Finally! Panini America’s Dragon Ball Z TCG Current Rulings Document 1.0!

At long last Panini America has woken up to the current environment and community feedback, finally releasing a Dragon Ball Z TCG Current Rulings Document, what we affectionately call a CRD. Here are the individual card changes and rulings, taken directly from their CRD:

S2 Vegeta – Villainous and S3 Vegeta – Empowered: These powers only interact with attacks that raise your anger as an immediate effect. For example, HIT effects that gain anger would not benefit from Vegeta – Empowered’s damage modifier.

S008 Goku - Super Saiyan Lv. 4

S8 Goku – Super Saiyan: Treat this card as if it reads “Search your Life Deck, discard pile, and Banished Zone for a total of up to 5 Drills and Place them into play.”

S12 Gohan Armored and S30/R131 Namekian Knowledge Mastery: These cards may continually interact with each other as long as you have a card with the word “anger” in the text box in your discard pile.

R145 Saiyan Empowered Mastery

S25/R141 Saiyan Empowered Mastery: Your anger is raised 1 for each Styled card Rejuvenated.

R131 Namekian Knowledge Mastery

S30/R131 Namekian Knowledge Mastery: Treat this card as if it reads “Whenever your effects Rejuvenate or shuffle cards into your Life Deck during combat, raise your anger 1 level. Whenever a Dragon Ball enters play, your opponent destroys the top card of his Life Deck. While you control 1 Dragon Ball, it cannot be captured by a critical damage effect.”

C19 Black Punishment

C19 Black Punishment: Treat this card as if it reads “Energy attack costing 2 stages. DAMAGE: 4 life cards. HIT: Until the start of your next turn, whenever a card banishes itself after use your opponent destroys the top card of his Life Deck.”

U6 Captain Ginyu – Body Change and U7 Captain Ginyu – Frog: These prevent discarding via critical damage effects (terminology in the rulebook is discard an ally), but not “destroying” (or other forms of removal) from card effects.

U66 Blue Avoidance and S144 Blue Swift Block: When you copy an attack, treat it as if you played an invisible copy of the card yourself. You do not receive any modifiers that the opponent applied to the attack, and AT damage is calculated from your personality’s power level. If you copy an attack that stays on the table to be used again, you may use the attack again.

U097 Red Escape

U97 Red Escape: At the end of a combat where you have played Red Escape and have other “end of combat” effects, you may choose the order in which they occur.

U114 Quickness Drill

U114 Quickness Drill – Treat this card as if it was (sic) Instant Power, and as such may only be used once per turn.

R124 Black Disorienting Blow

R124 Black Disorienting Blow – Hero/Villain Only cards and Named cards are for deck construction purposes only, and may be targeted regardless of your MP’s name or Alignment. You may not play Events that have contextual timing, such as Time is a Warrior’s Tool or Heroic Energy Sphere.

R126 Black Scout Maneuver


R126/P16 Black Scout Maneuver: Treat this card as if it reads “(Banish after use.) POWER: Name a Physical Combat, Energy Combat or Event card. Search your opponent’s Life Deck for all copies of that card and banish them.”

R138 Orange Searching Maneuver

R138 Orange Searching Maneuver: Search for the Drill immediately, and set it aside to be placed into play at the end of combat. If it is not able to enter play at that time, it remains outside of play until the game ends (that card would not be considered Banished).


Furthermore, Panini America has removed almost a third of the playable reprint cards from the reprint list. The following cards can no longer use a previously printed version of the card, and must use the Panini America version (despite having gold titles):

Black Side Thrust

Orange Power Point

Red Energy Defensive Stance

Saiyan Wrist Block

Saiyan Focus

Saiyan Surprise


The full CRD can be found on Panini’s website, but those are all the card entries.

Later, BroZ!

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31 Comments to "Finally! Panini America’s Dragon Ball Z TCG Current Rulings Document 1.0!"

  1. grimlock64 says:

    It’s nice to see that the Namekian mastery has been slowed down a bit. Is it enough? Only time will tell!

    • Probably, yeah. The biggest sin on the original wording was the non-interactivity. you didn’t need to declare combat to win MPPV, pressuring the opponent to play on your terms. that’s gone and the game goes back to being a Combat game instead of Namekian chicken (which I hear is great when fried with a hint of Gallick)

    • TylerA21 says:

      The thing is, it’s not the mastery that makes Namekian style OP, its the cards!. Yes the mastery is still OP and allows for about 4 or even 5 possible positive gains (for the player) per card played, that’s just plan wrong. I am suprized that no one rages that Namekian style mastery is the only mastery printed by panini that almost shouts down A WIN CONDITION for the opponent!!!!!! There are only like, what 2-6 cards in the set that capture dragon balls; moreover, not every style has cards that capture. The game places a very fun mechanic of capturing dragon balls with critical damage effects but this mastery shuts that down and leaves only a few unevenly distributed card effects to win that way. personal I think Panini NEEDS to come down with the limiting hammer one more then a few Namekian style cards. I even think there are limit 1 per deck cards that are less powerful then the Namekian rares!!!! Even Namekian limit 1’s are less powerfull then some of there energy combats!!!!!. So over all the synergy between the Namekian mastery and it’s styled cards is of the charts compared to the other styles. Something that never should have happened. That and who ever wrote there rule book ver. 1 needs to be fired or get a slap up side the head. I lover this game so far, but its execution up till now leaves much to be desired.

