Dragon Ball Z TCG Movie Collection Preview: Dr. Wheelo and the Saiyan Menace

We hope you enjoyed all the previews from last week’s podcast and have been following along on our Facebook page for additional releases from us and other community websites (a great way to make sure you catch a lot of the previews). You can hear our latest podcast with Next Level Z and Panini Developer The Orange Hat Guy as we discuss these latest Dragon Ball Z TCG Movie Collection preview cards, the new Garlic Jr. previews and just how important the Blue Style is anyway. Just click below and give a listen.

This week we have a RetroDBZ exclusive announcement for the first confirmed CRD update following the release of Movie Collection. And it all involves this guy, Dr. Wheelo!

C5 Dr. Wheelo - Intelligent Preview

So did you catch it? Did you see what’s wrong with him? If you did, you might have the chops to be Panini developer someday!

Here’s the CRD update for this card: As written Dr. Wheelo can search for “an Ally, Drill, Setup in play” meaning he can target one of each. The CRD update straight from Aik is adding an “or” in there, so you’ll only be able to target one of those card types.

R124 Saiyan Menace Preview

Saiyan Menace is a Saiyan Raditz player’s wet dream. With a Triumphant Raditz you can keep cycling these guys into play either through the Constant power, or Saiyan Rescue or a Saiyan Drive By to keep the Monkey party going.

Thanks for checking us out. we still have a few previews left so make sure you keep following us and Next Level Z for more previews.

Later, BroZ!

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2 Comments to "Dragon Ball Z TCG Movie Collection Preview: Dr. Wheelo and the Saiyan Menace"

  1. Will Mundy says:

    As far as Blue Style, it was the one I opened when we did the “tutorial day” for this game at my local card shop. I was immediately hooked. Since then, I’ve played very little but blue.

    With regards to the “blue needs something to do”, I assume you mean proactively. You’re right, the style on its own doesn’t do much proactively. This is the very reason I pair it with Ginyu as an MP and deal with all the smack talk from my friends who want to play less powerful MPs. Ginyu gives you the proactivity that you need, and the blue style has all the sweet cards to deal with threats your opponent is presenting.

    There are games where I literally attack my opponent 10 times with just Jeice and GInyu attacks to kill them (because people still haven’t figured out that Jeice is more important to the deck that Guldo). As a backup plan, Burter + AT + 5 attacks is pretty brutal, and can absolutely destroy orange decks.

    In fact, I think all Blue decks should be playing 4-6 attacks with AT + 5 Stage damage. You can just win the game against Orange anything if you go first, enter combat, and smack ’em with a Face Crunch. If they don’t block it, they pretty much lose, because they can’t pay for any of their sweet energy attacks and you can just go to town playing around what’s in their hand.

    Hopefully some of the Physical attacks we’ve seen in orange for Set 3 will make the deck more flexible and less reliant on Energy attack cards.

    Wow, sorry for the novel, there. I just wanted to share some of my thoughts on Blue style.

    Great podcast, guys. Keep up the good work!

  2. Andrew Dill says:

    Good podcast multi-tasking at work today for me. Fun stuff.

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