Vegito: Warrior of Tao

When you hear “opposites” what are the first things that pop into your head? Hot and cold? Day and night? While all examples of Yin and Yang, these two Chinese concepts go much further to explain the above mentioned and how they intertwine. Greetings Dragon Ballers, Didier here hoping to share an “Ah-ha!” moment. Goku and Vegeta are both loved characters of the anime and their relationship is a classic standard in many forms. The hero and antihero, one pure the other having a darker side, working together against a greater threat. But unlike other works with this premise, Dragon Ball Z goes deeper in its use of symbolism. The show is riddled with messages that when put into light paint a perfect picture of the Yin and Yang relationship Goku and Vegeta have. So much that I’m sure this article won’t be groundbreaking. However these ideas are easily missed if you’re not looking for them and they reveal how integral both characters are to each other. For without Vegeta, Goku would not be the ultimate warrior he ended as and without Goku, Vegeta wouldn’t have had a shot. Opposites that depend on one another; the core of Yin and Yang.


What are Yin and Yang?

Based on the movement of the Sun over a year’s time, the widely popularized Yin Yang symbol holds up to its name by capturing the essence of what it represents. Both of these polar opposites have equal presence in the circular symbol. A circle has no end, but endlessly rotates around its center as the influence of Yin and Yang are indefinite and found everywhere. Each tear drop halve flows into the other, expanding, contracting, and ever changing.

Imagine an hourglass where the two chambers are each Yin and Yang and the sand is energy. Without both chambers, you no longer have a hourglass but a container of sand instead. The main point of Yin and Yang is their codependence. You must have both and one cannot exist without the other; no dark without light or no good without evil. Energy flows from Yin to Yang and vice versa, much like the sand moving from chamber to chamber as you flip the hourglass. As one side fills, the other depletes. The sand time clock is stuck in an endless dance between empty and full. For each duo they represent, Yin and Yang’s influence is seen in this same dance; repeating choreographed routines from one extremity to the other.

As you might imagine, only the tip of the iceberg that is Chinese philosophy is touched on here. While I’m sure many of you will be rushing to your local library to learn more on the subject, it may be best to steer clear of topics even their founders cannot completely define and focus on a more acceptable one: Cartoons. Drawing lines between Yin and Yang and simple concepts like the four seasons is easy. But what about people or characters? Can these ideas apply to something that complex?

Yin and Yang. Vegeta and Goku?

















The properties of Yin and Yang are well understood to those that study it. Both have sort of a personality about them. Giving these philosophies human-like qualities is exactly how we’re going to prove that Vegeta is Yin and Goku is Yang.

It goes without saying that Goku is a perfect representation of light. He has always stood as the positive force in the series; protecting others at any cost, sacrificing himself over and over…and over again. Anyone could repent for their actions in Goku’s eyes. Even villains that showed no interest in yielding, like the malevolent Frieza, were given the option. You could almost say ‘he was blinded by the light.’

Vegeta, on the other hand, had a darker side. Overlooking that he was introduced to the series destroying an entire planet, Vegeta murdered his own partner Nappa without missing a beat. You would think with only a handful left he would hesitate in causing his own race’s extinction. Mercy wasn’t in his vocabulary as he slaughtered Namekians one by one and viciously executed the helpless, incapacitated Burter and Recoome. Even during the later parts of the series, after showing his human side, Vegeta willingly allowed Babidi to control him to gain power. Power at the cost of others, the true face of evil.

Besides being continuations of the darkness and light theme, the Sun and Moon played a large role in the show as well. The Sun rises each morning, bringing light and hope to the world just as Goku brought to everyone. While you would be correct in saying that the Kamehameha was Goku’s signature attack, the Spirit Bomb was possibly more impactful as it was his major objective in the beginning of the show, devastating against most major villains, and many different movie villains as well. Notice something about this powerful attack? Being held high in the sky, radiating rays of energy. Even King Kai specifically states that you can harness the power of the Sun when using it.

While Goku and Vegeta are connected by heritage, there is one major difference between these two. Throughout the entire Z series Goku no longer has his tail; the one thing connecting all Saiyans to the Moon and turning it into a weapon. Much as the Spirit Bomb embodies a weapon in the Sun, a Saiyan’s tail in combination with a full Moon becomes a deadly force. Vegeta took advantage of this when he created a Power Ball as a final effort in order to turn himself and Gohan into great apes. Showing complete mastery over the Moon, Vegeta stands as one of the only Saiyans in the series to be able to control the violently powerful Oozaru while also shooting energy and communicating with normal speech. Goku, the master of the Sun and bringer of light. Vegeta, Moonlight driven warrior with a thirst for power.

Convinced yet? Me neither! Yin and Yang go much deeper than this so tune in next time for Part 2. And what’s with that title?

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