Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Quick Level Up Guide

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We’ve noticed that many of you have picked up the Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle app game, and it being a card based Dragon Ball Z game we wanted you to know that of course we support it and related discussion about the game. I’ll try to post some articles about the game when I can, since we already get a ton of questions about it on our Facebook Group.

This weekend I just wanted to share my Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle quick level up guide so that you can easily, and cheaply, start building your own crushing team fast. You only need two N-Rank characters, a hand-full of low level Training items, about six low-level Awakening Medals and about 3400 Zeni.

Step 1:

Take any two N-Rank characters (they don’t have to be matching colors) and train them together. Add 5000 EXP worth of Training items of the matching color of the character you are leveling up.

That can be any combination of the following Training items, so long as it equals 5000 EXP and matches the color of the character you are training:

Turtle Rock – 1000 EXP

Turtle Shell (20K) – 2000 EXP

Turtle Shell (40K) – 4000 EXP

You can of course use higher level training items, or use more training items if you are going off color, but that is wasteful. You need 7500 EXP to max out your N-Rank character at Level 20.

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Level Up Trick Step 1


Step 2: 

Now you want to Z-Awaken the character you just leveled up. Since they are N-Rank, this won’t take much. In most cases, it’ll be 5-6 low level Awakening Medals.

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Level Up Trick Step 2


Step 3:

Now that you have your newly Awakened character, it’s time to feed them to the machine. Train them against a like-colored character and they become worth a whopping 44670 EXP (this shrinks to around 30000 EXP if you train against an off-colored character. That’s a little better than the Ultra Rare Training item “Weight (10t)” which only provides 40000 EXP. It’s enough to boost a character from Lv. 1 to Lv. 28 instantly!

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Level Up Trick Step 3

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This has been Joshman! Later BroZ!

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