On this page you’ll find excellent resources for how to play the Dragon Ball Z TCG, including the classic Score Entertainment game, the Retro DBZ CCG version of the game and the new Panini America version.


Panini America’s Dragon Ball Z Rule Book

Panini America Dragon Ball Z CCG Rulebook Page 01







Buu Saga Rule Book




Click here to view the RetroDBZccg CRD for the Classic Score Entertainment Game

 Retro DBZ ccg Tournament Rules

Game Rules:

Retro DBZ ccg tournaments use the pre-GT rules system and feature only cards printed from Saiyan Saga through Kid Buu and any Retro DBZ virtual cards. All legal cards can be found on the card images page.

The Fusion Saga power chart is the chart that will be used for all tournaments.

For further rules questions please refer to the crd or Buu Saga rule book.

Players are allowed to use proxies in all Retro DBZ ccg tournaments.  The proxies must be printed copies of the cards.  No hand written proxies are allowed.

Click here for instructions on how to make excellent proxies with the images on this site.

For the card, Majin Buu’s House, here is Physical Attack Chart B:

Rule Changes in effect for all Retro DBZ tournaments

Sensei Change:  Any card may be run in your Sensei deck as long as it can be legally played in your deck.  

Double Power and Hero/Villain Rule:  The double power will no longer be in affect for all Retro DBZ tournaments.  Both players will start at five stages above zero.  The hero / villain rule will no longer be used to determined which player starts the game first.  The player who goes first will be randomly determined before the matches starts.

Allies Rules Change: You may now play an ally even if that ally is the same personality as your opponent’s MP or if your opponent has that same ally in play.

Searching for Cards a.k.a “Cherry Picking Rule”
Whenever you use a card effect to search for a card in your Life Deck, always show your
opponent the card you searched for and shuffle your Life Deck and allow him to cut your deck. Whenever you search your Life Deck for a card and there is no legal card that you can get, you may fail the search.  If this occurs, shuffle your Life Deck and proceed with the game.  Your opponent does not get the option to look through your Life Deck to make sure that there are no legal cards for you to get.

Swiss Tournament Format:

  • 50 Minute rounds – If time is reached in a round the players will receive five additional turns.  If no player has won the game at the end of the fifth turn the game will be counted as a draw.
  • 8 – 16 players 4 rounds with a cut to top 4.
  • 17 – 32 players – 5 rounds with a cut to top 8.
  • 33 – 64 players – 6 rounds with a cut to top 8.
  • 65+ players – 7 rounds with a cut to top 8.

241 Comments to "Rules"

  1. Aaron says:

    are you going to make these pdf’s? also, are you going to post the rulebooks for the other sagas, also in pdf?

  2. Aaron says:

    when you pdf the rulebooks, are they going to be the full rulebooks? i saw a buuu saga book on the web that started at pg 18. please make them full and not start them in the middle of the document.

  3. Josh courtney says:

    Im very glad you to see this game is still alive. I will be playing a gencon for sure. In regards to rules, will the errata take effect from where it left off? Ie west kai sensei I know changed like 3 times and certain cards became “limit 1 per deck” also is it safe to assume when you say we can use proxies, we use sleeves and put a normal card in and put a printed piece of paper in front of it? And can we use any number of proxies?

  4. Joshman says:

    We have an errata, it is essentially the same as the errata that was in effect at the end of Z. We will be posting the CRD soon, though we have heard calls for certain changes to be made by the next Gen Con event. We will make a post if that happens.

    Any number of proxies may be used, granted that they are proxies of legal cards for the format. For our events, we generally require you to have a print out of the card in order to get exact wording, card number, headshots, rarity, etc… as certain cards and effects reference those things.

  5. Sean says:

    What is the ruling for SWK in 2012? Is she legal or banned?

  6. Roger says:

    I just discovered this website. It’s pretty epic that somebody still plays the old school dbz card game. I just dug out my plastic tub, tins, and cardboard card containers full of dbz. Is like to start something in my area, but I honestly don’t know how to go about it. I live in Erie, PA. Let me know if any of you want to play here. Email me at

  7. Some jerk says:

    So, is there a reason you don’t use the KBS attack table?

  8. ryan says:

    do they still have tournments for the dbz ccg

  9. ryan says:

    question for guys.when u making a deck do u have to have sensi deck now or not and if i make say a red sytle deck can i use named drills and named non combat cards or do they all have to be red sytle only.thanks for the help

    • Joshman says:

      You do not have to have a Sensei or Sensei Deck, but you cannot have a Sensei Deck without a Sensei. You can have non-colored or “Freestyle” cards (including non-colored named cards) in any colored deck, so long as they have no other restrictions.

      • ryan says:

        i thank you very much for the help you guys should make a video on how to play for us who totally forget how to play.thanks again

  10. Jason says:

    I thought that, at the end of Z, they had added the rule: on your draw step, look at the top 6, put them back in any order, draw 3 cards. I could have sworn that for fusion and kid buu, we were playing like that…

    was this only for expanded?

  11. tommy says:

    hey guys, quick question, none of that top tier stuff means anything right? we’re going by Score’s CRD, correct?

    • Joshman says:

      There will be some alterations, but overall yes we will be going by Score’s CRD. I’m not 100% familiar with what in particular the ‘Top Tier stuff’ is that you are referring.

  12. tommy says:

    in the CRD you guys link to, there is some red stuff and some blue stuff… both having to do with top tier changes to the CRD.

    imo, ban swk (to promote beatdown decks) and leave the rest alone :3

  13. Dylan says:

    Very glad to see this game is still being talked about. I just got my cards out of the attic and ill be getting back to the swing of the game… just wish there will be future events in the South NJ area. Question for you guys though personal opinions… whos your favorite MP to use? Any style you guys prefer

    • Joshman says:

      I enjoy playing personalities that require you to play in a new/unique way, rather than any of the personalities that could fit in any kind of deck. I typically like to play Saiyan, but I will play just about any style if there’s a fun/creative deck to be made.

  14. What sets and promos will all be legal for Gencon this year? Will it be everything on the card Image page. Are league promos legal? Just curious if anyone knows an official list of everything that is legal?

