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RetroDBZccg is an online community for gamers and Dragon Ball fans created by Garrett “in the hat” Wilkinson and Joshua “Joshman” Morris, with input from David “Chipmunk” Eckhardt. All three have worked in the games industry for years on a variety of projects and with companies like Wizards of the Coast, Score Entertainment, Square Enix, EA, Bioware, Nippon Ichi Software, Gearbox, FUNimation Entertainment, Viz Media, Capcom, Bandai Namco, Midway, Dark Horse Comics, Tokyo Pop and Upper Deck Entertainment.

Since the early 2000s, the core staff has run events, workshops and spoken on industry panels at San Diego Comic Con, New York Comic Con, Gen Con, Wizard World, Anime Expo, Mega Con, Anime Central, Otakon, Origins, GAMA, Sakura Con, Anime Boston, A-Kon Dallas and Texas Frightmare Festival to name a few. If you would like to get in touch with RetroDBZccg about running an event or panel, we are happy to provide assistance to members of the community to run local events and are willing to work with conventions and companies for larger engagements.

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Garrett Wilkinson is an experienced game designer, with over a dozen releases credited to him sold in mass retail. His crowning achievement is the multiple award nominated Inuyasha Trading Card Game, which has been reprinted twice due to popular demand. Garrett is now an award winning event planner and works on high-end events throughout Texas.

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Garrett’s Twitter: @GarrettInTheHat

Instagram: garrett_in_the_hat

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Joshua Morris is a National Champion gamer and designer, having contributed work to games based on Dragon Ball Z, Bleach, Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat to name a few. After managing events for FUNimation for a little over a year, Joshua now works freelance events and social media in the local start-up community of Dallas, TX.

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Joshua’s Twitter: @ArguablyTrue

Contact E-Mail: RetroDBZccg@yahoo.com

Twitter: @retrodbzccg

Tumblr: RetroDBZccg

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14 Comments to "About"

  1. Steve Jones says:

    I like watching your videos of matches but it would be awesome if you posted decklist so we can keep up if we don’t remember/know all the cards. Awesome website though!!!!! Keep up the good work

  2. i have a bunch of tournament style decks i would love to play one at gen con i would love to be able to post the deck list and get some feed back or just email you the deck list

  3. Dan Heacock says:

    Can Vegeta the Celestial be obtained in Fusion saga booster packs?

  4. Dan Heacock says:

    Is that a card game mag and does that mean he is pretty much impossible to get ahold of now?

  5. Darryl Fisher says:

    It is a card game mag. But he is very easy to get. Just ebay it up and spend a couple bucks. or just proxy him. These days you can get any card foil proxied for about $15.

  6. JMan says:

    I have a question about Foil Patterns for certain Ultra Rares. I have noticed some Ultra Rares are limited or unlimited that they are either full foiled are half foiled. Does anyone know which of these is considered to be more valuable, or is there such a thing with every Ultra Rare? Or any of these foil patterns fake or misprinted and have different value? I have seen a few SSJ3 Gokus that have different foil patterns. I am not taking about Alt. Foil, but more so the fullness of the foil pattern of some of these personalities. If anyone has any insight on this please share. Thank You

  7. Darryl Fisher says:

    To my knowledge, the only UR’s that had different foiling was the GT UR’s. All Z UR’s should have the same foiling whether they are limited or unlimited.

  8. KBJ2121 says:

    To add to what JMan is talking about, for example, I have a Goku SSJ3 Limited with the entire card foil including the body and hair and a Goku SSJ 3 Limited with the entire card foil EXCEPT the body and hair. My question is why are they different where would they come from?? Would you know the answer?? Thanks!

    • Midgard says:

      I have a “checkered foil” Piccolo 5 with the numbering UR18 as opposed to the Cell Games Saga numbering. I believe these were prizes from GKI or some sort of event. If that is correct perhaps you have the same sort of thing. *shrug

  9. Tower says:

    Would be awesome and of some great help if you would help promote this tournament
    It’s in lancaster ca
    And here are some details , really want this to succeed

    Attention ALL Dragonball Z players: the west coast is having its first big event! A 1k in Lancaster, CA at Bases Cards and Comics! Sunday, March 29th at noon! Mark your calendars. Tournament and prize structure will be posted shortly! PM me if you have any questions!
    1k details!
    Tournament will be 6 or 7 rounds depending on turnout, then cut to top 8, which will be single elimination. Keep in mind we need at least 40 to make this happen so spread the word! Here are the 3 scenarios.

    40-44 people:
    $30 buy in
    No pity pack
    30-4th through 8th

    45-54 people
    $30 buy in
    Everyone not in top 8 gets a pity pack
    30-4th through 8th

    55+ people
    $25 buy in
    Everyone not in top 8 gets a pity pack
    25-4th through 8th

    For any extra people past the minimum in each scenario, the prize for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd will increase in ascending order.

  10. Ben Anderson says:

    I found in my collection a card that isn’t related to the Score CCG game, I can’t even make out the text because it’s all in Japanese. It’s essentially a sticker that’s been laid ontop of the actual card (seemingly as if the sticker is optional to use as a sticker or as the actual card). The sticker is a picture of adult ss2 gohan and it has a gold foil border. Again, the sticker is the same size and shape of the card, they come as one “card” and the sticker can be removed and stuck to something, or just remain as one side of the actual card. Anyone familiar with this?

  11. David Hemmings says:

    yea im from East Maitland N.S.W Australia just wondering if some one there could point me towards my closest store that plays DragonBall Z ccg i believe my Freestyle Majin Buu With allies is not so bad need somewhere to play really keen thank you CrazyDave

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