RetroDBZ Cell Saga Previews – A Six-Card Rundown

It’s that time again when everyone is clamoring for new cards, and we’ve heard you: you want Cell Saga Previews! Well, we got em. The Cell Saga Previews are an interesting little set that definitely added a few tricks at the time, though most had become outdated by the end of the game. It also mainly benefited Villains. Still, there were some interesting tidbits in the Cell Saga Previews collection.


Cell Smiles made into a few gimmick decks, but it was already vastly overshadowed by Android 18’s Stare Down which came out in the same set. Being that you couldn’t see the cards you were choosing, Cell Smiles had incredibly limited use. Eh, what can you expect from a common?


This Cell Saga Preview was a decent attack, but vanilla all around and hardly worth running unless you needed random Cell-named cards for some reason. There was already a Chiaotzu-named card in the Frieza Saga that basically did the same thing, one that we’re all guilty of using. Heck, there’s possibly even a card that came out as a promo before the original game released that did the same thing, if you can decipher Saiyan Saga era wording.


This is attack is Garbage.


No we’re talking! One of the more useful Cell Saga Previews, and while I wouldn’t exactly call it a staple in Villain decks it was about as close as you could come. It was a much less restrictive version of Frieza Smiles that could easily fit in a Villain stasis or Vinegar MP deck. It certainly did have its drawbacks, like stopping your own attacks and being vulnerable to Trunks Energy Spherebut it was usually worth the deck space.


Mmmm… meh? Awful Abrasions and other cards of it’s ilk (like Severe Bruises and Goku’s Heart Disease) did see use, but being Non-Combat cards and thus vulnerable to Non-Combat removal, they were just super unreliable. Cards like this were the precursor to a whole mechanic in the Panini DBZ game, which I personally feel was executed very poorly. I’ve always been curious as to why the card quote doesn’t match up at all to the scene, and wonder if that quote may have been intended for Cell Smiles. I’m sure the truth is probably much more terrible.


The crown jewel of Cell Saga Previews. Cell’s Threatening Position was the tool that kept the Most Powerful Personality Victory in check for the rest of the game. While I definitely think this card was overkill, it was balanced by being limited to a smaller pool of characters and it had a significant chance of doing absolutely nothing against most popular decks of the time.

Well, I hope you enjoyed our Cell Saga Previews. We’ll be back next week with exclusive previews for Perfection.

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Later, BroZ!

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