The Ginyu Force’s Signature Pose – A Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Team

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I’m posting one of the Dokkan Battle teams I’ve been having fun with. As is the nature of the game, it’s not always easy to get the optimal characters that you want. So with that in mind, it’s not hard to imagine that there are some better choices (mainly higher rarity versions) to go on this team, but we gotta work with what we have. Likewise, it’s not hard to create a similar team given the amount of Ginyu Force characters in the game. This team revolves around The Ginyu Force’s Signature Pose bonus.

The Ginyu Force works so well together, and have multiple bonuses that key off of each other. Every member has the Ginyu Force’s Signature Pose and The Ginyu Force bonus, which gives +2 Ki and and +25% ATK respectively. These bonuses will stack on the card you put in the middle, giving that Ginyu Force member +4 Ki and +25% ATK twice!

On top of this Burter and Jeice have the Tag Team of Terror bonus, which gives them an additional +500 ATK when they are next to each other. Guldo and Recoome have the identical Brutal Beatdown bonus, which also gives them +500 ATK when they are next to each other.

I added Great Saiyaman to round out the team of six since he also has the Ginyu Force’s Signature Pose ability, as well as Brainiacs which will link with Guldo to give them ATK +300 and DEF +1000. Great Saiyaman 2 also has the Ginyu Force’s Signature Pose so she could be used instead of Gohan. I hope that they eventually add the Captain Ginyu as Goku character that you fight in story mode, so you can have a full six member Ginyu Force team.

Jeice Super Attack

I use Burter – Speed Tactics as my leader since he gives a blanket +1 Ki to your entire team. Most of the other Ginyu Force members have leader powers that are color specific, so while overall this is a weak power it’s one of the better options for this team. As is, all members of the team start with 3 Ki and your middle character starts with 5 Ki. This allows your team to easily throw Super Attacks left and right, not to mention ensuring that you always attack at full power.

Further character passive skills kick this into overdrive. For example, Burter’s Fastest Thing Alive skill gives him another +2 Ki when you place him first, Jeice gives all your allies +1000 ATK when he attacks second and Recoome gets another +1000 ATK when he goes third. See what I mean about the bonuses stacking up like mad!

The biggest downside is having to take on guest characters, as very few people use Ginyu Force members as leaders (though you may see some Saiyaman and Saiyaman 2 on occasion). Having to take on a guest will sadly throw off your whole tempo for that turn, or at the very least make you half as effective the turn they pop up.

Despite that, give this team a try (even if you have lower rarity Ginyu Force members) and you’ll start seeing screens like this a lot more often:

Ginyu Force Super Attacks

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This has been Joshman! Later BroZ!

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