ReZ – Score Entertainment’s Dragon Ball Z TCG (2005) Card List on RetroDBZ

We are happy to announce that all images from the base sets of Score Entertainment’s Dragon Ball Z TCG remake, dubbed ReZ by the fans, are now on RetroDBZ. Released in 2005, this short lived game lasted only three sets and though it used similar mechanics and card designs to the original Dragon Ball Z CCG, it was a completely separate game and incompatible with any other DBZ card game.

I am still working on securing clean images of the promo cards, so unfortunately we only have the base sets at this point in time. Also for the final set, Revelations, while a spoiler of the cards was released, unfortunately since the set was never printed and card images never shown in public I have chosen not to include those cards.

So with that, here are the last Score Entertainment Dragon Ball Z cards we have yet to add to our site. That leaves only Bandai’s Dragon Ball Z Game as the only American Dragon Ball Z card game we’ve yet to add to this site…

ReZ Logo





You can view these sets and all other Score Entertainment, Panini America and even Ani-Mayhem Dragon Ball Z card images in our image library as well.


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3 Comments to "ReZ – Score Entertainment’s Dragon Ball Z TCG (2005) Card List on RetroDBZ"

  1. Bryan Hayden says:

    Any plans to post the rulebook?

  2. mcq26 says:

    nooooooo! I need the revelation card images!!!! can I just buy them from you 🙂 ?

  3. Rodney W Wilkinson III says:

    Any plans to put the last CRD and Revelations card text on the site?

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