Virtual Card Set 2015: A Dragon Ball Z Halloween!

After the announcement of the Panini America Dragon Ball Z TCG, many of you asked what would become of the Retro DBZ format. It was a question that we asked ourselves as well. We know that most of the interest will be in the new game, which we feel is where it should be as well, so would there really be room for us as well? We know that the Retro format won’t be as popular as it once was, but should we really discard it all?

Well, after talking it over we feel that yes, there is adequate interest for us to continue the Retro format. As it becomes more apparent that the Panini America game will not be as compatible with the old game as we thought, we feel that there is still room for Retro. Not only that, but we feel Retro has earned it’s place in the history of the game. It was the Retro events and virtual cards that fanned the flames of what we already knew was a still strong community and we were able to prove it with the success of our events. It was Retro DBZ that was brought in from the beginning by Panini America and FUNimation to help develop the new game. Many of the same folks who made virtual cards went on to help develop the cards in the new Panini set.

We earned our place as the best and most influential DBZ CCG Community out there, so why stop now? Here are the first virtual cards for the 2015 Retro DBZ CCG season. We may not be as prolific as past years, but we guarantee you that there will always be someone to play in the Retro Format at all of our events, and there will continue to be events for Retro DBZ at Gen Con.

(A note for new members of our community (since we nearly doubled in size over night): Virtual Cards are cards designed by folks who worked on and helped design both old and new Score Entertainment games. We allow mock-ups of these cards to be used in Retro DBZ CCG format events with old Score Entertainment DBZ cards.

We currently do not allow new Panini America Cards in the Retro DBZ events, however Garrett is working on a conversion manual to introduce some at a later date.)

As is tradition we went with a Dragon Ball Z Halloween theme for these cards, images taken from Naruto and One Piece crossovers with DBZ.

01 Goku - Sage Ninja

02 Vegeta - Sky Pirate

03 Piccolo - Samurai

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Later, BroZ

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4 Comments to "Virtual Card Set 2015: A Dragon Ball Z Halloween!"

  1. Arc says:

    Yes!! I am so glad you guys are going to keep the game alive! As interesting as PanZ is looking right now, I still liked the way Retro played very much and I’m glad to see that it will continue alongside PanZ.

  2. Nick says:

    Retro DBZ holds a very special place in my heart. PanZ is very much the same game, but with some welcomed tweeks and balances. It is very much still in it’s Infancy, but I haven’t seen such a positive reaction to a rehash in the gaming community so they must be doing something rite. Now back to my original point Retro DBZ will always be special to me, and I hope that people will keep it alive, but please don’t become the legacy MTG players who sulk around like old men because their broken decks are no longer useable in current play. Welcome the new and keep the old close to heart. Yes I’m sad I can’t run my Saiyan Regen Goku deck, or my crazy amount of Allies Orange Kid Trunks deck, or even see the Spirit Bomb deck pown a player in a single attack. However please don’t let PanZ fall to the way side, and enjoy the new life of DBZ TCG.

  3. Matt Gette says:

    I like these ones, they each do something unique without doing too much. An issue old Z some Retro had was trying too much. Not every card needs to do everything and these have a nice balance to them. I particularly like the way this Piccolo plays with a lot of early Namekian style cards.

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