Dragon Ball Z TCG Heroes & Villains: All RetroDBZ Previews

Howdy BroZ! We had originally hoped to stretch out our previews leading up to the release of Dragon Ball Z TCG Heroes & Villains on March 6th with exciting contests and articles and reveals. Unfortunately, Panini America has carelessly released the entire spoiler list with images online, over two weeks early.

Exclusive spoilers have so far been the only way that Panini America has supported their most dedicated fans who spend a good amount of time building communities, podcasts, websites, etc… around the Dragon Ball Z TCG. For whatever reason and contrary to conventional marketing practices observed by nearly every other game maker, Panini America has chosen not to support their fan communities with interviews, press releases, review copies or even giveaways to help promote the game through its fans. Preview spoilers were it.

After talking to a few other of the community leaders who received previews, and Panini America’s lack of involvement on the issue (the leaked spoilers are still on Panini America’s website and discoverable through a Google Search at the time of this writing), I’ve decided to stop fighting it and empty out our exclusive spoilers in one post since they are no longer “exclusives” nor “spoilers”.

Sadly, the folks this hurt the most were the fan sites who get previews to build hype and draw in new community members.

Later, BroZ!

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4 Comments to "Dragon Ball Z TCG Heroes & Villains: All RetroDBZ Previews"

  1. Turles says:

    I wonder what this means for the game as a whole?

  2. Will says:

    Turles, I assure you it means nothing.

  3. Giveaways would have been nice…

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