Bandai Dragon Ball Z CCG Card List Now On RetroDBZ!

Over the long weekend, we found the time to add all of the Bandai Dragon Ball Z CCG card images to the RetroDBZ card library! With this final addition, we now host every Dragon Ball Z card game ever released in the United States on our website (and almost every card too).

We can now welcome any and all content for any Dragon Ball Z card game on our website, so whether you have a killer deck list for Panini America’s Dragon Ball Z, a character analysis for Score Entertainment’s 2005 Dragon Ball Z remake, or a tournament report for the Dragon Ball GT TCG we will take your submissions! Just send them to for consideration.

With that, here is the brand new image library for the Bandai Dragon Ball Z CCG. You can also these in their own section in the RetroDBZ Card Library.

Wrapper - Card Back

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Later, BroZ

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8 Comments to "Bandai Dragon Ball Z CCG Card List Now On RetroDBZ!"

  1. gerame says:

    What about rules for this version?

    • Sam Deoliveira says:

      If you’ve played Naruto ccg it’s the exact same game with a few differences. The cost on cards are chi cost not hand costs.

  2. grimlock64 says:

    Didn’t these cards use similar templates and rules to the Naruto and One Piece CCGs by Bandai? I wonder if they’re compatible in some way. 😛

  3. Nick says:

    They did use the same template and I think for the most part the rules were the same. It would be interesting to see if the games would work against each other.

  4. Phil says:

    The images are great. One thing I would like to see is just a plain text list of all the cards from all the sagas. For a new collector, that would be very helpful.

  5. Sam De Oliveira says:

    I know how to play and would be happy to teach anyone. We should bring this game back to life!

  6. Sam De Oliveira says:

    I know how to play and would be happy to teach anyone. We should bring this game back!

  7. Zach says:

    I always wanted to try this version and played the naruto ccg a little bit, where’s a good place to get these cards? I’m having a hard time finding them and am somewhat low on funds at the moment…

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