    -McKenzie | TH5

    • Joshman says:

      Cards that are “League Only” or “Tuff Enuff Only” are not legal for play in Retro DBZ events. Additionally, there is a Banned/Restricted list in the rules section that holds a few other banned cards. Other than that, I believe all other cards in our library are playable.

  15. Chibi Trunks | TH5 says:

    I have a question, as I’m sitting here looking at cards. Are league only and tuff enough only cards legal to play in the event at Gen Con? I know up top it says all legal cards can be found in the Card Image section, but wasn’t 100% sure.

    Thanks guys,

  16. I am curious about a couple cards Black Scout Maneuver is it limit 2 per deck unless you are black mastery, and Da Bomb! What is the ruling on this card, is it legal to play. Cause if there are 50 people in the event for Gencon it seems like an auto win?

  17. SSJGotenks says:

    How are you guys going to manage Deck Lists? Do you have a .pdf or other type of document we should download? Are we just going to fill out the Decklists when we arrive for the tournament?

  18. StillChewy says:

    Is there an official ruling on cards with remain? I know Remain was a GT rule but there is nothing in the CRD about cards like Piccolo’s Power Ball, so I was wondering if cards like PPB are removed after use.

    • Joshman says:

      Remain was a key word added in GT and amended to all Z cards that stayed in play. Z has no such rules, so if a card stays in play and does not remove itself from the game then it does indeed get discarded.

  19. Darthwahl says:

    This is awesome. I thought my cards were just going to sit around forever. I almost lost hope. I found a new home and I have pretty much all the cards I need. Now I just need someone to play against again.

  20. Darthwahl says:

    Is there anyway for someone like me to help out with images of the rulebook.

  21. Arik says:

    Anyone in the Milwaukee area want to get together and play a few games to prep for the gencon?

  22. Scott Wilding says:

    Something was just brought to my attention in testing…the CRD is missing the clause from Focused attacks that they are not able to be stopped by defense shields. Was this a deliberate omission, or merely an oversight?

  23. Scott Wilding says:

    No problem. I just wanted to make sure, since some players have asked me about it.

  24. Scott Wilding says:

    I’m guessing this next one was an oversight, so I figured I’d let you know for whenever you update CRD next. If I remember right, Saiyan Power Block should be on the restricted list as well.

  25. Evan says:

    Theres probably no way this question will (or maybe can be) answered but I gotta ask. How does Devastation drill work with the Freestyle Mastery that allows nothing to happen to your drills? Devastation says “discard this drill if you have any other non-combat cards in play” does the Mastery override this text? Meaning you can have 3 doubles of the drill in play as well as any other drills/non combats!?

  26. cabbageman says:

    Question for someone. When the heck did weakness drill get allowed? (Yeah i’m behind) Is that a mistake. It should be…

  27. Anthony M. says:

    Hey I have a ruling question. My friend and I were playing a game earlier and came into some trouble. He was using trunks level 1 from the freiza redemption promo. I just happened to play Energy Empowerment drill where it says my energy attacks do a minimum of 6 life cards after modifiers. Well his power says all energy attacks performed against him do a maximum of 2 life cards of damage. Which power would work? Another one in the same situation but I’m using Turles, if I get to level 2 or 3 where it says damage from my attacks cannot be reduced. Does that mean his power wouldn’t work on my energy attacks or no? He said that it wouldn’t because it says it makes my attacks do a maximum and technically not reducing my attacks… but it is. Anyway I was just wondering if anyone could put their two cents in.

  28. Darryl Fisher says:

    They would do 2. Trunks power isn’t a modifier, its a cap which is different than a modifier or reduction. To my knowledge there isn’t an attack in the game that gets around trunks lv 1 power.

    • Anthony M. says:

      lol it’s just a little confusing seems like a paradox because they are both caps right? I would just say Trunks would work fist because he was in play first so it’s all good. Thank you.

  29. Edison Carasio says:

    Unless the attack says it is not affected by personality powers maybe.

  30. Anthony M. says:

    Okay so I have 2 questions. One for Darryl, was that you on OCTGN DFish? or something like that? Question 2 I made a quick silly deck just for fun that turned out pretty good so far it has won 5 out of 7 games I didn’t think it would win any but it turned out pretty good. That’s besides the point but I was runny blue forceful explosion I think it’s called. Energy attack for 5 life raise your anger 1 for the remainder of combat it prevents 1 power stage from your opponent’s physical attacks performed against you for every ally you have in play. Now is that from that point on or would it decrease if he discarded some of my allies? Say I had 7 allies out when I played it. Then he discarded 3 of them then would only 4 power stages be prevented or would it be 7 because that’s how many I had when I played it? Simple question just needed some judgement on it it seems it could go both ways.

  31. Edison Carasio says:

    I would think the series of events would be:
    You play an energy for 4 life cards.
    Empowerment Drill looks at it and bumps it to 6.
    Trunks comes to defend and his power looks at it and caps it to 2.

  32. Darryl Fisher says:

    I got two cards I would like some clarification on. They have some wonky wording.

    Black Swerve: Physical attack +3. Choose up to 2 of your opponents non combat cards and search their lifedecks for any copies of those cards and remove them.

    Does it remove the ones in play as well?

    Orange MBS Mastery:Discard a orange style drill to search your life deck for 2 different drills and put them in play.

    Does it have to be two different from each other, from the card that was discarded or both?

    • Black Swerve kills the ones in their deck, but not in play.

      Orange MBS is two drills different from each other, not the one discarded (You can discard Focusing for another Focusing + Drill)

      • Edison Carasio says:

        I would rule Black Swerve the same way, only removes the copies in the deck since it does not have the phrase “remove from play” or similar phrase on the card.

        I would agree with you on Orange MBS but I believe (and I may be wrong) former Score employees have in the past ruled the drills you search must be different from each other AND the one discard, as that was their intent.

  33. Darryl Fisher says:

    That’s the way that I see them too. I’ve just had alot of people in games say that they were ruled in other ways at gencon and would like to find out how it will be ruled before I choose my gencon deck.

  34. Anthony M. says:

    Can Dr. Willow win by MPPV?

  35. Darryl Fisher says:

    Dr. Willow can not. He has been errata’d in the CRD to state that he can not.

