How Do You Chiaotzu?

Poor little Chiaotzu. He’s all but forgotten by the time Androids Saga runs around, but he has managed to appear as a character card in every Dragon Ball Z card game to date. The problem? Apparently no one knows how to spell Chiaotzu.

We have the most common spelling of Chiaotzu which appears in two Score Entertainment games and the Bandai game, plus that’s how it’s spelled on the Official Dragon Ball Z website.

025 Chiaotzu - Energy Charged Lv. 1

But surprise Score couldn’t always keep their spelling of “Chiaotzu” consistent.

117 Chaiotzu's Self Destruct

But that’s okay, because they aren’t the only ones who can’t keep their “Chiaotzus” straight.

And Ani-Mayhem comes real close (which is really saying something if you ever feel like browsing that set) by adding only a hyphen although it mixes up his history with the non-cannon Mystical Adventure movie.


But then who knows where this Panini America spelling came from? Maybe they just wanted something easier to spell?

C08 Chaozu - Resurrected

Either way, I personally never liked Chiaotzu as a character and in RetroDBZ he’s notoriously one of the worst personalities in the game. We are talking about the character that quite possibly invented the notion of marrying your anime love pillow.

Chaiotzu's Creepy Body Pillow Wife

Despite all the creepy implications of that relationship, he’s still somehow a Z Warrior so can we at least agree on a way to spell this guys name?

Later, BroZ!

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3 Comments to "How Do You Chiaotzu?"

  1. Brandon Maupin says:

    I will admit that I do like Chasoo … (Look I can misspell things as well) in Panini’s version of the game. Its a big attack, and he gives you +1 card to your deck when you use him. Though I feel all the allies are great for Heroes, they might not all go in the same decks, but there isn’t a reason you wouldn’t want to run at least Yamcha in a hero deck.

  2. Bryan Hayden says:

    I run Chiaotzu in my namekian deck for anger when he shuffles himself.

  3. Jack Travis says:

    When is the new panini set coming out? February? March?

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