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A lot has changed since the last time we announced our annual events for Gen Con. Now that the game is back in print, this will be the first Gen Con with events for the Panini America game. We fully expect many of our events to sell out (like many have for the past few years) a lot quicker than usual, so as always we strongly recommend you get your tickets in advance. We will do our best to accommodate everyone at our events, but the way to GUARANTEE your spot will always be to reserve it.

Similarly, we will list Panini America’s events here as well. They also have very limited spaces for their events, so it is strongly recommended that you buy your tickets ASAP. Panini America’s OP Manager has said he will try to get more space and allow as many people into his events as possible, but again the only way to GUARANTEE your spot is to buy your tickets now.

Event registration will open this Sunday, May 17th, at noon Eastern time. You MUST have a Gen Con badge purchased to buy tickets. Prior to event registration, current badge holders may also create a “Wish List” of events they would like to attend, which will make things easier for you when registration opens. We also suggest to all who are attending Gen Con to investigate other games and events, besides Dragon Ball Z, you may discover other hobbies you’ll love. Here are our events at Gen Con Indy 2015.

Team Joshman Victorious


Thursday July 30, 2015

4:00 PM – The Fantasy Football Panel – SEM1568840 – Crowne Plaza : Pennsylvania Stn C

Jocks and nerds collide in this interactive competition that has swept the nation, from friendly office pools to the high-stake floors of Vegas. Get ready for the 2015 NFL season! Hosted by Garrett Wilkinson and Joey DiCarlo – FREE EVENT!

6:00 PM – The Dragon Ball Panel – ANI1568839 – Westin : Capitol I

The Dragon Ball series has been a worldwide phenomenon for 30 years! Come join an informative and open celebration & discussion of the series with some of its most passionate fans. Hosted by Joshua Morris and Garrett Wilkinson – FREE EVENT!

11:00 PM – The Drinking Games Panel – SEM1568838 – Crowne Plaza : Pennsylvania Stn A

Sometimes all you need is your beverage of choice and a group of pliable friends and strangers for a night of great gaming. A how-to guide for a fun and safe time. 21+ and BYOB. Hosted by Nick Glaser and Joshua Morris – FREE EVENT!

Friday July 31, 2015

10:00 AM – The RetroDBZccg 2015 Championship – TCG1572953 – TCG Hall

We are proud to bring Score’s classic game back to Gen Con for a 5th year. This is a Retro DBZ event using Retro DBZ rules. No Panini America cards except for direct reprints may be in your deck. Proxies of Score Entertainment cards and virtual cards may be used, but no proxies of ANY Panini America cards are permitted (again, Score versions are okay). Limited to 60 players. COST: $10

4:00 PM – Panini America Dragon Ball Z Sealed Tournament – TCG1575775 – TCG Hall

This is a Panini America event. Direct all questions to OP@PaniniAmerica.net. Limited to 32 players. COST: $24

Saturday August 1, 2015

10:00 AM – Panini America Dragon Ball Z Tournament Qualifier – TCG1575765 – TCG Hall

This is a Panini America event. Direct all questions to OP@PaniniAmerica.net. Limited to 64 players. COST: $20

Sunday August 2, 2015

10:00 AM – Panini America Dragon Ball Z Tournament Final – TCG1575774 – TCG Hall

This is a Panini America event. Direct all questions to OP@PaniniAmerica.net. You cannot register for this event. Only the Top 16 players from Saturday’s event will be allowed to play in this event.


What do you think? Let us know in the comments, on our Facebook group or send a response to RetroDBZccg@Yahoo.com, we might even publish it.

Later, BroZ!

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