  36. Anthony M. says:

    I could have sworn Orange Focusing Drill was restricted to 1 per deck am I wrong? Also with Orange MBS mastery, someone said that you rejuvenate the top drill after every turn even if they entered combat. Is that true I think that is absolutely ridiculous.

  37. Edison says:

    Orange Focusing Drill has never been restricted to my knowledge.

  38. Darryl Fisher says:

    And yes, you would still rejuvenate on a turn when you enter because that step is still there, you just don’t get to rejuvenate the top card of your deck if you entered combat in the declare step.

  39. mike says:

    does goku’s farwell work as gain 1 anger at each of your turns or combats?

  40. Edison Carasio says:

    How would you guys rule this:

    I am playing Vegeta, Young Prince and I have 2 saiyan heritage allies in play.

    My opponent has Splash Damage Drill and he plays Uub’s Crushing Dive to discard one of my allies, then activates his Splash Damage Drill to discard an additional and draw a card. I then activate Vegeta, Young Prince to gain 6 stages and keep my allies from being discard. Would my opponent get to draw the additional card since he was able to choose an additional ally, or would Vegeta, Young Prince prevent him from drawing the card since I saved my ally?

  41. Edison Carasio says:

    If I play Ribs Broken and use a card power of myown to prevent my own ally from being removed, does Ribs Broken go back into my hand and it is still my attack phase? The errata says “if your opponent uses” but what happens if I do it?

    Ribs Broken (Saiyan Saga – #217) – Treat this card as if it read, “Energy attack doing 5 life
    cards of damage. Costs 0 power stages to perform. You must remove an Ally in play from
    the game in order to perform this attack. This does not have to be an Ally you control.”
    If your opponent uses a card effect to keep the Ally in play that you would be
    removing from the game for the cost of Ribs Broken, Ribs Broken is returned to your hand
    and it is still your Attacker Attacks phase.

  42. Edison Carasio says:

    How would this be ruled in Retro events?

    Android 20 Lv.1 (Android Saga – #118) – Treat his power as if it read, “Lower Android 20 5
    power stages to search your Life Deck or discard pile for any 1 personality with “Android” in
    the card title. Place the chosen personality card in play at 5 power stages above 0.”

    Is the lowering of stages a Requirement where you MUST have at least 5 stages to lower Android 20, or could Android 20 still do this at say 3 stages above zero and still get the ally using “do what you can” rule?

    On that note, if you rule it that 20 MUST lower exactly five stages to get the ally, could he in that case lower himself from 3 above down to zero and just not get the ally (due to not lowering 5 exactly)?

    OR can this power ONLY be used when Android 20 has at least 5 stages to lower?

    • It is a Requirement because it doesn’t say cost. As far as the Do What You Can rule goes, not completely sure. Requirements are stated that their conditions must be met in the CRD.

  43. Edison says:

    Yeah I would agree that actually losing 5 stages is a requirement to get the ally. But I would be curious to know for certain if actually HAVING 5 or more stages is a requirement to even start using the power. You know what I mean? Like can he at least dump himself to zero even without having 5 to get an ally?

  44. Midgard says:

    I was hoping I could get a few rules clarified. First, what is the ruling for the KBS styled drills. E.G., Red Kaio-Ken, Orange Discharge Drill, The card text says they don’t count toward or against tokui-waza and doesn’t interfere with other styled drills in play. The way I’ve been playing it is you can only have one copy of it on the table at a time because it is styled and you can’t have multiple copies of the same styled drill in play, but it can be in play at the same time as the other KBS drills (and whatever other drill you are running). Am I playing them right?

    The other question I have is about the “Piccolo and Nail only” to Namekian Heritage Only ruling. If I recall correctly most but not all of the cards with Piccolo and Nail only were changed to Namekian Heritage only and I was hoping we could get a list of them if possible as I have a Namekian Dende ally deck that I enjoy playing.

  45. Darryl Fisher says:

    I believe every card that says pic and nail only is Namekian heritage.

    You are playing the KBS drills correctly.

  46. Mark G says:

    Can time is a warriors tool stop gohans kick? And do the affects of Time- still happen because its not stopping all physical attacks or all energy attacks, it’s just stops all attacks.

  47. Edison Carasio says:

    You can not play Time is a Warrior’s Tool after Gohan’s Kick.

    • Mark G says:

      Thanks guys I was just wondering, because I know a lot of cards are very text pacific on this stuff and the simple fact that one used or and the other used and had me wondering if it was still covered by its effect.

  48. Midgard says:

    So I was hoping to get a rules clarification on Piccolo and Heroes Gather. The CRD says treat this card as if it read “Discard two cards from your hand, then search your life deck for two combat cards, show them to your opponent then place them in your hand.” Now since it doesn’t say “discard two cards from your hand TO so on and so forth” could you wait until your hand is empty to use it and just grab two combat cards for free?

  49. Bryan says:

    i got a quick question can super syian effcet be used after gohans kick its not stoping the physical attacks it is saying they cant perform them yes no maybe ????? thanks

  50. D Fisher says:

    No, it doesn’t stop the attacks at all. It stops your opponent from using them, not the attacks themselves.

  51. Bryan says:

    okay one more question if u use goku dragon ball quest and find denda dragon ball 3 now i have read the rule book on this so u look for the dragon ball then discard the goku quest so dont u draw the goku quest again because u used the card effect so u discard it then u use the dragon balls effect which allows u to draw the top 3 of you discard pile right????

  52. Edison Carasio says:

    If you play Goku’s Dragon Ball Quest and search for Dende Dragon Ball 3, you will get to draw Goku’s Dragon Ball Quest back again. The reason is that the GDBQ would be resolved the instant the DB hits play and thus would be discarded and then the DB is activated.

  53. Darryl Fisher says:

    that’s correct.

  54. tailtactics says:

    I have a few questions I need sorting out:

    1.) When I play Heroic double team and switch to an ally can I have that ally switch to my other allies in play?

    2.) If I use an Android 17 Smirks and my opponent has Orange Focusing Drill out does the effect ONLY remove his Orange Focusing Drill or does it remove ALL his drills in play?
    What if I use Don’t You Just Hate That or any other card effect that says remove or discard x amount, does it only remove said drill?

    3.) If my opponent has Jewel out and I use the plan does it ONLY discard Jewel or does it discard ALL of my opponent’s allies?

