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I know you all are eager to see the next batch of previews for Panini America’s Dragon Ball Z Movie Collection (and if you haven’t listened to our last podcast on the subject, you totally should!), but we thought we’d bring you a glimpse of how some previews were done in the Score Entertainment years: Shonen Jump Ads!

Yup, sometimes the first glimpses of new cards came in the form of Shone Jump ads, so I’ve gathered a few here from the first 20 or so issues of the magazine from around the turn of the century (I like using that phrase). I’ve collected ads from all the Score Games I could find in those issues, so we’re just dealing with the last half of Dragon Ball Z, most of Dragon Ball GT and some Yu Yu Hakusho. We hope you enjoy this little blast from the past.

Shonen Jump Goku the Mighty Promo Page

Later, BroZ!

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One Comment to "Score Entertainment Shonen Jump Ads"

  1. navycherub says:

    There were surely also Bleach ads and editorials. i remember reading them, in particular an article claiming to list the best 10 cards from set 1 and it being completely wrong haha. I’d love to see some of that again.

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