Captain Ginyu Orange Heroes and Villains Deck List

One of my favorite decks to play in set 1 was Orange Ginyu.  I found it to be one of the most consistent and straight forward decks to play. If you would like to read an analysis of Orange Ginyu in set 1 Chippy wrote an excellent article on the subject.  With the release of Heroes and Villains it came time to update the deck.   I tinkered with a few different builds before settling on this list.  Last weekend I loaned an earlier version of the deck to my friend Brian Valdez to use in the Heroes and Fantasies set two launch tournament.  Brain ended finishing second with the deck.  Loosing to Black Ginyu in the finals.  After the tournament he and I compared notes.  In the end I ended up the the deck listed below.   Which ended up including five cards from the new set.


Orange Aura Mastery

Captain Ginyu Level 1 -4

Attacks: 26

Orange Uppercut*3

Orange Searching Maneuver*3

Orange Launcher*3

Orange Offensive Strike*3

Orange Stardown*3

Orange Power Point*3

Overpowering Attack*3

Withering Fire*3

Wall Breaker*2


Drills: 6

Orange Aura Drill

Orange Hiding Drill

Orange Burning Aura Drill

Orange Steady Drill

Orange Focusing Drill

Orange Possession Drill



Visiting the Past*2

Villainous Visage


Allies: 6








Dragon Balls: 1

Namek Dragon Ball 7


Events: 9

Captain Ginyu’s Body Switch*3

Stare Down*3

Orange Dodge*3


Blocks: 9

Orange Energy Catch*3

Orange Refocus*3

Orane Energy Absorption*2

Time is a Warriors Tool


Five cards may not seem like a lot but those five cards helped improve the decks weak set 1 match ups quite a bit.  Now lets take a look a closer look at the Heroes and Villain those cards that made the cut.


Withering Fire: This card is a straight remake of Android 19’s Energy Burst form Android Saga.  Which was one of the best villains only cards from the original game.  Between Orange Stare Down and Withering Fire you have plenty of ways of dealing with any drills your opponent might use to give you trouble.




Wall Breaker: One of the things this deck had trouble dealing with in set 1 was decks that used anger to win by MPV.  Wall Breaker gives you a way to deal with those decks.  Between your defense drills, Hiding Drill and Guldo your opponent should have hard time hitting you for critical damage.

R135 Wall Breaker


Orange Possession Drill:  In most games drawing cards is a good thing.  And that is exactly what this card does.  Even if you dont have a drill to pitch being able to cycle your hand for two new cards can be very helpful.

R116 Orange Possession Drill



Vegeta, Impatient:  I experimented with running Frieza and Dodoria but ended up settling on Vegeta.  He is not a necessary addition but hey I like Vegeta I wanted run him.  Plus my list runs a fair amount of physical attack so his modifier power does come in handy.




Orange Dodge:  Anytime a card has the ability to prevent both physical and energy attacks it is a good thing.  Orange Dodge does have have a few downsides.  It is an event so it is open to getting sphered and does not stop the attack so it wont keep your opponent from using any hit effects.  Still it a very good card to have at your disposal.

R118 Orange Dodge





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  1. solemn says:

    pretty sweet if youre looking to loose the second the match starts. thats a illegal 61 card deck

  2. Did you consider maxing out on Allies and running Ginyu’s Pain?

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