    4.) Does Valese have to be in control of combat to use her Constant Combat Power? If I use Cell’s Presence does ALL of my opponent’s allies get removed from the game or ONLY Valese whether or not Goten is in play or not?

    5.) Can you use Cell’s Defense during your “Defender’s Defend” phase?

    6.) Can I have more than 1 gambit attached at a time? Is there a limit to the amount of cards you may attach to a personality?

    7.) Can I attach Red Thunder Clap to an attached Red Gambit?

    That’s it for now. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks in advance.


  55. tailtactics says:

    I have a few questions I need sorting out:

    1.) When I play Heroic Double Team and switch to an ally can I have that ally switch to my other allies in play?

    2.) If I use an Android 17 Smirks and my opponent has Orange Focusing Drill out does the effect ONLY remove his Orange Focusing Drill or does it remove ALL his drills in play?
    What if I use Don’t You Just Hate That or any other card effect that says remove or discard x amount, does it ONLY remove said drill?

    3.) If my opponent has Jewel out and I use the plan does it ONLY discard Jewel or does it discard ALL of my opponent’s allies?

    4.) Does Valese have to be in control of combat to use her Constant Combat Power? If I use Cell’s Presence does ALL of my opponent’s allies get removed from the game or ONLY Valese whether or not Goten is in play or not?

    5.) Can you use Cell’s Defense during your “Defender’s Defend” phase?

    6.) Can I have more than 1 gambit attached at a time? Is there a limit to the amount of cards you may attach to a personality?

    7.) Can I attach Red Thunder Clap to an attached Red Gambit?

    8.) Can Majins have Villian AND rouge allies or ONLY Majin allies? How about the other way around?

    That’s it for now. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

    • 1) Not if your MP is higher above 0 than 0 or 1 power stages

      2) Yes, only focusing

      3) Yes, only Jewel

      4) They all go unless Goten is in play, then only her goes (I think?)

      5) This is only when you can use it

      6) Yes, you can can multiple gambit attachments and there is no limit

      7) Yes

      8) Majin MPs can only have Majin Allies and you cannot have Majin Allys in a deck without a Majin MP. They are exclusive to each other.

  56. tailtactics says:

    Does Gohan Lvl. 1 MBS + Goku’s Beserk = Infinite Physical Attacks?

  57. Darryl Fisher says:

    nope. Read the CRD, that combo is mentioned.

  58. Mdgard says:

    So I’m building a Supreme West Kai deck for the hell of it even though shes banned. I was reading through her rules and noticed this:
    Supreme West Kai cannot play or use cards that can be used to stop or prevent damage from an attack playing or using cards in response to an attack. Floating effects that prevent damage still work when using Supreme West Kai.
    So can she use cards that prevent your opponent from performing attacks? Such as Super Saiyan Effect or Black Energy Web?

    • Edison Carasio says:

      She can use Super Saiyan Effect and Black Energy Web. IMO, other decent things for her are:
      Black Defensive Burst
      Krillin’s Solar Flare
      Jeice Flash Attack
      Tien’s Power Burst
      Black Standing Position

  59. Darryl Fisher says:

    Yes she can.

  60. tailtactics says:

    can intensity drill be discarded by person playing the drill if player has orange focusing out or player is using MBS freestyle mastery

  61. tailtactics says:

    *discarded for its effect that is

  62. tailtactics says:

    If a card effect says “if earth dragonball 3 is in play” can you still use the effect if alt. earth dragonball 3 is in play?

    Can you attach red thunder clap to mastery? Does it stay in play even after combat?

  63. tailtactics says:

    Can I play bardock as an ally
    Can I play promo Trunks from Frieza saga (Max 2 LC) as an ally
    Does Trunks from Frieza saga (Max 2 LC) + Master Roshi Sensei = 1 LC

    • Joshman says:

      1) With non-Majin heroes, yes.
      2) No, Hi-tech cards cannot be allies.
      3) No, the power only puts a cap on the amount of damage you take. It does not actually reduce the damage.

  64. tailtactics says:

    For Orange MBS Mastry:

    Do you rejuvenate and take the top drill on your opponent’s turn whether or not he declares combat?

    • Darryl Fisher says:

      No. The mastery says on “your rejuvination step”. You do not have a rejuvination step on your opponents turn.

  65. Jake says:

    I am confused by the wording on Red Mouth Cannon.
    Am I choosing between performing an energy attack or lowering my opponent’s personality level, or between performing an energy attack that does 6 life cards or an energy attack that lowers their personality level instead of damage?

    • tailtactics says:

      If you choose to lower opponent’s MP 1 level the attack is standard and only does 4 LC damage. You can tell because it is still a energy combat card that performs an attack (energy attack is in bold) so it is an attack that gives you one of two options: either deal 6 LC of damage or perform a standard energy attack (deal 4 LC damage) and lower opponent’s MP 1 level.

      • D Fisher says:

        That is wrong. It is either a “Energy attack doing 6 life cards of damage” or “Lower your opponents mp one level”. The level lowering part is not an attack in itself. So you either attack and do 6 or you don’t attack and they lower their level.

    • tailtactics says:

      So yes, it would be the latter.

  66. tailtactics says:

    Thx guys for your answers

  67. tailtactics says:

    Can Blue MBS Mastery prevent focused attacks

  68. Darryl Fisher says:

    In Retro rules and tournaments, it can not.

    If you aren’t playing using Retro rules, then it can.

  69. tailtactics says:

    I was playing someone and i captured their Db and used its power. Thing is the capture was a DB that was captured from me. I guess my question is can u use a DB power if u capture the same DB from your opponent u placed it in play (and used its power)?

    • diomasach says:

      Yes, You can capture Dragon Balls from your opponent and use their powers. When you capture a Dragon Ball, you must choose to use all or none of its powers when you capture it.

      • tailtactics says:

        BTW I already knew the answer to this question. I just needed some1 else to answer it so I can reference it to ppl that don’t know how to play.

        • diomasach says:

          LMAO, I was gonna say “remember our Broly vs Cell game”, EDB3 like 4/5 times

          Just quote the CRD, that’s all I do…

          • Darryl Fisher says:

            That is why Alt EDB 3 is so much better than normal 3.

