Dragon Ball Z TCG 2005 (ReZ)

This page is for Score Entertainment’s Dragon Ball Z TCG 2005, typically called “ReZ” by the fanbase. This was Score’s second attempt at a Dragon Ball Z game, and while it does have some similarities it is completely different and incompatible with the classic game and the Panini America remake.

A fourth set was made, but never released. However, a text spoiler of this set with no images was briefly made available and players were allowed to proxy those cards in the last official events before Bandai took control of the DBZ card game license.

We are missing clean images of the promos for this game. Anyone who can give use good quality scans, please send them to us at RetroDBZccg@yahoo.com.

Dragon Ball Z TCG (2005)

ReZ Card Back

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  1. Jeff Bogle says:

    when buying these starter decks what can be expected from them? are they all cards from the base set? Are they a starter set onto themselves? How many cards are there? I have to assume these are all random. Basically What all can be found in these starters.

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