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Future events TBA:

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Past Tournament Winners
  • 2015 RetroDBZccg Championship – Scott Dashy
  • 2014 RetroDBZccg Championship – Joey DiCarlo
  • 2014 Saturday Afternoon Tuff Enough – Didier Greenleaf
  • 2014 Tenka’ichi Budokai Tournament – Kevin bock
  • 2104 East Kai Championship – Ralph Barto
  • 2014 Popo Invitational – Casey Burks
  • 2014 North Kai – Joel Glasser
  • 2013 RetroDBZccg  Championship – Mike Ingersoll
  • 2013 Saturday Night Tuff Enough – David Fashbinder
  • 2013 Gencon GT Focused – Korey Hicks
  • 2013 DBZCCG Championship Series South Kai Tournament – Casey Burks
  • 2013 Cestial Tournament – Nick “Orange Hat Guy” Glaser
  • 2013 Diecon Cell Games Series – Apocalypse Tournament – Shannon Jakul
  • 2013 Diecon Cell Games Series – Retro Tournament – Shannon Jakul
  • 2013 Diecon Cell Games Series – Tuff Enuff Tournament – Darryl Fisher
  • 2013 DBZCCG Championship Series East Kai Tournament – Joshua Merckle
  • 2013 Midwest DBZCCG Championship Series North Kai Event – Nick “Orange Hat Guy” Glaser
  • 2012 RetroDBZccg Championship – David Fashbinder
  • 2011 RetroDBZccg  Championship – Kyle McGrath
  • 2004 Expanded World Championship – Phil McGrath
  • 2004 Focused World Championship – “This Battle Never Happened”
  • 2004 Grand Kai Invitational – Dustin Morabito
  • 2003 World Championship – Dustin Morabito
  • 2003 National Championship – Josh “Joshman the J-Train” Morris
  • 2003 Grand Kai Invitational – Gabe Abner
  • 2002 World Championship – Walter Cowort
  • 2002 National Championship – Brian Blanchard
  • 2001 World Championship – Aik Tongtharadol
  • 2000 World Championship – ?????

 Retro DBZ ccg Tournament Rules

Game Rules:

Retro DBZ ccg tournaments use the pre-GT rules system and features only cards printed from Saiyan Saga through Kid Buu and any Retro DBZ virtual cards.  All legal cards can be found on the card images page.

The Fusion Saga power chart is the chart that will be used for all tournaments.

For further rules questions please refer to the crd or Buu Saga rule book.

Players are allowed to use proxies in all Retro DBZ ccg tournaments.  The proxies must be printed copies of the cards.  No hand written proxies are allowed.

Click here for instructions on how to make excellent proxies with the images on this site.

Rule Changes in effect for all Retro DBZ tournaments

Sensei Change:  Any card may be run in your Sensei deck as long as it can be legally played in your deck.  

Double Power and Hero/Villain Rule:  The double power will no longer be in affect for all Retro DBZ tournaments.  Both players will start at five stages above zero.  The hero / villain rule will no longer be used to determined which player starts the game first.  The player who goes first will be randomly determined before the matches starts.

Allies Rules Change: You may now play an ally even if that ally is the same personality as your opponent’s MP or if your opponent has that same ally in play.

Searching for Cards a.k.a “Cherry Picking Rule”
Whenever you use a card effect to search for a card in your Life Deck, always show your
opponent the card you searched for and shuffle your Life Deck and allow him to cut your deck. Whenever you search your Life Deck for a card and there is no legal card that you can get, you may fail the search.  If this occurs, shuffle your Life Deck and proceed with the game.  Your opponent does not get the option to look through your Life Deck to make sure that there are no legal cards for you to get.