          • tailtactics says:

            Sometimes the CRD is vague and/or can be interpreted differently. That’s why it is sometimes best to just ask on here then refer to this site.

  70. tailtactics says:

    Can u use endurance if dying planet is in play?

  71. TuffEnuff says:

    I was going to create a little blog but as inept as I am I suppose I’ll just write on here. It’s been plaguing me from the beginning is the question Why are Allies and Objects considered a part of your Main Personality’s Life Deck? These are separate entities and objects (such as DB’s) that should be separate from your Main Personalities life deck, after all it is your “Life Deck”, your life the skills and techniques that you know. Wouldn’t make more sense to have made a sideline deck for said allies and objects as they have no part in being in your life deck that represents your main personality. Apologies for the nonconstructive rant.

  72. tailtactics says:

    Are cards that say piccolo and nail only erratad to namekian heritage only?

  73. tailtactics says:

    Questions just keep pouring in. In any case I was using Goku Super Saiyan the one where his power is like mixing drill. Anyway, my opponent shut off my power with Red Face Slap and I had Orange Focusing Drill out. With this said my question is do my drills of different styles stay out besides the one fighting style I decide to keep due to focusing?

    Also, if you use Trunks Guardian Drill to put out a non-freestyle drill that you control does it go to the bottom of the life deck or is that only during the non-combat step?

    • Joshman says:

      For question one, you would need to choose a color of drill to stay in play and rest are discarded. As per the CRD, this overrides Orange Focusing Drill.

      For question two, you cannot use Trunks Guardian Drill to play a drill or non-combat you could not legally play during your non-combat step.

  74. tailtactics says:

    If you use unlocked potential can you still use your current level’s power or constant combat power?

  75. tailtactics says:

    Can Majin MPs play villain allies such as Guldo?

  76. tailtactics says:

    If I use gathering of heroes (which states to place the ally at 3 power stages above 0) to place a level 2 ally in play but the lvl 1 is already in play does this count as “overlaying” thus I play the level 2 ally over the level 1 ally at its highest power stage?

    • diomasach says:

      I think you have to follow the Gathering of Heroes line about bringing an ally into play at 3 Power Stages…

      Sort of like this…

      Dende, the Unlikely Hero Lv.1 (Frieza Saga – #48) – Dende must “take control” of Combat,
      and use his power “in place of an attack.” Then, at the end of Combat, take an Ally from your
      discard pile and put it into play at 4 power stages above 0. The Ally you bring into play with
      Dende must be legal. If you bring into play with this power, for instance, Yamcha Lv.2, and
      you place it on top of Yamcha’s Lv.1, Yamcha does not power up to full, but is placed at 4
      power stages above 0.

  77. tailtactics says:

    If city in turmoil is played while my opponent has potara earrings attached to his fused personality does he defuse? Does city in turmoil deactivate all non-combat cards attached to a personality?

    • diomasach says:

      No, City in Turmoil stops Non-Combat cards from being used, When a N/C is attached it has already been used

  78. tailtactics says:

    If I use Namekian MBS mastery with Piccolo’s Lvl.1 which states cards cannot be removed from discards will all the freestyle cards be removed from game that are already in the discard pile if Piccolo advances or his Power is shut off or is it only thereafter?

  79. tailtactics says:

    If you remove from game the top x cards from your opponents life deck and he gets a Dragonball in the process does he remove the DB from the game?

    • diomasach says:

      Yes, Things like Dr. Willow Lv.1 & Black Thought Focus can remove Dragon Balls

      What I am not sure about is Damage from an attack that is RFG, does that remove a DB?

  80. Midgard says:

    I have a question about fusion and named cards. While fused (for this example i’ll use Vegito) do Goku/Vegeta named cards work for card effects like the MBS freestyle mastery?

    • Nope :””””(

      So sad I know.

      • Midgard says:

        So i imagine “if used by ___ ” effects also don’t work?

        • Oh no those work, because the CRD specifically states you can use all “____ only” cards from both personalities you fused from. The problem with using the MBS mastery is that, while you can use “____ only” cards and effects like “If used by ____” with the fusion personality, your MP is considered named Vegito/Gotenks, making the mastery only able to fetch cards named after that personality.

  81. Jake says:

    How does Baba work with a card such as Blue Protective Bubble?
    If I have nothing but allies under my sensei, would I be able to prevent infinity life cards, or at least as many as I have allies, or would I not be able to prevent any because ultimately none of the allies would actually end up removed?

  82. Darryl Fisher says:

    My guess would be that it prevent everything for the rest of the combat.

  83. tailtactics says:

    If I use Namekian MBS mastery with Piccolo’s Lvl.1 which states cards cannot be removed from discards will all the freestyle cards be removed from game that are already in the discard pile if Piccolo advances or his Power is shut off or is it only thereafter?

    If you remove from game the top x cards from your opponents life deck from damage i.e. Power Overwhelming and he gets a Dragonball in the process does he remove the DB from the game?

    • Darryl Fisher says:

      Power overwhelming wouldn’t remove any balls because they aren’t really damage. Stuff like black thought focus on the other hand would remove a dragonball.

  84. tailtactics says:

    If your opponent plays Saiyan Beef and you gain a personality level are you at full?

    • Darryl Fisher says:

      Yes you would go to full because you are set to full. You aren’t gaining any stages. This also works with any other cards that say “set” your power stages like if your opponent uses earth ball 2. I know there are more cards that do this but I can’t think of any atm.

  85. tailtactics says:

    If I use Namekian MBS mastery with Piccolo’s Lvl.1 which states cards cannot be removed from discards will all the freestyle cards be removed from game that are already in the discard pile if Piccolo advances or his Power is shut off or is it only thereafter?

    ^-Why is everyone skipping this question?-^

    • Darryl Fisher says:

      It is being skipped because I don’t know what those cards do or what set that piccolo is from. Start posting card texts and I can answer the question very easily. I don’t have time to look up a handful of things before answering.

