JustSaiyan.com Events at Gen Con 2016

Hiya BroZ!

It’s been an exciting year already and Gen Con is only days away now. Here is a rundown of all the Just Saiyan events at this year’s show. Also, I am super proud to be one of Gen Con’s Industry Insider Presenters this year and represent the DBZ community. Be sure to check out some of those events as well, as I will be paired with some of gaming’s most talented minds to discuss a series of topics.


Thursday, August 4

6:00 PM

The Dragon Ball Panel

Game ID: ANI1688864

Location: Lucas Oil Stadium : Meeting Rms 3–4

Yup, our yearly Dragon Ball panel is back again for 2016! We discuss a wide variety of topics on all things Dragon Ball, though I should note that this is not a TCG focused panel. Unfortunately Garrett won’t be here this year, so I asked The Orange Hat Guy to fill in for him.


11:00 PM

The Drinking Games Panel

Game ID: SEM1688862

Location: Crowne Plaza : Pennsylvania Stn B

Amazingly, Gen Con has somehow allowed us to continue hosting this raucous panel for a fourth year in a row. The Orange Hat Guy and I are ready to make you laugh… if the event wasn’t already sold out. Those of you without tickets but still interested in attending, please feel free to show up and we’ll try to accommodate as many people as possible.



11:00 AM

Gaming & Community

Game ID: SEM16100244

Location: ICC : 240

An Industry Insider Panel. Among the topics that will be discussed during this panel is how RetroDBZ saved and resurrected the Dragon Ball Z TCG.



2:00 PM

Working On Licensed Properties

Game ID: SEM16100240

Location: Westin : Council

An Industry Insider Panel. Licensed properties carry with them a host of special circumstances but if you know how to navigate the terrain, they can also offer a chance to work in amazing spaces of shared creativity.


4:00 PM

Social Media and the Gaming Industry

Game ID: SEM16100231

Location: ICC : 240

An Industry Insider Panel. Social media has changed the world, & gaming is no exception. Discussion on ways to improve your online presence, market yourself & your game to prospective clients & customers.


And those are the events this year. We look forward to seeing you at some of them this year.

Later, BroZ!


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