Dragon Ball Z TCG Movie Collection Preview: Namekian Style Woes

It’s time again for previews to finally begin, and Panini America has kindly sent us 10 cards to preview in the coming weeks for our Dragon Ball Z TCG Movie Collection Preview. And tell you what, I hate waiting too so I’m gonna go ahead and spoil the titles of the ten cards we have to show:

C5 Dr. Wheelo – Intelligent

C14 Black Flying Knee

C20 Blue Encircled Strike

C36 Orange Desperation

C45 Red Face Break

U92 Orange Distracting Drill

R104 Black Daze

R109 Namekian Growth

R112 Namekian Right Kick

R124 Saiyan Menace

If there’s a particular card you want to see from that list, mention it in the comments, on Facebook or tweet at us! But for now we teamed up with the folks at Next Level Z in our weekly podcast to bring you our thoughts on Namekian, the previews and we discuss what I see as major design issues with the style (something I’ve talked about before). Click below to give a listen and enjoy our previews below (you might even hear additional previews in the podcast). It’s a great listen full of insightful and intelligent conversation.

Be sure to tell us what you think and which previews you would like to see next.

Later, BroZ!

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8 Comments to "Dragon Ball Z TCG Movie Collection Preview: Namekian Style Woes"

  1. Jake Corsale says:

    i want to see what saiyan menace is

    • TL says:

      it’s a hoax Jake. They have been secretly plotting against you to get your hopes up, I wish I had thought of it before them

  2. Pinuzzo says:

    really want to see orange desperation and distracting drill!! hopefully they’ll make my orange boku deck better!!

  3. Don Short says:

    Saiyan Menace

  4. MoxJaeger says:

    I wanna see black daze.

  5. Mike says:

    Saiyan Menace prz

  6. jewsnake says:

    Saiyan Menace plx.

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