      • tailtactics says:

        You don’t need to know the set if you know what Piccolo does as i said – hence “..with Piccolo’s Lvl.1 which states cards cannot be removed from discards..” I’d be quite sure people giving the advice on here knows what Namekian MBS mastery does. Besides even if you had to look it up it’ll be (2) things Piccolo and the Mastery. And.. by the time you were done typing that you could have looked it up if need really be – n had an answer by then. But if it has to be that way:


        Namekian Style Mastery 09_Majin_Buu_Saga 139 Rare Mastery

        When one of your Non-Namekian Style cards goes to the discard pile, remove it from the game instead. All of your Namekian Style attacks gain “If successful, place the bottom 2 cards of your discard pile on the bottom of your life deck and gain 3 power stages.”


        Piccolo Lv.1 HT 07_World_Games_Saga 197 Starter Deck Personality: Rogue

        Constant Combat Power: Any cards in your discard pile cannot be removed from the game.

        Hopefully I can finally get this question answered…

        • Piccolo’s power affects cards in your DP from being removed. The mastery changes cards you use from being discarded after use to removed. They never hit the DP so would be unaffected by Piccolo’s power.

          • tailtactics says:

            So what your saying is freestyle cards skip the discard pile completely and are instead removed? And the mastery says when a freestyle card goes to the discard pile regardless of use or not. I think Piccolo’s power would change freestyle cards to discarded instead unless the freestyle card skips the discard pile completely.

        • Dfisher says:

          The wording is what is important. If this was worded slightly differentlyit would have a different effect. That is why having exact text is important.

          And no one would be able to tell you what those cards did because they are terrible cards. If they were good then people might not what they did.

          Lastly, please try to find the answer yourself first. Its just lazy to post questions when the exact card combinations are mentioned in there.

          • tailtactics says:

            Card combinations in where? The CRD? If it mentions it in here then sorry for the duplicate. But it takes effort to post all this shit on here believe me. And I should be encouraged to post on here because its a one stop place for conformation for experts and beginners alike. From simple shit to more complex.

            For the record Piccolos Lvl. 1 HT world games is BA if played correctly.

          • Yea it never hits the DP so it would still be removed. It is ‘removed instead’.

            And don’t worry about Darrell. If you couldn’t ask question here, where would you? That Piccolo is good in certain decks.

  86. tailtactics says:

    Can I place Lvl. 3 allies in play with Rescuing Drill if I’m at Lvl. 1?

  87. Michael says:

    I know it’s not a very good card, but I had a question caused by this card. Android 20’s Energy Dive. “Energy attack doing +3 power stages of damage…” Why would an energy attack do + any damage since it doesn’t use the PAT?

  88. tailtactics says:

    Does narrow escape stop focused attacks?

    • Dfisher says:

      Does narrow escape stop both types of attacks? And if it does, does it mention focused attacks on the card?

      • tailtactics says:

        It doesnt say stop all energy or stop all physical. Reason Im asking is because it says each one seperately as opposed to time which says stop all. So I didnt know if it stopped focused because it says stops all energy AND stops all physical.

        ..then again per CRD:

        Focused is a special type of attack. A focused attack CANNOT be stopped or prevented by cards that have the ability to stop or prevent damage from BOTH physical and energy attacks.

        It does not mention focused on the card so therefore it doesnt have the power to stop focused. I guess because the wording on the card didn’t say all. In any case thx.

  89. tailtactics says:

    Can you use Jeice Flash Attack after a Gohan’s Kick?

  90. tailtactics says:

    If I use Blue MBS Mastery with Android 16 Lvl. 3 will he only take 1 lc damage. Does his max 3 ps work for life card damage converted from ps of damage?

    • Dfisher says:

      The amswer to these questions can be found in the “power stages converted to life cards” and “capping danage” subsections of the crd.

      • tailtactics says:

        Blue MBS mastery prevents two LC of damage from any attack. My take is that it can prevent LC damage from either physical stages converted to life cards or energy attacks. AS far as capping And 16 caps at 3 I prevent 2 so the damage is only 1 from any attack. Garlic Jr.’s new lvl 1 adds to this confusion b/c his power is capping life cards from physical attacks whereas And 16 is power stages so I didnt know whether a card had to specifically say max life cards for physical attack whether or not power stages are converted to cap life card damage.

        BTW I ctrl+F the CRD for “power stages converted to life cards” and “capping damage” to no avail. So some advice on this topic if any would be appreciated. Thx in adv.

        • Dfisher says:

          Ok here is how all of that works. When take power stages of damage from a physical attack and you have to start taking life cards, that damage actually counts as both power stages and life cards. So something that prevents life cards would work at that point and so would something that prevents stages.

          Capping happens at the end of damage calculation. So you would need to use your mastery before A16s power . If the attack deals 6 life amd you only prevent two with your mastery, it would deal 4 before your power and then your power caps at 3.

  91. tailtactics says:

    I was playing an opponent and he increased his anger by 2 with winter countryside out. Thing is he was playing Lvl 3 Majin Buu Piccolo Absorbed and claimed that because Piccolo was separate from the card he played and it raised his anger 1 for each card played. That doesn’t make sense as MB power says add +1 when you gain anger so you don’t actually gain anger until you play a card that raises anger and it adds +1 to that anger. Winter limits anger to raise by 1 so you play a card that raises anger 2 + 1 for MB power and say he was playing Blue WGS saga that adds 1 anger for each succ blue style attack so with winter out it should do still 1 anger b/c it adds anger to that attack. Say he also played Blue Longshot that adds another anger to that attack that’s if succ. By his standards anger will increase by 4, one for each card. Again, that wouldn’t make sense as it increase the anger of the card played. If he used a card that stays multiple times in combat that raises anger then I would understand. If this does apply the way he says it is, is it also true for broly with Saiyan MBS that adds 1 anger when you perform a saiyan style attack or Broly’s level 1 that you rejuv and increase anger. Thanks in adv.

    • Jacob says:

      Well, I would think that WGS Blue Style Mastery and Blue Long Shot would in fact work around Winter Countryside because of the “if successful” clause. That is assuming that whatever card he played raised anger as a secondary effect. When a card says something like, “Energy Attack. Raise your anger 1,” one’s anger is actually raised prior to the attack, whereas if a card says, “Energy Attack. If successful, raise your anger 1,” one’s anger is raised after the attack because it relies on the attack being successful.