Banned and Restricted List


  • Dream Machine Battle
  • This Too Shall Pass
  • Dragon’s Glare
  • The Talking Ends Here
  • Chiaotzu’s Psychic Halt
  • Cosmic Backlash
  • Feeding Frenzy
  • Supreme West Kai Levels 1, 2, 3


  • Battle Pausing
  • Blue Terror
  • Cell’s Backslap
  • Energy Lob
  • Expectant Trunks
  • Frieza’s Force Bubble
  • Goku’s Lucky Break
  • Initiative
  • Injured Circuits
  • Krillin’s Search
  • Nappa’s Energy Aura
  • Nappa’s Physical Resistance
  • Namekian Energy Focus
  • Orange Reflex
  • Orange Uppercut
  • Pure Defense
  • Releasing the Sword
  • Risky Maneuver
  • Saiyan Headshot
  • Saiyan Power Block
  • Saiyan Truce Card
  • Straining Destruction Move
  • Super Saiyan Effect
  • Teaching the Unteachable Forces Observation
  • Trunks Effortless Drill
  • Trunks Thinking
  • Vegeta’s Physical Stance
  • Vegeta’s Plans
  • Vegeta’s Quickness Drill
  • Vegeta’s Smirk
  • You’re Invited

Swiss Tournament Format:

  • 50 Minute rounds – If time is reached in a round the players will receive five additional turns.  If no player has won the game at the end of the fifth turn the game will be counted as a draw.
  • 8 – 16 players 4 rounds with a cut to top 4.
  • 17 – 32 players – 5 rounds with a cut to top 8.
  • 33 – 64 players – 6 rounds with a cut to top 8.
  • 65+ players – 7 rounds with a cut to top 8.

If you would like to get in touch with RetroDBZccg about running an event or panel, we are happy to provide assistance to members of the community to run local events and are willing to work with conventions and companies for larger engagements.

Contact E-Mail:

Or click here to send us a message on our Facebook page!

45 Comments to "Tournaments"

  1. Michael Spellman says:

    I think this is an awesome idea to get the old Card game back in action. This was my favorite CCG ever and me and my friend are thinking about going to GenCon just to play in this now. How was the turnout last year? Are these the only events you do each year for retroDBZ?

    • Joshman says:

      We had around 50 participants last year, and we expect that number to go up slightly this year. We currently only run the Gen Con event, but are open to supporting events run by others and branching out to a few other conventions.

  2. tommy says:

    quick question, i was looking at the CRD and toptier changed a couple of things for their online tournaments. we’re only going by scores rules, correct?

  3. Travis Keller says:

    I remember a Joshman…

  4. Enigma says:

    I find it great that you guys got together and made this website. I still play Z/GT expanded with my friend that originally got me into this card game.

    If you guys ever decide to hold a tournament at a convention in Ohio or Kentucky then I might see about joining up.

  5. mcq26 says:

    so you took the part of the CRD out that says all league and tuff enuff cards are legal…i assume this means that they ARE NOT legal…but to clarify…is it just cards that say ‘tuff enuff only’ or ‘league only’ in the power box that are banned, or are all the cards that say ‘tuff enuff only’ at the bottom of the card in the quote text also banned, i.e. are you tuff enuff?

  6. princeofmetal2002 says:

    i still like to play the old card game as well i have over 10,000 or so cards and i have a small group of friends that still play from time to time. about 10 – 15 players or so upstate ny area =p

  7. Anthony M. says:

    So i can’t seem to find it but I swear that I read somewhere that battlegrounds and locations reset every combat so if you had a non-combat card that could be used outside of combat or a drill you could use it like your pur is plus 2 with orange discharge drill or you still remove the bottom 3 cards of your opponents discard pile at the beginning of your turn with red kaio-ken drill? if they had city in turmoil out? I swear I read it somewhere but can’t seem to find it if someone could clarify preferably someone who helps out with the tournaments or an admin from the site thank you

  8. I think I know Gabe Abner…he ran the tournaments at my local store.

  9. Edison Carasio says:

    Is it really necessary still to have Burning Rage/Blazing Anger/Enraged junk restricted still? Any anger deck worth it’s salt has no use for running a bunch of style-less noncombats for the most part.

  10. mack says:

    So you hold nothing for expanded format??

