card to every attack. Or, we can search out Guldo and use him to protect us and boost our attacks, which with the mastery, makes +3 stages and +3 life cards to every attack.
We use Black Scout Maneuver to snatch their Time’s or their best cards from their Life Deck. We use Stare Down to grab their only blocker or the best attack from their hand. Between Stare Down and our Mastery, we can grab two cards from their hand, essentially making their turn useless in some instances.
However, the MVP of the deck is easily Black Smoothness Drill. It provides huge card advantage, as well as allowing us to keep our card advantage when we use our mastery.
Once we get to LVL 3 with Captain Ginyu, the game is pretty much over. We can just beat down for tons of damage at that point, as well as protect ourselves really well with Guldo and allowing our Allies to absorb all physical damage.Anyways, that’s the deck!
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12 Comments to "The Dark Force: A Black Style Captain Ginyu Community Deck List"

  1. grimlock64 says:

    I was just considering making a Black Ginyu deck myself, and nice to see a good decklist to get ideas from (seriously, I forgot Black Smoothness Drill was a thing and should be in all black decks).

  2. scott harris says:

    what would you run is you dont have the 3 Villainous Energy Spheres

  3. Windigrace says:

    2x Visiting the Past
    1x Enraged Strike (the physical attack that gets your 1 anger, lowers theirs 2, banishes 3 cards in their GY)

  4. Don says:

    Are 3 spheres really needed? I have noticed a need for that many without cluttering your deck too much.

    • grimlock64 says:

      The card the spheres are based off of, Trunks’ Energy Sphere, were staples in many decks in the original game as they could stop any event, even defensive event cards. Its’ good to get around those pesky event cards.

    • They’re not NEEDED, but they are very good, especially when you’re a beatdown deck and your opponent casts Time Is A Warrior’s Tool. It’s also great for stopping Stare Down’s, Confrontation’s, Goku’s Kaio Ken’s, Namekian Overtime’s, and other key event cards.

      If you don’t have 3 Spheres, then I’d run with 3 Black Commando, as they synergize perfectly with the Mastery, raise your anger 2, and even gets shuffled back in.

  5. Sebastian says:

    You have 61 cards. The events. Which would you take out?

    • Ah, yes. I didn’t notice the typo. There should only be two Captain Ginyu’s Body Switch, not three. We don’t need all three as the deck already has a pretty good amount of ways to gain anger as it is.

  6. Stryyder says:

    As I noted elsewhere, Spheres are nice, but really not needed in a playset with the current environment. I’d run 2 max. And As someone said before Devastating Blow (they mistook it for Enraged Attack) would REALLY contribute to this deck. I’d replace the Black Lunge with it. It does 3 less base stage damage and doesn’t trigger the secondary mastery effect if dropped, but it reduces opponent’s anger (great against Namekian and Red) and banishes 3 cards OF YOUR CHOICE from your opponent’s discards. WAY too useful to be left out. The last thing I’d suggest is pretty much a staple card to slow anger decks, Namek Dragonball 2.

    -1 Sphere
    -3 Black Lunge

    +1 NDB2
    +3 Devastating Blow

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