      So, in the case of Blue Style Mastery and Blue Long Shot, one could raise his or her anger 2 levels off of a single blue energy attack that raised anger 1 level as a secondary effect and that was successful (thereby raising it 1 again off of the Mastery or Long Shot), as technically the anger raising is happening at two separate times and therefore would count as two separate instances of one’s anger being raised. But anything that raises one’s anger 2 or more as a secondary effect or separately as an if successful effect would be reduced to 1, so, if Winter Countryside is out, Long Shot and Blue Mastery would stack BEFORE being reduced to 1, so, ultimately, one’s anger would only be raised by 1 from the if successful effect.

      Regarding your other grievances, Winter Countryside, as I said, lowers the total anger to 1 AFTER modifiers, so something like the Buu personality you referenced would not work around Winter Countryside. And I don’t believe that the Saiyan MBS Mastery or either level one Broly personalities would get around Winter Countryside either for similar reasons; e.g. Broly’s anger would be doubled before Winter Countryside reduced the total amount to 1, and for Broly’s other personality, assuming he performs an attack that already raises his anger, his anger would not be raised an extra 1 off of his power, as it would stack with the attack’s secondary anger raising effect before it was ultimately reduced to 1 by Winter Countryside, similar to the Blue Long Shot + Mastery example above.

      • SaiyanWithStyle says:

        “And I don’t believe that the Saiyan MBS Mastery or either level one Broly personalities would get around Winter Countryside either for similar reasons;”

        If I run that Mastery, I usually run Goku Sensei since Winter Countryside is immediately nullified. Makes it easier since you can’t win by MPPV anyways 😉

        • Jacob says:

          Yeah that’s pretty typical, I think.

          I played against a Trunks (running all of his anti-energy personalities) Saiyan Energy beats deck running the MBS mastery and Goku Sensei at the Tuff Enuff tournament at Gen-con this year.

          It seemed to run pretty well.

  92. Roger says:

    Can I play Majin Buu, Evil Buu and another Majin Buu as allies at the same time? They existed at the same time and fought each other, so I didn’t know if the game took that into account. Also Trunks and Kid Trunks for that matter.

  93. Jacob says:

    There was a recent ruling in Magic regarding how side boards worked. They changed the ruling so that you no longer need to swap cards one-for-one and may simply add cards from your sideboard, so that your deck may be larger post-board than it was pre-board.

    There was a lot of talk a while back about how sensei decks worked and I was wondering if a rule like this ever came up. The idea being that you could bring cards in for different match-ups without exchanging cards as long as your deck remained under 85 following the sensei-ing. This would allow people who wanted to avoid losing some of their most important cards via the randomness of sensei-ing things out an alternative.

    This may be an absolutely terrible idea that would change the game in a horrible way forever, but I figured I’d bring it up, regardless of the amount of thought I had given it.

    • James S says:

      Well, the problem I see with that has to do with the ‘Sensei Deck Only’ tag. If you gave players the opportunity to board in cards without boarding anything out, then we’ll start to see decks that “Main Deck” 55-75 cards and then board in the rest of their deck for free.
      The other big difference here is that Magic requires a 60-card deck with no real maximum whereas DBZ has a 50-85 card spread, so you don’t get the same thing in Magic (I’ll main-deck 50 cards and board in 10).
      Although, whether you’re talking about DBZ or Magic (or any deckbuilding game), bringing in a bunch of extra cards into your deck is generally going to ruin the consistency of your draws. In my opinion: not a smart play in Magic, and I can’t see any way to make something like this balanced in DBZ.

  94. Roger says:

    If I play time is a warriors tool to stop all attacks, and the next attacker attacks phase my opponent uses a focused attack, do the floating affects of time is a warriors tool stop that? or does it get through because time is a warriors tool can stop a physical or energy attack?

  95. Clavain says:

    Just opened some Saiyan Saga boosters and checked the power numbers from the personalities against the Fusion power card and it appears that they barely do any damage at all could someone explain how the numbers relate to the card or am I correct…just licked 8,000 cards so I have to learn the rules now. Great site.

  96. tailtactics says:

    Can Namekian gambits stack i.e can I rejuv up to 9 with 3 attached?

  97. BroVVn says:

    Yeah, if you use Saiyan Saga personalities with the Fusion Saga rulebook you are correct, your personalities will barely do any dmg at all.

  98. nathian84 says:

    can you have more than one cope of red kaio-ken drill in play at a time and drill like it?

  99. Jacob says:

    So I posted about this question on the Ginyu article a while ago.
    Figured I’d repost it here as I imagine it has a better chance of being seen:

    I’m curious how the new virtual Ginyu works with personalities such as the recent virtual Vegeta, which states “while Vegeta is in control of combat” as a requirement to use the “discarding cards to attacks” feature. Is every personality’s reference to itself by name understood to be changed to “Captain Ginyu” for the purposes of Ginyu’s power, or would cards such as these just not work with Ginyu?

  100. John says:

    so i didnt read everyone else’s posts but i was just curious if you noticed the the CRD has nothing in it about defense shields i mean i know most of the rules to this game like the back of my hand but seeing as the CRD seems to be the most updated versions of all the rules it would in my mind just make sense that they be mentioned and explained.

  101. BubbaJones says:

    How exactly does Orange Gambit work now? You pay for the original costs of the card, but what if that same card has an optional cost, do you still have to pay it?

  102. BuraddoRun says:

    Do Saiyan Saga cards all have styles or no? Power Up! for instance has a Blue Style kanji on it but no Blue in the title. So is it considered Blue or Freestyle?

    • Sayjin says:

      Freestyle. Go by the card name unless the CRD says otherwise (such as for Black Water Confusion Drill and Black Scout Maneuver).

  103. Shannon J. (aka Edison) says:

    A card must have the name of the Style as the first word in the card title in order to be considered a styled card.

    Saiyan Power Beam is a Saiyan Styled card because Saiyan is the first word.

    Super Saiyan Effect for example is not a Saiyan Styled card because Super is the first word.

  104. May I ask how in the world Black Weakness Drill has been pulled off the Ban list? That card is off the wall bonkers.

    • Darryl Fisher says:

      The reason it isn’t on the list is because it wasnt actually banned until gt when you were allowed to keep two cards each turn..