  2. _Hyper_ says:

    As for Blue Avoidance and Blue Swift Block, do you mean damage modifiers or secondary effects?

    • Joshman says:

      Modifiers of any kind. Basically you get all printed effects on the card, but let’s say you copied a Saiyan Style attack performed by Vegeta Lv. 3. You would not get Vegeta’s damage modifier bonus for that attack, nor would you get the Secondary and HIT effect from the Saiyan Mastery. Just what is on the card.

  3. Krieg Mayer says:

    Why would you change the reprint cards now? What clause is in effect to make such a change??

  4. Michael says:

    Would “performing the last attack” as seen on frieza lv2 get the s
    tay in play effect of an attack?

  5. Adam nelson says:


  6. Andrew says:

    Panini has pretty much proven they will give in to whatever this site tells them needs to be done. Namekian wasn’t dominating the shop I go to nearly as much as blue. Blue is by far the most OP style in the game right now. There is plenty of Anti anger and this just makes the anti decks even more powerful. Namekian already had enough short comings with being dependant on dragonballs being out for most of the secondary effects and having almost no endurance. Well it will probably be all Blue decks this week now, thanks Panini

  7. Yes and no. I was/am a Namekian player and it was all too easy to beat Blue because all I needed was defensive cards and Bluma to hate out Blue Head Knocks after the first one.
    Never attack into Blue and they can’t easily lower your anger faster than you can replace it with your defensive cards. Discard/Rejuvinate on your turns for stable Anger gains and slow and steady wins the race.
    Now my friends Blue deck trounces me handily while I rebuild, so yes Blue is now more of a thing, but it’s not a bad thing (yet).

  8. _Hyper_ says:

    By the way, is it mandatory to have all 4 levels of an MP? May I choose to have, for instance 3, instead? I’m asking, because Trunks is a kind of mishap. How is it possible that level 3 allows you to draw an extra card, while level 4 (theoretically the stronger one) doesn’t? Both should have this privilege and if not, then it should be the other way round. What do you think?

    • Level 3 only works on your deck.
      Level 4 works on your opponent’s Deck as well.
      When entering Combat effect happen before Defender draws 3 cards.
      I’d say choosing your opponent’s hand is better than drawing one.

      • _Hyper_ says:

        That is true, but you see there is no consistency between levels 3 and 4. My point is:

        level 1 allows me to rearrange my Life Deck (top 4 cards) and remove the opponent’s top discarded card;

        level 2 allows me to rearrange either Life Deck (top 4 cards) and remove any of the opponent’s discarded card (so there is consistency);

        level 3 allows me to rearrange my Life Deck (the top 6 cards) and draw an additional card (so I draw 4 cards instead of 3); 🙂

        level 4 allows me to rearrange either Life Deck (the top 6 cards);

        As you can see, there is no consistency between level 3 and 4. So what is the point of having level 4, since it seems to be slightly weaker? That is so painfully unfair. Maybe they will fix this mistake and if they do, Trunks will definitely be my MP. :/ :/ :/

        • I don’t think you appreciate how powerful looking at the top 6 cards of an opponent’s deck and putting them back on top in any order is.
          When you were getting to look at 4 cards, you just hedge out his strongest card.
          When you get to look at 6, you get to dictate if they have a pure defense hand, pure offence, or all setup/ally/dragonballs because you can choose the worst 3 cards out of 6 for him to draw. This can utterly blow out a player on the defensive.

  9. Leo says:

    What about Blue Reverse? How does that work?

    • _Hyper_ says:

      I guess you hit back with all the DAMAGE your opponent dealt or would have dealt (including DAMAGE modifiers from Mastery card, drills, floating effects and personality powers) with his/her last attack.

      I personally prefer Blue Reverse from Kid Buu Saga (copies the type and damage of the attack [+2 cards], all secondary and “if successful” effects and adds +2 Life Cards of damage to every attack copied by you for the remainder of combat).

      It would be a real thorn in my opponent’s side. 🙂 Unfortunately Panini screwed this one up big time. :/ :/ Sorry for this critique, but blue is my favourite colour (and DBZ style, at the same time). 🙂

  10. chris says:

    saiyan don’t need more anger what it needs is rejuvenation. I think it should say when you use endurance rejuvenate 1 from the bottom of the discard pile. this would keep them in the fight and it would help with the lack of defense saiyan suffers. allies should be limited to 3 in play at a time namekian should loose anger victory they damage high they ball control and heal giving anger victory is too much. red shouldn’t lose the card they draw when lvling or let them rejuvenate it.

    • Use Krillin for your Red deck and all of a sudden that card lost on leveling up is amazing for triggering his Level 1 floating effect.
      It’s very possible to get Krillin from 1 to 4 in a single combat with Red Burning Rage using only Starter Red cards.

  11. Bcsalk1105 says:

    We’ll I have read the new rule book and if I am not mistaken it says you can only use your mastery once per turn so namekian mastery can increase your anger once per combat correct ??? It is on page 16 under power if someone can answer me that be very helpful because going to a local trny sat

  12. Cool, Erratas have happened to help balance the game
    now they need to gender nutralise their text so that they don’t get a bad rap for it 😛

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