  11. Mark G says:

    I use to think why is supreme west kai baned, then I read the CRD, now I’m just thinking why not just remove her rule and play her like every other MP. So she can regenerate 5 cards, that’s like one energy attack, I had physical attacks doing +15 power stages +5 life cards with close to 5 or more attacks a combat, there’s no way that a mere 5 card regen can kill a deck so badly in my opinion, lord slug can do that a few times in a single combat wile at the same time stacking the bottom of his deck to get a card advantage(if using WG’s namekian mastery). It’s just an idea, I had and I’m ready for the hate that my come with this post, and yes I do know she gets to pick what cards she reshuffles in. Like I said its just a thought.

  12. Scott C says:

    wolcott ny area. i havent been on here in ages, i been playing world of warcraft raids ><

  13. Bryan says:

    anyone around the upstate area i live in syracuse would love to play

  14. kfisher says:

    The East Kai Championship will be in PA. Not that far from you guys.

  15. Paul Keil says:

    hey i saw a flyer in my local video game store about an east kai tournament..i was wondering if there was more info on this yet?

  16. serge says:

    Is there any way we can get a tournament going close to Chicago. It would be nice to play again.

    • Chris Smith says:

      We are going to have a small local tournament in Beloit, WI at Ak Comics on April 20th if you are wanting to come play starts at 11:30 am so please arrive before then if you are planning on coming. Thanks.

  17. Dfisher says:

    We had one not to far from Chicago like a month ago.

  18. will agee says:

    plz e-mail me if and when any Tournaments come to colorado.

  19. kunk says:

    You spelled “Ingersoll” wrong

  20. kunk says:

    Also, you spelled “Cowart” wrong
    Also, I am not kunk

  21. Matt says:

    I would love to run a tourney here in the Kansas City MO area some time. But before it’s moves beyond the daydream phase I would love some feedback on a few things… I LOVE what you guys have done with the virtual cards but I thought it might be cool to have a survival victory only, tuff enuff (no Kami or Dragon’s Victory) tourny that included GT masteries bnd personalities but didn’t allow the other GT stuff like masked (even if included in mastery/personality), draw 6 pick three etc. Except for the masteries and personalities it would be retro rules. Also I was thinking it would be neat to give a portion to charity like the Red Cross or the like and thought I might call it “Goku’s Hunger Games”.

  22. brolylss says:

    You guys should have a tournament in the upper Midwest, closest tournament is 10 hour’s away

  23. brandon says:

    So all the old cards are legal still?

  24. The great Vegeta says:

    Having a dbZ tournament In upstate New York this Saturday and every Saturday with the new cards had 15 players last week going for 25 this week if u live in upstate and like to know where leave a msg 5 to play prizes given and promos to top players

    • Gary G. says:

      Hey I live in upstate ny I am planning on going to regionals in two weeks I wanna play the new card game I have a kick ass captain ginyu orange deck I bought 2 boxes of 2014 set 6 boxes of heroes and villains 3 decks and a box of movie set I need another villainous empowerment and I also have heroic assistance I will trade for it I live in medina ny which is about a half hour from lockport ny

    • gary g says:

      Hey great vegeta where are your card tournaments at ? For the new card game ? I have gone to 2 regionals so far and going to a third in georgia next saturday, what is going on with all the tournaments you are supposed to be having every saturday ? What store and location ? I have been looking all over for somewhere to play I live in medina ny which is wny area here is my email email me the details please.

  25. koda says:

    Does any one remember the red saiyan saga gohan rage deck from the way back

  26. WILL AGEE says:

    I would love to run one here in colorado i just need to become a judge again first.

  27. Will says:

    Were hosting a retro dbz Tournament at Grand Slam Greeley on august 9th at noon the address is 2638 11th ave suite a greeley co.

  28. Thomas Winegardner says:

    Is blue leaving restricted? I was on it was the original rules. It’s a PDF,. on Google. One that stood out was gokus physical. They are remain though, so play 4 and they remove.

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