  105. Rexx says:

    Hello, first time poster on this site but long time player,
    anyway ruling question

    Someone has already asked this but no one answered
    Tailtactics asked “Can Namekian gambits stack i.e can I rejuv up to 9 with 3 attached?”
    it was explained to me when i first encountered the card that if you stacked 3 of them you would get 7 cards back, the 1 being replaced by the three each time, but recently have heard that only red and saiyan gambits stack and multiple namekian gambits would be redundant and only give you use of one copy.

    any thoughts?

    • Jacob says:

      Namekian Gambit does not stack at all, as it says you heal 3 “instead” of 1. If it said you heal 2 extra cards or you heal +2 cards or something of that nature, then it would stack.

      Anyway, that was the conclusion that was come to on the DBZ Championship FB group page.

    • Joshman says:

      I agree with the reply. Namekian Gambit sets the number of cards to be rejuved, so having multiples would give you no additional effects.

  106. D says:

    Question. How does Advanced Basics used with a fused personality work? If i am gotenks level 2, can i use gotenks’s level 1 power? What about kid trunks or goten’s? Thanks

  107. Icey Reed says:

    So what is the ruling on using multiple “honor duel” cards? just curious if its possible cause i’d really like to possibly draw the bottom 30 cards of my discard pile.

  108. Darryl Fisher says:

    I’m fairly certain that you couldn’t use multiple of them. I think it says “instead” of drawing the bottom 3.

  109. Icey Reed says:

    ok so im having an argument about Defense Shields with a friend. Does an ally with a defense shield have to be in control of combat to use it??

  110. Rexx says:

    Do y’all allow Rainbow Tokui-Wazas in the retro tournaments?

  111. Speed says:

    I saw outburst drill and was wondering ow that card works. Does it affect all cards in your life deck, discard pile, and removed from game pile as well as in play and your hand?

    • Icey Reed says:

      i would assume yes, but lack of specification on the card makes it hard to say. I’d play it that way though.

  112. Icey Reed says:

    Not sure if i asked this before but I was wondering if you can use multiple of the goku’s, raditz’, and piccolo’s honor duel cards in the same round?

  113. Rexx says:

    I know y’all have stated that the buu saga blue mastery doesn’t work against focused attacks, does the same go for the world games saiyan mastery?

  114. Ashire says:

    You know, if you’re going to allow proxies at events and are editing the crd to reflect the rules that are set for the events, why not take “The Talking Ends Here” off of the Banned List, put it on the Restricted List, and then make a ruling that states a player can only run one of either copy of that or Where There’s Life? It would be the same as the GT ruling of Time Tool vs Epic Battle. Just saying. That would make sense and you can have fewer proxies running around. We all know how they can effect the weight of cards when made out of heavy or thick paper. I know there are standards, sure, but I’m a fan of having legit cards and I would personally love to see this change happen.

  115. Rexx says:

    If I am playing majin buu, and I have majin vegeta as an ally, and I have majin vegeta’s rage and vegeta’s quickness drill out, swap to majin vegeta to use this card durin combat, do I then get both bottom cards when entering combat later even though majin buu is in control of combat?

    • Ashire says:

      Once its attached, I would think you would be able to, as the card effect specifies that while its attached you get that effect. I believe you just need to have Majin Vegeta to be able to play the card in the first place. I don’t think it specifies that he has to be your MP.

      • James_S says:

        This is correct. Majin Vegeta has to take control of combat to be able to use Majin Vegeta’s Rage, but you will get the bonus draw as long as MVR is attached.
        There is no restriction on which personality can play the card (meaning you are not forced to have MV take over and use Hero’s Lucky Break or Energy Lob or something to play MVR).

  116. shiren dark flare says:

    Um quick question if i have the old Namek Dragon Ball 4(effect: discard all drills and non-combat cards of your opp.) do i have to use the new Namek Dragon Ball 4 (effect: discard 2 set up or drils)

  117. Alan says:

    This is in regards to Panini’s DBZ.

    I am under the assumption that only characters that are printed as Allies can be used as allies. It is not directly stated in the rule book as such and want to clarify if any level 1 character can be used, or just characters printed as allies.

    In regards to the blue protective mastery and running anger. I understand you need 6 anger to advance to your next personality level, but do you need 5 or 6 anger at personality level 4 in order to win the game.

  118. kevin killy says:

    when it says one styled drill in play in the panini version does that mean one orange drill or one of that same name

  119. Chris says:

    Quick question–Will there be an expansion on rules for PanZ? There are a lot of questions that are left out of the rule book and could use some expanding on

  120. patrick sellers says:

    can i play old dragonballz cards and new in the same deck

  121. jason says:

    what is the deck size is it still 85 cards and can you use gt cards with the new Panini cards

  122. Billy says:

    Ruling on dragonball gt personality

  123. Ronnie says:

    Lets say the card says (red cell) and cell is your mp can you have 3 or 4 them in your deck?

  124. Mr Satan says:

    if my buddy plays kami fades does it remove my denei dragonballs?

  125. Lord Chaotix says:

    Does Black Gambit affect Potara Earrings after they have been attached?

  126. Aaron says:

    So, I’ve been playing with old cards against the new ones. I’m curious how your tournament rules between the old rules work with the new rules? I’m mainly use Panini rules for most of my games when playing against the old but apply some of the old rules when it comes to certain situations. I allow players to use any personalities but if they don’t have a level 4 plus. They can’t not win by MPPV. Which does not bother me. Especially when it comes to using a lot of the new cards with the old MP. I have a panini frieza deck fighting against score future gohan. Which has been a blast.

  127. Jose says:

    Hi! I’ve always been curious can you play with only 1 level of personality and that’s it or do you have to have levels 1-3?

  128. I’m curious why GT cards were excluded from y’all’s tournaments; the GT expansions added a ton of depth and strategy to the game. My friends and I started playing back in Frieza Saga, and we still play against each other to this day, and it was really exciting to discover this site. However, I looked at the crd listed here, and it has some big differences between the last score crd that was issued. I assume some of those changes are due to the exclusion of GT, but if anyone could expand on the nature of the changes and the exclusion of GT, I’d really appreciate it.

  129. Alex I DiasMendez says:

    I have a question regarding skipping attack phases due to card effects. When the defender has to skip the attack phases due to a card effect, such as Android 17’s Back Bash from Android Saga, does the defender draw 3 cards again? Thanks and awesome site guys!

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