InuYasha TCG

This is the complete image library for Score Entertainment's InuYasha TCG. This game was designed by RetroDBZ founder, Garrett Wilkinson. Click here for the InuYasha Advanced Ruling Doc Click here for the InuYahsa CRD Card Images Tetsusaiga Kijin Jaki Yokai Kassen Saisei Shimei Tousou Keshin Tensei

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  1. Rosalyn Clement says:

    I have a collection of 5500 Inuyasha cards from my youth and I am hoping sell them to someone who will enjoy them (or resell perhaps). I am leaving the country for 18 months and must reduce my possessions significantly. Is there anyone out there interested, or have any ideas of where I might go/who I might contact? I have an inventory list for anyone interested. Thank you so very much.

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